Child of Atlas

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ID 813
Cost 12
Base HP 400
Max HP 1,600
Base ATK 250
Max ATK 1,000


Apply Ignore DEF to self.
Increase own damage against Berserkers by 35%.

Limit Break

Self ignores defense buffs.
Increase own damage against Berserkers by 40%

Craft Essence Detail

Illustrator: Konpeito

In a different world and another time, the earth's last homunculus was created. In order to follow through with her creator's orders, the girl participated in the Moon Holy Grail War. While she knew that it was going to be a one-way trip, she still dreamt of meeting her destiny.

Eltnam Rani VIII.
The soul of the Child of Atlas still waits at the bottom of the Lunar Sea.

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