Assorted Chocolates, 100 Count

ID 516
Cost 3
Base HP 0
Max HP 0
Base ATK 0
Max ATK 0


(Comes at max level)

Limit Break

Valentine's Chocolate from Hassan of the Hundred Personas.
Increase Assassin Coin Choco drops by 2.
[Revival: Valentine's Event 2018 Lite Only]

Craft Essence Detail

Illustrator: Bep Mitsunaka

Valentine's Days chocolates from Hassan of the Hundred Personas.

A medley of big and small, good and bad.
Bite-sized things that look like chocolates are packed in. A bag full of dreams.
It may look store-bought, but everything here is handmade by Hassan.
They are overly intricate, so it might be safe to assume that the chocolates represent sentiments that are not usually put into words.