FGO US Tour Panel Part 2

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Babylonia Panel with Iwakami-san

So now to talk more about the anime, we feel like there’s someone who’s fit to do that job for us right now, and that’s why my hands are kind of shaking—you can’t see, but I’m like twitching right now.

So… let’s welcome on stage, my boss, the President of Aniplex, Mr. Atsuhiro Iwakami!

*Crowd & A Applause*

Hello, everyone. I’m Atsuhiro Iwakami. I am the president of Aniplex, and also producer of Fate/Grand Order.

Narrator: If anyone can get in touch with Iwakami-san and find out who he wants as avatar, let us know!


This is the first FGO event in the US, so I’m very happy to be here. Thank you for coming!


Please, have a seat.

Now, let’s start getting to the juicy details of the anime. So, can you tell us a little bit about what made you want to make Chapter 6 and 7 into an anime?

Well, to be very honest we weren’t thinking of animating at first. However, as the story progressed, we realized that yes, this is wonderful and we want to show it in different ways to the fans.

At the end of Part 1, after humanity was saved, we were definite that this has to become an animation.

*Cheering, applause*

At the end of 2017, we had a questionnaire for the fans. By the feedback, we realized that #1 the fans were expecting an animation series on TV, and #2 was in theater. Also we were wondering what the fans loved episode-wise, and #1 was Chapter 7, and #2 was Chapter 6.


Now speaking of Chapter 6 and Chapter 7, we know that one is being made into a movie series, one is being made into a TV anime series. Can you tell us the difference in concept when creating these two anime types?

Yes, definitely there is a difference in concept but with Chapter 6 and Chapter 7, we will be using different animation studios and having different animators, therefore with different concept and themes. We definitely want everyone to enjoy how it plays out!


Babylonia Trailer

Now let’s first review all the information we have released so far, and to do that, let’s show a clip of the trailer first. Let’s roll it!

Ohhh, Gilgamesh - So pretty!


A: Now, also, we have released a couple character visuals for the anime as well. First! Power of the clicker! First!

I’m gonna stay on this slide for a little bit longer.


Okay, next! So first we have Gilgamesh, Enkidu.


Then we have Mash and Fou.


And then we have Ishtar.


And Ishtar is a character visual that I think we unveiled last week in Japan. Now, Tsuruoka-san, now that you see all four visuals here, what do you think?

So beautiful.

Eye colors are the most impressive—or very impression-making.

And the fact that they’re gonna start moving animated, as a Fate player, an FGO player myself, it’s very hard to explain this happiness.


Then now, Mr. Iwakami. When it comes to character design, is there anything that you pay specific attention to when it comes to these characters?

Rather than my own, I definitely want to place special recognition to Tomoaki TAKASE, who is taking care of all the designs. Even for myself, I see how beautiful and gorgeous it is, don’t you guys agree?

*Cheering, Applause*

As you guys already know, FGO is a game - therefore the original designers are all different. And you can see the differences between the Gil Archer as well as Caster. However, if it’s an animation we must have consistency, therefore we ask for the mentorship from Takase-san to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Character Concept Art

Thank you. Now from what I've heard, in addition to this character art and visual art that have already been announced, you brought something new with you today right, Mr. Iwakami?

So as you guys already know and anticipated, as we proceed to the Babylonia phase, we are releasing characters step by step, and today for the first time in the world, we’re going to be showing two for you guys.

*Cheering, Applause*

Let’s go ahead and roll the tape.

*Gasping, Cheering*

Narrator: Merlin and Ana Concept Arts


As you see these are the character visuals for Ana and Merlin! I’m so glad to hear you guys applauding and giving them the recognition so thank you!


Now, being an employee I think we saw this early. *laughs* Now, when I saw this I was like, “Ahhhhh Merlin. Yesss!”

So um, Tsuruoka-san, what do you think about these new character originals that were just announced?

These are characters that I used very often, so thank you very much!


The difference in contrast of the light and the shadow, it’s mesmerizing and beautiful.


Now, we just announced these two characters. Iwakami san, can you tell us a little bit about how the progression is on the anime production right now?

All is well, and especially thanks to Takase-san as well as the director Akai-san (Toshifumi Akai). He’s the one who drew all the PV that you guys saw just now, and they both understand the world of Fate, so everything is going smoothly.


And you guys have seen the name Cloverworks, right? So they now have become independent, and they are filled with staff who have the vision, as well as the passion, and the motivation for the series. So it's definitely something to look forward to!

Perhaps some of you may already know, but Cloverworks has been working side by side with both Takase-san and Akai-san. We have Darling in the Franxx as well as Saekano, do you guys know? So we really believe we’re gonna have wonderful teamwork as well as beautiful visuals for you guys.

Now, I heard this is not it. We have more, right? More to show to the audience right? Riiight?


I just remembered.

We have the concept art for both Merlin and Ana, fresh out the studio.

First let’s take a look.

So, this is part of Ana’s concept art. Of course, there’s way more than this, but as you see, we use this to create the actual animation. We have full body, side, front, back, as well as all different types of expressions, and all directed by Takase-san.


Next we have—

And this is Merlin.

To be very honest, game characters have so many lines, therefore it is a bit of a challenge, but we have everything going smoothly so don’t worry.


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