Christmas 2018 - Tier List Change Log

Tier List Change Log for November 27, 2018

It's Christmas time! Or, well, it's gacha game Christmas event time! Close enough, even if it's only a month early. The holiday season brings with it a logical Santa Claus and a useless goddess, but no other changes quite yet. The two newcomers and their initial tier placements are listed below.

Table of Contents

5* Servants

Placed into Tier 3: Ishtar directly challenges Gilgamesh (Tier 2) and Nikola Tesla (Tier 4) in terms of role. AoE Archer is a very crowded niche, but she certainly holds her own with her stellar skillset. Compared to the other two, she has better general damage but poorer burst against foes with certain traits. As Gilgamesh has generally broader usage and can get more mileage in Challenge Quests, he is regarded higher than Ishtar. At the moment, Tesla lacks the damage output to directly challenge Ishtar, but can charge his NP with similar ease. Compared to other Servants, Ishtar is fairly similar to Tier 3 farming machines who also pack strong single target damage such as Karna, Francis Drake or Cleopatra. As such, we decided to put Ishtar into Tier 3 to reflect her relative competence in her role.

4* Servants

Placed into Tier 3: This precious cinnamon roll is the long-awaited welfare Lancer that we all want and need. With one of the highest value Mana Burst skills, 20% self NP charge and free NP level 5, Jeanne ‘d'Arc (Alter Santa Lily) is quite sufficient as a farming Servant for all players. AoE Lancer is a valuable niche, as there aren’t many strong SR and lower rarity Servants that can fill it. However, Santa Lily has her limitations, as there is not much else to her kit. Her first skill offers a decent heal and Star Generation buff while her Noble Phantasm grants a small Attack buff, but they are not enough to make her less one-dimensional. In comparison to fellow SR Servants in Tier 2, Santa Lily looks definitely worse, as most of them are multi-faceted Servants who can fulfill multiple niches well. As such, Tier 3 is a more than fair representation of her power level.