Fate/Grand Order User Survey 2

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Campaign Period

2/18/2020 00:00 - 3/6/2020 19:59 PST


  • Users who fill out and submit the survey within the period specified above will be eligible to receive the rewards.
  • * Please note that your answers will not be counted if you do not press the “Send” button and display the survey completed page.

General Information

  • Fill in answers to all survey questions and press "Send"! Upon success, a confirmation page should appear.
  • Users will receive Summon Ticket Summon Ticket x4 upon completion of the survey, sent to the Present Box a few minutes after completion!
  • If the confirmation screen does not appear, a required question may not have been filled out, or specific questions that say "Select up to three options" may have more than three options checked. Look over the survey again and correct any errors before submitting.
  • Note: Some have reported that the survey link in the above does not work on mobile. If unable to access the survey on mobile, then you may need to visit the survey link on desktop.
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