Takeda's Pride
Great King Facing the End
Riff Rain
Gentle Rain in the Murky Forest
Chaldea Fighter
Box of Repentance
Great Mother
Red Sword
Twin Tail
Five Major Elements
Jurassic Dream
Take One, Action!
Hot Xocolatl
A Pavane for the Deceased Princess
Koyanskaya's Ambition~Eurasia Edition~
First Drawing
Bare Kings
Little Tailors
Opulent Jade Mane
The Great Sea Serpent
Princess Fair as Snow
Summer Anniversary
Gemstone Shots
No Strings
Delightful Kemari
Divine Sword
And Then, at Mt. Ooe
My Favourite Sheet
Hao Chi?
Red Box
God's Tongue
Sea God's Trident
Viewing Spring
Ring of Transformation
Last Will and Testament
Beyond Oblivion
The One That I Couldn't Obtain
Firefighter's Spirit
These are, Both arms are full of...
Burning Broadcast Seat
End of Dharmapala of Nalanda
Dazzling in a Skyscraper
Gilgamesh in NY
Crystals of Stacked Time
Great Fireworks of Mt. Ooe
Raging Wind
Hero on the Beach
True - Congealed Wisdom
Legends and Truth
Ivan the Terrible's Library
Uncertain Glass
Exclusive Tailor
Frost Fighting Bear
Blooming Flowers in Kur
Electrologica Diagram
Guardian Gigantic
A Wish Spanning 3 Generations
Cultural and Martial Arts (Simultaneously)
Simply Crimson
Tenka Fubu -2017 Summer.ver-
Domus Aurea de Curcubeu Mare
Round and Round
Gateau au Chocolat
Pharaoh Xocolatl
Starry Nights
Phantom Night
Heretical Yaga
La Folia
Holy King of Twilight
Military Sash of the War God
Muscle Cavalier
Poolside Bar
King, Joker, Jack
Tenma's Spring Training
Don't Avert Your Eyes Away From Me
Aerial Drive
Beautiful Dreamer
Conquering the Great Sea of Stars
Demon King of the Sixth Heaven
Chocolate Angel
First Sunrise
The Furthest Tower
Primeval Flame
Seven-Headed Warhammer Cita
Invitation to Halloween
Hero Elly's Adventure
Howl at the Moon
Joint Recital
Kaleid Ruby
Holy Knuckle
Beach Love Letter (Terror)
My Long Lost Right Arm
Partake with the King
Bone Sword (Nameless)
Doujigiri Yasutsuna
Bai Long
Ox-Demon King
Hell of Blazing Punishment
Imperishable Flames
Things to Calm the Heart
NEO Difference Engine
Seethe of a Warrior
Revelation from Heaven
Relic of the King
Mystic Eyes of Distortion
Lightning Reindeer
Victor of the Moon
Letter From a Friend
There is No Love Here
Prelati's Spellbook
Hot Gate
Heaven Scorcher Halberd
Glory of the Past Days
Door to Babylon
The Crimson Black Keys
Verdant Sound of Destruction
Limited/Zero Over