Boss Guide: Ch19-4 (Lostbelt 4: Yuga Kurukshetra)

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Enemy Layout

Grand Battle 1/1
Arjuna (Alter)
Arjuna (Alter)
Arjuna (Alter)

Boss Statistics

Support Karna (Mandatory) - Spiritron Dress: Robe of the Fiery Three Gods
Lv100 NP5 10/10/10
Blessing of Shiva:
Increase own Damage by 100% [Permanent, Unremovable].
Blessing of Vishnu: Restore own HP by 2,000 each turn [Permanent, Unremovable]. Apply Guts to self (1 time, Revive with 50% HP).
Arjuna (Alter)
Arjuna HP
Class Berserker
NP Bar
NP Type
Up to 3 per turn
Humanoid, Servant, Male, Divine, Heaven or Earth, Weak to Enuma Elish, Lawful Good / Lawful Evil
Passive 1 Super Unified Divinity (Ruin): Increase own Resistance to all attacks by 30% [Permanent, Unremovable]. Grant Debuff Immunity to self [Permanent, Unremovable].
Passive 2 Law of the Deceased: Increase own ATK by 50% [Permanent, Unremovable].
Break United Gods: Increase own ATK by 100% (5 turns). Increase own Critical Rate by 50% (5 turns).
Break Blade of Conviction: Increase own NP Strength by 100% (5 turns). Apply Ignore Invincible to self (3 turns). Increase own NP Gauge to MAX.
Skill 1 Anti-Evil (Unique) EX: Increase own ATK (3 turns). Apply Special Attack [Enemies with debuffs (excluding unremovable debuffs)] (3 turns).
Skill 2 Clairvoyance (Transcendant) EX: Increase own Buster Critical Rate (3 turns). Increase own NP Gauge by 1.
Skill 3 Soul's Light EX: Apply Guts to self (1 time, 3 turns). Recover own HP every turn (3 turns).
NP Mahapralaya: Deal heavy damage to all enemies. Decrease Buster resistance of all enemies (3 turns). [Activates first]


  • The Support NPC Karna is mandatory for this battle, and will start with buffs to his own damage, 2,000 HP Regen per turn, and a permanent 1-time Guts that restores 50% HP. Although Friend Support is unavailable for this fight, Karna will pull his weight in this battle unless the Master does not adequately protect him. He should be able to solo this encounter with proper support.
  • Arjuna Alter has passive that increases his damage resistance and ATK, and permanently has Debuff Immunity.
  • After 1st break, he will buff his ATK and Critical Rate greatly for five turns.
  • After 2nd break, he gains an NP Damage buff, Ignore Invincible for 3 turns, and increases his NP Gauge to MAX! This means the incoming damage from his NP after second break is essentially impossible to avoid, especially given his debuff immunity. Guts is still effective for surviving the NP.

Team Recommendations

  • If having trouble with this battle, it is strongly suggested to place Support Karna in the backline! If Support Karna's Guts effect is expended too early, the fight becomes more difficult.
  • ST DPS in the frontline is recommended to deal as much damage to Arjuna Alter. Most options are viable given the boss is Berserker-class. Anti-Divine options such as Scathach, Nobunaga Berserker, Martha Ruler, and Karna himself work well. Others with Trait Bonus Damage include Beni-Enma, Astraea, Vlad III (EXTRA) (Anti-Evil), and Orion, Euryale, Tamamo Lancer, and Queen Medb (Anti-Male). Just keep in mind that any Charm effects will not work given his Debuff Immunity.
  • NP Gauge / Offensive Support is also helpful in reducing the boss's HP quickly, whether using Support Karna in the front or backline.
  • Taunt Support is useful, particularly if Masters opt to place Support Karna in the front, but still useful to draw fire away from the DPS of choice. Arjuna has highly damaging normal attacks that only become stronger after first break, and he can easily eliminate a Servant with few attacks. Mash, Georgios Leonidas, Chevalier d'Eon, or Jinako are all good options.
  • Taunt CEs are effective as well, and can be run on Support Servants: GUDAGUDA Poster Girl, Outrage, and Halloween Arrangement.

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Quick Servant Suggestions

- Recommended
ST DPS (Trait Bonus)

(Any other ST DPS will also work)
Solo Servant
Taunt Support
Offensive Support
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