Daily Quests Update Infographics

With Thanksgiving featuring another 1/2 AP Daily Quests Event, farming for particular Monster Materials can be quite lucrative. Consult the data below to see if farming a desired material is worth it. Do note that the upcoming lottery will feature:

  • Void Dust
  • Evil Bones
  • Serpent Jewels
  • Octuplet Twin Crystals

Try to be patient when it comes to these materials.In general the upcoming lottery is a better investment in terms of apples than a 1/2 AP Daily Event. 


  • Drop Rate is measured as average AP-per-drop (APD). The lower the APD, the better the node is for drops.
  • Highlighted (golden) APD are among the best options currently available for farming Ascension and Skill Up Material.

1/2 Cost AP Training Grounds Infographics

Training Grounds Infographics

Training Grounds AP Cost 1/2 Campaign

New Drop Locations