FGO 2019 2nd Anniversary Guaranteed Gacha Guide

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The 2nd Anniversary Guaranteed Gacha is like a gacha within your gacha. It's the first guaranteed gacha where any released Servant (except Sherlock) can be rolled. While this sounds awesome on paper to get some really rare Servants, it mainly causes the Summoning Pool to be very diluted. 

For new Masters a quick summary: the guaranteed gacha will 100% summon at least one 5* Servant. Unlike normal banners, Masters can only roll once, and these banners can only be rolled for with Paid Quartz. There is no division by class whatsoever. Additionally, it doesn't seem like Story-locked Servants are included this time around in the guaranteed gacha among the 3* and 4* Servants. 

(Note: We included Story-locked Summons in the Summon Sim, but have removed them after scanning some JP GSSR videos for the presence of Story-locked 3* and 4* Servants).

The guaranteed gacha is often the place where f2p Masters tend to lose their innocence, and where the odds of getting something nice are pretty high. But it is also the place where the most evil of spooks occur. Do you want another duplicate, good sir/madam?

In any case, this Guaranteed Gacha is a massive gamble. There are 51 Servants on "rate-up", meaning that the odds of actually getting a specific Servant are barely better than double the normal the normal rate at 1.96%. Thus, the more Servants a Master has, the less enticing the deal is, although for some rolling a second copy of a 5* Servant can be pretty great. 

Paid Quartz

Remember, only Paid Quartz can be used for this banner. Paid Quartz is Saint Quartz that can only be obtained from purchasing Saint Quartz from the Da Vinci Store with cold hard currency. It is impossible to obtain this Saint Quartz in-game through quests, log-ins, etc.

When purchasing Saint Quartz, make sure to pay special attention to how many Saint Quartz the pack actually contains and how many of those Saint Quartz are Bonus Quartz. Bonus Quartz do NOT, I repeat, do NOT count towards the Paid Quartz amount and cannot be used for the guaranteed gacha. Try not to underestimate the amount of money you need to spend to participate in this banner.

Options Pack(s) Paid Quartz Bonus Quartz Price
Cheapest 25 + 4 + 1 30 17 ~$29
Full Pack 42 42 34 ~$40

Essentially, going past the required 30 Paid Quartz with a bigger pack can grant a fair bit of Saint Quartz extra for future banners. But, whether that trade-off is worth it depends on your own budget. The excess Paid Quartz can be saved up and used for the next guaranteed gacha banners.

The next guaranteed gacha will be in at New Years 2020. All 5* Servants ever released will be a part of that banner once again, except the banner is split into 2: The Knight classes + Ruler + Avengers, and the Cavalry classes + Alter Ego + Foreigner. 

The Fear of Failure

In my opinion, what seems to set the tone more than anything else for many guaranteed gachas is avoiding failure, that is, avoiding disappointment. This is especially relevant as you have to open your wallet to even participate in this banner, which for many Masters is the only time they actually pay for something in this game. This time around we cannot pick and choose our banner - and going for a "safe" option isn't possible. 

Rolling a Servant you really did not want may cause more harm than the happiness resulting from actually rolling the Servant that you were aiming for. The feeling of missing out on something, or suffering from a bad deal can really sour the entire game experience. This disappointment may occur even if what you have actually gained is something that is, in isolation, a good deal.Indeed, some Masters have downright quit playing over the results of previous guaranteed gachas.

Still, for some Masters who pine for a few particular (Limited) Servants, the total odds are probably too big to give up. Try not to be too emotionally involved and prepare yourself for what may happen if the pendulum does not swing in your favor. Expect disappointment, and hope for the best.

It may help to do a count of all the Servants in this banner, note which one you really want, which one you don't want for sure, and try and get a picture of how the odds are stacked. Having a better picture of your odds will help moderate your excitement a little, and perhaps it might even be better to wait for next year. 

As you could roll a spook for a Servant you dislike, like yours truly. 

Servants in the Guaranteed gacha

Possible SSR Servants

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