Brief Overview Summer 2018 (Part 1)

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Brief Overview Summer 2018 (Part 1)


Summer is upon Chaldea once more and with it comes a huge 2-parter Summer Event. For those unfamiliar, Summer events are much larger events than normal, and both this event and the upcoming Summer 2019 Event are essentially two events stitched together. A Master will have to fully clear the Main Quest of part 1 to access the second part, which unlocks a week after the event launches.

Of course, two events means two shops, double the amount of event currency, and double the amount of rewards. Next to that, there are a number of extra goodies:

  • The summer Mystic Code is back and a new summer swimsuit for Mash is available for every Master.

  • Event Servant Scathach (Assassin) is available once again (for the last time)! Gather her ascension materials in the first part of the event and make sure to unlock her permanently by completing part two of the event!  

  • 7 Summer Servants that can be rolled across two different banners - although Masters may wish to save some of their recent Anniversary loot for the 2019 Summer Event.

  • Event Craft Essences from the gacha give bonus drops for both parts of the event.

  • Daily quests that give out additional event currency as well as drop large amounts of QP. Bring those Mona Lisa Craft Essences to each and every one of them for extra QP.

  • In addition there is a new Challenge Quest with a fun Ultra Defensive gimmick to explore.


Progressing through this event is more straightforward than it may first seem. The short story summary of the event is that you are stuck on a deserted Island with the Summer Event Servants. The aim is to construct various buildings by completing development quests across the island to make yourself at home and perhaps get off the island.

  • Progress through the main quests to unlock higher difficulty quests and new farming locations.

  • The main quest is gated by developing a certain amount of buildings each time.

  • To develop something, a Master has to gather the required amount of building materials.

  • The building materials are the event currency for this event.

  • Gather building materials from free quests and daily quests.

  • Each development project has three options and is tied to the summer Servants.

  • Completing a building rewards a player with Mana Prisms and a unique voice line from the Summer Servants the building is associated with.

  • After completing the main quest, a Master can reset all buildings and start over (all free quests remain available) for more voice lines and Mana Prisms.

  • Tip: Do not purchase the Event CE Summertime Mistress until the Main Quest is completed - unless a Master has too many of one certain Event Currency (not likely).

  • Tip 2: The Statue built for Development Quest 15 is required to progress in Chapter 3 of Part 2 of the Event. Be careful when demolishing it.

Rerun Farming

Initially, the best farming locations are still locked behind main quest progression. Therefore, prioritise the developments quests to unlock new free quests. Make sure to do the daily quest as well for extra event currency and QP.

  • The rerun (thankfully) changed the way Servants grant bonuses. Each class and CE grants a particular bonus to one of the five event currencies. See the table below for which Event Currency is boosted by which class/CE. 

  • To maximize the total drops, try to only include bonus Servants for the currencies that drop in every node. Always try to prioritize the Event Currency with the highest total drop rate. 

  • The Kazemai datamine from last year still seems to be correct after we did a few random checks, except the Skill Gem Drop Rate seems to have changed due to a class change in the Hermit Crabs.

  • Food and Fresh Water drop from every quest except for the Mountain region. Therefore, try to farm them last unless they are required for Main Quest Progression.

  • Each quest location except for the Primeval Forest has a chance to spawn random Hermit Crab enemies. These Crabs are no longer Saber class enemies and will instead adjust their class to the common enemy in that node. 

  • Don't forget the daily quests when calculating how many Event Currency one still needs!

  • The Class Event Bonus is different in Part 2, as such, try to be done with Part 1 by the time Part 2 is released as otherwise it will be difficult to find the right CE/Servant combination.

  • To reiterate, only buy the Event CE Summertime Mistress after the lvl 90 difficulty (Storm) has been unlocked as unlocking the best farming nodes earlier is more valuable than getting extra drops that need a number of runs to pay off.

  • As always, make sure to roll the FP gacha for the 3* event CE, especially as it can be reused for part 2!

A few lessons from last year

  • The Summer 2018 Event is not especially difficult (in comparison the upcoming 2019 Summer Event makes it more difficult for new Masters to acquire the welfare Servant), but there are a few pitfalls one needs to manage.
  • Luckily, the old Servant bonus system has been removed, it caused some farming nodes to be very annoying to clear with full bonus. Servants options were limited per currency, which was especially problematic in Part 2. 
  • The Cave Free Quest is still going to be a problem. Only Rider and Moon Cancer Servants grant a bonus to Iron, yet the final enemy is a 250k+ HP Archer. 
  • Part 2 has been more heavily adjusted, with many of the mobs changing class to make them more easy to farm. 
  • Of course, Masters may wish to give up a +1 bonus here and there for an easier time, especially as the bonus can stack quite high anyway. 
ClassEvent CE Event Bonus (MLB)
Gold ShielderGold ArcherGold Caster Fresh Water Fresh Water +1 (+2)
Gold BerserkerGold Ruler Food Food +1 (+2)
Gold LancerGold Avenger Lumber Lumber +1 (+2)
Gold SaberGold AssassinGold Alter Ego Stone Stone +1 (+2)
Gold RiderGold Mooncancer Iron Iron +1 (+2)