Challenge Quest Summer 2018 Part 1 - Super My Home Daddy

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Enemy Layout

  • Requires Summer 2018 Part 1 Main Quest Completion
  • Requires Final Singularity Completion
Battle 1/3
Giant Hermit Crab
Giant Hermit Crab
Giant Hermit Crab
Battle 2/3
Poisonous Hermit Crab
Poisonous Hermit Crab
Poisonous Hermit Crab
Fatal Battle 3/3
Giant Hermit Crab
Millenium Hermit Crab

Boss Abilities

Unremovable 85% Special Defense buff.
Buffs self with 10% Attack Up for 3 turns.
At full charge deals medium ST damage and reduces target's Defense by 20% for 3 turns
Unremovable 95% Special Defense buff.

Buffs self with 10% Attack Up and 10% Critical Damage Up for 3 turns.
At full charge deals high ST damage and inflicts a 500 HP Poison for 3 turns
Unremovable 99.9% Special Defense buff.

Buffs self with 10% Attack Up, 10% Critical Damage Up and 10% Critical Chance Up for 3 turns.
At full charge deals very high ST damage and inflicts stun for 1 turn.


  • A fierce battle with the most evil creatures in existence - Hermit Crabs - awaits. 
  • This Challenge Quest is incredibly straightforward with a single gimmick, there are no weird surprises, Noble Phantasms or Break Bars. 
  • Every Hermit Crab has a Special Defense Buff that massively reduces all incoming damage that falls within the "normal" damage calculations.
  • This isn't a Defense buff, and Ignore Defense, Defense Down and Attack Up buffs do not negate the crabs' defenses.
  • Instead Masters have to rely on damage that fall outside the modifiers the Special Defense Buff affects. 
  • In addition, the Hermit Crabs are high level and do actually hurt an unprotected party a fair bit.

Combating Special Defense

There are 2 main ways to deal with this Challenge Quest, which is stacking Flat Attack Damage and Damage Over Time (DoT) Debuffs. Neither of these effects are reduced by the Special Defense buff. Ideally, a mix of both is used. 

Flat Attack Damage can be acquired in a few ways:

  • Via Skills such as Waver's Tactician's Command A+ or NPs such as Lancelot (Saber)'s Aerondight Overload debuff.
  • Via Craft Essences with Flat Attack Damage such as Covering Fire.
  • Via Passives such as Divinity or Core of the Goddess.
  • Via Buster Chains, as Buster chains add a flat 20% of a Servant's Attack stat to their normal damage.
  • Or True (Madness Enhancement EX) Masters can employ the services of Angra MainyuVerg Avesta completely bypasses all Special Defenses.

DoT Debuffs are effective as well, in the form of:

Team Recommendations

  • Enemies in the first and second wave do not as high a damage resistance as the Millenium Hermit Crab in the last wave, and can still be sufficiently damaged through normal attacks, Noble Phantasms and especially Buster Chains.

  • Using a Buster-centric AoE Archer is a good way to quickly handle the first two waves, as their Noble Phantasm, Buster Brave Chain potential and class resistance against Sabers will allow them to clear the field in good time without losing too much HP. 

  • However handling the Millenium Hermit Crab is best done via Flat Attack Damage (especially Buster Chains) and DoT effects

  • The Millenium Hermit Crab hits quite hard, and due to its defenses, it lives for a long time. Make sure to have support available to protect the team. 

  • In most cases, a team of 2 (defensive) supports + a main DPS that can Buster Chain/apply Flat Damage/Dots works best, with the backline having one ideal Servant to handle the Millenium Hermit Crab, back-up supports or a Taunt Servant with 500 Year Obsession (if one has that CE).

  • Masters can always stall forever, as the incoming damage isn't high enough to overpower high sustain teams. It's very, very slow though. 

  • A Servant with a triple Buster deck also works extremely well as the last (wo)man standing (such as Heracles).

  • The best Mystic Code depends on the team, with a Buster-based Strategy the Command Shuffle skill on the Mage Association Uniform is very effective. Meanwhile, a Waver-based Curse strategy may prefer the Atlas Academy Uniform for the cooldown reduction.

Specific Servant Advice

  • Lancelot (Saber) is one of the best Servants to single-handedly destroy the Millenium Hermit Crab. His NP adds a Damage Taken debuff that scales with Overcharge. Combined with his critical NP Gain, Lancelot can stack his NP for very high damage chains (relatively speaking).

  • Waver is a very strong support here, with both a Flat Damage Attack buff, and a powerful (spammable) Curse NP. 

  • Arash is an exceptionally strong Archer for the first wave, as he can kill all three crabs with a single (heh) Noble Phantasm, and then immediately bring in another teammate.

  • Buster Archers with high Divinity (Ishtar, Gilgamesh, Kid Gilgamesh) are excellent picks to clear the entire encounter with. 

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Quick Servant Suggestions

Flat Damage (de)buff Servants
Buster Archer DPS
Kid Gilgamesh
Strong Triple Buster Servants
Sakata KintokiHeraclesCu Chulainn (Alter)Saint Martha (Ruler)GawainKing HassanMiyamoto Musashi
Curse Servants
Zhuge Liang (El Melloi II)GorgonEdmond DantesJeanne d'Arc (Alter)Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween)
Poison Servants
Shuten-Douji Hassan of the Serenity
Burn Servants
GawainQuetzalcoatlChachaNero Claudius (Bride)Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween)
Merlin Medea (Lily)
CE Choices