The Challenge Quest Compendium: Advanced Gameplay and Team Building Guide

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The Challenge Quest Compendium


(Note: This large article was put together during the original run of Rashomon last year. Naturally the state of the game has altered since then, and even the community perception of certain mechanics has shifted. Still, for new Masters it will hopefully still be a fruitful read.)

With the introduction of the Demonic Capital Rashomon raid featuring Ibaraki-Douji & Shuten-Douji, the first large raid event has arrived and marks the definitive beginning of Fate/Grand Order taking off the training wheels. The strongest of the upcoming bosses can easily destroy an unaware master and relieve them of their precious quartz and AP. 

The high amount of incoming damage in challenging events can be problematic.
In challenge quests mere basic attacks can eliminate a servant. Prepare your defenses!  

But not to worry! The aim of this compendium is to assist new and veteran players alike in building advanced teams, deploying them properly, and most importantly, explaining what makes these teams so powerful. Each major aspect of a challenge quest will be discussed and explored in detail so that even the newest masters can gain a great understanding of what makes those challenge quests tick. For the more veteran masters among us, hopefully this guide will be able to provide you with some new insight.  

The structure of this compendium is based on the order in which we want to think about forming a team for challenge quests. We start by assessing the enemy boss, then laying out the structure of our team, investigating how supports play their role, what defensive buffs we want to incorporate and finally which Servant or Servants will supply the offensive power to defeat the task at hand. With these building blocks we will assemble our team. Each section will also conclude with a short summary of the main points for readers that prefer the TL;DR. 

Where shorter guides generally tell you what to do, this compendium will tell you why to do it.

On that note, if you're looking for guides that will assist you in a more brief manner, visit our specific guides, like The Demonic Capital Rashomon Guide.  Otherwise, stick around for our most comprehensive analysis of team building for Fate/Grand Order!

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