Q: is there a list of all 3-star EVENT ce? if there is, could someone please give a list (link) of all the 3-STAR EVENT CE?

here's a horror story:
i collected and mlb'd ALL fp roll 3-star ce's BEFORE. but, as time goes on, i just kept useful 3-star ce's and just fed the others to my exp bomb.


(i started playing garden of order event so yea, i didn't know that was a fckn event ce.)

Asked by Chrome-kun9 months ago


We have a same horror story


lol. im so freaking paranoid r'now that i needed to check the ce online if it is an event ce before i fed/burn it lol.


Well, i'm doing it worse. I freaking use the Moon Goddess Bath CEs, Moonlight Fest CEs and lots of MLBed Mooncell Automaton CEs from the first Moon Goddess Dream of Dumpling event as a freaking CE Bomb !

I really fucked up and will for farm for this CEs again, need those materials. It's a truly a horror story mate and this things is called regret.

Bonus, my stupidity when i'm playing FGO more than a years ago, especially when i was a total noob :
- Burned event CEs that can be used later, stupid me.
- don't know there was a guide to help us manage the AP consumption.
- fucking don't know how to make a team, the PTSD is real and Quartz is used for revive.
- Backliner on the front, no supp and don't know how to level or upgrade stuff.
- i don't know how to use a CEs, seriously can you imagine that it totally sucks.
- almost everyone is a noob back then, only few of JP veteran that can help.
- i don't know how to use Noble Phantasm.

When i remember how i burned my event CEs and use event CEs as a fodder, i also remember lots of idiot things i've done in the past back then.
That's why it's called horror stories, it just simply a nightmare when you remember this kind of things.


since you're sharing your horror stories, i'll share a bit of mine too:

- my tutorial roll is stheno, total noob back then. i valued him more than i love my mother. i thought i can insta-kill literally anyone in the game with her np to the point i almost grailed her. (i rly hate her now plus considering how awfully she spooked me 3 times on shuten's rate up.)
- thought it's a fate that i've summoned golden servant on my first roll. bragged it online and to my irl friends not knowing about guaranteed sr roll.
- didn't know support servant can be moved as sub member up until i hit america's singularity.
- leveled a three copies of fsn cu to 70, hoping i can make a rly 300IQ gameplay where i will fight a certain boss with 3 fsn cu.
- just berserker team back then. always. even farm. if ded, like u, use quartz.

yea man, rly a nightmare when i remember these kind of horror stories.
but, thanks to it we learn from these creepy horror stories.
especially how paranoid i am now to check every 3 star ce that will be a fodder/manaprism.
thankfully, i memorized now bit by bit which are event ce's and which are not. so a list will not be necessary i think.
but then, thinking it again r'now, man, i must say yours are really a horror stories spooky than stheno's spook.