Blades of Niten Douraku



ID 61
Rarity 4★
Illustrator Zap.


When engraved on a Buster Card, increase Critical Strength by 20% when attacking with the engraved card.

Acquisition Method

Available for a limited time during the 17M Downloads Campaign from Master Missions from 4/14/2022 21:00 - 5/23/2022 20:59 PDT (NA). Available for a limited time during the 20M Downloads Campaign (JP).


A set of blades famed to be wielded by the foreign flower at the apex of heaven, who was widely considered to be the greatest Japanese swordsmaster in Proper Human History.

There is some misconception that the term refers to the two-sword style, but it is essentially something that represents the concept of reaching emptiness to which Musashi aspired.

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