FGO US Tour Panel Part 3

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Looking Forward

This is not just it, we have more! We have more right?

So just for this event, we have brought a USA themed Fou for you guys.


(Translator) Kawaii

And this is a gift from us to you. Post cards of the USA themed Fou - So please remember to pick one up, okay?

*Cheering, Applause*

I want one too!

Okay, I’ll give you one too!

Thank you. Now, we have all the basic information on the anime of Chapter 7. Now Tsuruoka san, you played Chapter 7 already. When it becomes an anime, which scene from Chapter 7 are you looking forward to?

For Babylon, my favorite part or at least, what’s impressionable is, you know there’s the clash of all these different gods. And as I mentioned earlier, my favorite is Jaguar Warrior, and even though it’s so heavy with all these gods clashing together and there’s so much stuff going on, Jaguar Warrior swoops in to kind of lighten the mood. That’s what I kind of loved, that I’ve enjoyed when I was playing FGO. And so, one of the things I’ve been enjoying - not just a particular scene of the anime, but I’ve just been enjoying the entire scope of Chapter 7 as an entirety, so that’s what I’m looking forward to.


Iwakami-san, is there any specific things about Chapter 7 that you want the fans to look forward to or pay attention to?

As you guys are familiar with the Holy Grail war, usually battling happens at night time, right? So, a lot of it is dark. However, in the Babylonia phase, for me, my images were sky blue. Therefore you guys, hopefully you will see a different side of Fate in the world, in the light.


Thank you, now please look forward to the starting of Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia anime, and for any new information, please go to the official website and social media account, and we’ll be posting stuff there. Now, time flies fast. Unfortunately that’s all the time we have for today.

But, before we go, this would not be an Aniplex of America panel without (drumroll) raffle time! And now everyone’s like, “Oh my gosh, where’s my ticket?”

So, make sure you get that ticket out. If you have lost it…too bad. And if we call your number and you lost a ticket, re-roll!

So! First of all we’d like to pay attention to: we’ll be giving away the autograph of Mr. Satoshi Tsuruoka, and Mr. Atsuhiro Iwakami.

Really don’t have an opportunity like this.

It’s rare, it’s super rare. It’s extremely rare.

(Translator) He’s mentioning Iwakami san’s signature is really cute.

Now first, draw the first winner! Drumroll please!

*Translator calls out number*

Okay! Double check your number, and make sure it is for this stage!

*nobody claims the prize*

A: Anybody? No? Going once, going twice, reroll!


*They pull out another ticket and calls out the number*

*Someone raises their hand*



Come to the stage after the panel, and we will be handing you the prize! Next one! Drumroll please!

*Translator calls out the number drawn*

Anybody? Anybody? Reroll? Reroll!

*clapping, but nobody claims ticket*

Anybody? Anybody? Reroll? Reroll!

*Still nobody!*

Really? Really? What is this, FGO simulator?

*Someone finally claims the ticket!*

*Cheering, Applause*

Final Words

That brought back memories of my first time of FGO. That day one reroll. Alright now, that’s all the time we have for today. That’s all the information we have. Please, before we send off our guests, Mr. Tsuruoka-san, do you have any last message for the fans?

Thank you everybody for coming here again. This is the US Tour, our first official date, this is actually my first stage, but I have two more stages actually coming afterwards. But, the entire day, it’s a long day, so I want, while you have the time, enjoy, go upstairs for the exhibits, look at all the displays, and enjoy yourselves. I hope to see everybody again soon.

*Cheering, Applause*

Thanks. Iwakami-san, do you have any messages?

Alright, because today we wanted to share mainly about Chapter 7 with how the anime is proceeding as well as Babylonia because you guys are interested.

Well because we don’t have our beloved Arash nor Gilles in Chapter 7, we're working hard on Chapter 6 to share in theaters!

Chapter 6 will be worked on by a studio that we trust very much, as well as having Arash right next to me *gestures towards Tsuruoka-san* doing a lot of stuff, hopefully you guys will be looking forward to that too!

*Cheering, Applause*

Now that we have our game and animation, by having this event, and being able to see all of your faces, as well as hearing your praises, recognition, and getting your feedback… I’m really excited, and I look forward to taking back all of the energy that I received from you guys here to our staff in Japan. We look forward to creating more wonderful animation to share with you guys!

*Cheering, Applause*

Thank you all, now please! As our guests are leaving the stage, let’s give one last round of applause for Mr. Satoshi Tsuruoka and Mr. Atsuhiro Iwakami!

*Albert and crowd applaud Tsuruoka-san and Iwakami-san*

Thank you all for coming to the stage!

Editor's note: A huge thanks to everyone who helped with taking notes during the event, plus the cleaning and transcribing of everything we had afterwards! This event was a monumental task to say the least!

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