One Who Wishes for Salvation

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ID 1129
Cost 12
Base HP 400
Max HP 1,600
Base ATK 250
Max ATK 1,000


Increase NP Overcharge by 2 levels (3 times).

Limit Break

Increase NP Overcharge by 2 levels (4 times).

Craft Essence Detail

Illustrator: Routo Usagi

Hate was endlessly bubbling up in my heart. I felt hate for this world, as it's a place where those who should receive salvation instead walk a path of doom, while those who had no hope for salvation enjoyed their pitiful lives.

But when I close my eyes, I am able to see: even those whom I loathe are ordinary humans and insignificant beings.

If this is true, then I shall weep, and I shall love them all...all that is good, evil, those who should receive my affection, and those who should receive my hatred.

I shall seal away my hate so that I might save humans from this twisted and corrupted world.
...Even if that means my own heart becomes corrupted.

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