Challenge Quest Summer 2018 Part 2 - Boars by the Beach

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Enemy Layout

  • Requires Summer 2018 Part 2 Main Quest Completion
  • Requires Final Singularity Completion
Battle 1/2
Demon Boar
Demon Boar
Demon Boar
Fatal Battle 2/2
Giant Demon Boar
Giant Demon Boar
Giant Demon Boar
Giant Demon Boar
Giant Demon Boar
Giant Demon Boar
Giant Demon Boar

Boss Abilities

Charges NP Gauge by 1 and increases Attack by 10% for 3 turns
Buff_Damage Their basic attacks deal around 1,300 - 1,500 Area of Effect damage.
At full charge deals medium AoE (3x basic Attack) damage and reduces Defense of all opponents by 20% for 3 turns

Enemy Traits

Super Giant
Wild Beast


  • Our journey to exterminate all wildlife continues in an (ahem) staggeringly complex fight with a whole bunch of Giant Demon Boars.
  • There are no gimmicks, Break Bars or special buffs whatsoever. 
  • Just you, 1 wave of 3 small boars and a wave of 7 reinforcing large boars with a picturesque background of a destroyed city. 
  • Each Giant Demon Boar can act 3 times and with their Berserker class, deal a large amount of AoE damage every turn. 
  • Plus, killing a Giant Demon Boar does not reduce incoming damage unless all boars that turn were killed or impaired.
  • They don't actually deal a high amount of burst damage, except for their occassional Critical Hits, Attack Up/Defense Down and Charged Attacks.
  • In any case, this battle for most Masters will revolve around constructing a Sustain-heavy / Stalling team that can outlast the Giant Demon Boars

Creating Team Defense

Considering the Giant Demon Boars have such a massive amount of HP, success is determined not by damage, but by sustain and stalling tactics. 

  • Note: Don't be fooled by those small boars in wave 1, they do very high single target damage. Take them out fast or consider already using defense skills while charging NPs.
  • The damage per Giant Demon Boar per target isn't high. Flat Damage Reduction is highly effective at nullifying incoming damage. 
  • Defense Up/Attack Down is very effective against Critical Hits or to counter their Attack buffs and Defense Down effects
  • Healing is ideal to recuperate damage from charged attacks or from periods with no defense. 
  • Invincibility and Evasion are very useful to deal with charged attacks, but not required.
  • Since the Giant Demon Boars can charge their NP bars, and die at different times, their NP bars are often not synced up.
  • Stuns/NP Drain/NP Seals are mainly useful to try and sync the different NP bars and try to cover them with one Invincibility or Evasion.
  • Taunts are very weak here, as the Giant Demon Boars ignore its effect.
  • Lastly, Critical Down can be useful to reduce the risk of a Critical Hit, but their base Critical Chance is only 10% anyway. 

Team Recommendations

  • Success mainly hinges on creating a stable team that can outlast the Giant Demon Boars, thus a team with 2 full (defensive) supports works best. 
  • The third member can be any damage-dealer, hybrid or even an additional defensive support. 
  • The backline should be filled with additional defensive supports and a replacement for the main damage-dealer just in case.
  • Having maxed defensive skills is extremely important as shorter cooldowns will reduce the period a team may be undefended. 
  • Offensive Servants with a team defensive skill (Altria (Archer), Gilgamesh (Caster), Robin Hood, Nero Bride, etc.) are all excellent picks to round off a 2 Support team. 
  • Arts Servants have better compatibility when it comes to survival due to having more opportunities to form Arts chains with supports.
  • Area of Effect damage is also a bonus, especially with strong NP Charging, but an AoE NP is not necessary.
  • Servants with strong personal defenses are also a plus. 
  • Craft Essences on supports with additional permanent Defense Buffs (such as Iron-willed Training), healing received (such as Maid in Halloween) or additional passive NP Gain (such as Prisma Cosmos)are highly effective for survival here.
  • The basic Chaldea Mystic Code is a great pick here for its overall shorter cooldowns and healing. 
Specific Servant Recommendations

A combination of Mash and Merlin (borrowed) is one of the most stable and reliable options for this quest. Plus, anyone can borrow a Merlin and use their own Mash. 

  • Mash is utterly amazing here, as her Defense Up skills reduce damage significantly, with the flat damage reduction capable of nullifying all incoming basic Attacks for multiple turns. Time her taunt skill to charge her NP Gauge, as keeping a constant Defense Up buff active is key to success. In addition, Mash does not suffer from class disadvantage and will take relatively low damage. 
  • Merlin is the best option for constantly healing and charging the team, all the while protecting the team with Illusion when Mash's Defenses are down, especially against Charged Attacks. Of course, his damage support will help reduce the time taken to clear the quest to boot. A higher NP level will greatly reduce the Challenge Quest's difficulty.

Additionally, Masters can field: 

  • a Tamamo no Mae Arts team remains one of the best stalling options available.
  • Waver, is also very viable in Arts team, but provides the least direct defense of all the top supports options.
  • Any heavy support option such as Jeanne d'Arc, Medea (Lily), Hans, or even Boudica, are all very viable alternatives.

There are some traits to exploit:

  • Super Giant trait (Arthur) works fairly well, but it's uptime isn't very high. 
  • Wild Beast trait (Proto Cu) helps a fair bit, but Protection from Arrows is rather weak here.  
  • Demonic (Raikou, Rama and Touta) works great, but Raikou functions especially well here. 

Video Links

  • Note that these videos are not affiliated with GamePress, but showcase some lineups that are effective in clearing the Challenge Quest. These videos can serve as a good reference for how to rotate skills during this quest or simply to have a look at the encounter before diving in.
  • Tip: Want to see more videos? The linked videos have the name of the CQ in their respective language - use that to search for more!
  • Quick Servant Suggestions

    Defense Up Support
    Recuperate Support
    Merlin Medea (Lily) Irisviel (Holy Grail) Nightingale
    Strong DPS options
    IshtarCleopatraJeanne d'Arc (Alter)OzymandiasQuetzalcoatlFrancis DrakeMiyamoto Musashi King HassanAltria Pendragon (Lancer Alter)PassionlipNursery Rhyme
    Defensive DPS Suggestions
    Altria Pendragon (Archer)Nero Claudius (Bride)Gilgamesh (Caster)Robin Hood
    Trait Bonus Servants
    Arthur Pendragon (Prototype)Minamoto-no-RaikouRamaCu Chulainn (Prototype)Tawara Touta