GamePress Holiday Giveaway 2019!

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Giveaway Details: Summary

In celebration of the Holidays, and to promote our partnered Discords, we are hosting a giveaway!


  • 10x Raffled Discord Nitro, iTunes, or Google Play cards of choice (Worth $25 each) - Reach Lv5
  • 10x Raffled Customizable Discord Server Roles - Reach Lv18

How to Participate

  • The giveaway period entry starts on December 10, 2019, although you can join the server earlier to start gaining levels to enter as soon as entry opens!
  • Join the GamePress-Emma Discord!
  • Contribute to conversation and reach Level 5 by chatting in the Discord Server! NOTE: Spamming will disqualify your entry! NOTE 2: Reaching level 5 and then subsequently becoming inactive for over a week can also disqualify your entry!
  • Upon reaching Level 5, a new channel will open, where you can react to a giveaway message to join the gift card giveaway and complete your entry!
  • Upon reaching Level 18, you can react to the second customizable discord server role giveaway!
  • You have until December 24, 2019 11:59 EST to enter. Prizes will be distributed on December 25, 2019!

Contribute to the Pool!

For those who are interested in donating to the giveaway prize pool, please speak with me (Emma @EmmaNielsen#0001)--we can get your name added to the list of prize pool donors!

Current Donor List:

  • Emma (EmmaNielsen#0001)
  • NorseFTX (NorseFTX#6214)

Letter from the GP-E Admin, Emma

Hello everyone, Emma here! I would like to introduce myself so people know what they are getting into by joining my server. I’m a student from Denmark who enjoys various games. I recently joined up with GamePress to help write articles for games I enjoy. Outside of that, I’m just trying to have fun while continuing with our busy lives. I hope to create a server where we all can get along and truly be a gaming community. I have an entire #about-me channel on our server so feel free to check it out, if you wish to know more about me.

What's special about my server?

  • Against Tyrants/Toxicity

Have you ever joined subreddit discords, or perhaps a community discord where you felt like things weren’t taken seriously enough, or that there was someone tripping with their discord powers, or was just generally toxic? Well, my server is exactly the opposite, being an admin or moderator isn’t a status, it just means you are helpful, and my staff team are hand-picked people that I feel were nice or knowledgeable of the game. If there is any kind of trouble, I’ll personally investigate it and find a solution.

  • Community-Driven: Everyone’s voice matters

Have a feature in mind that you think would be cool? Let me know. You don’t like something? Let me know. You just want something different? Let me know. Community-Driven means Community is in charge. Every voice gets heard.

  • I’m around. You can even ping me; I don’t mind.

This seems funny to talk about but there are many cases where you have a discord owner, or tons of mods who are just shown on the right side of the discord and you never really know them. I’ve personally joined servers where I don’t even know who they are even if I was there for months, because they never seem to converse with anyone. That doesn’t work here, if you are invisible then you won’t be part of my staff. It’s a community so I expect that people are part of the community. This server is very lenient, at the same time negativity won’t be allowed to slide by.

GamePress Activities

Liked or Disliked an Article?

Have a suggestion for a new Article?

Figured out something that we should look at?

Do you have content you wish us to share on our articles?

Perhaps you wish to talk to the teams behind the GamePress site?

Feel free to join as well--every game section of this server has a site fix/suggestion/feedback channel where I’ll either ping them to look at it or forward everything you say directly to them. A place where we ensure that your voice gets heard by GamePress Team of the game that you have an inquiry for!

How the Giveaway Works

At the start of December, I’ll create a specific channel where people can react to take part in the giveaway. To ensure that people aren’t just joining to leech giveaways (as the main point is giving back to the community), there will be activity checker which doesn’t require much effort, but that just ensures that people are using the server. I’m going to let you know that if you only join just to sign up for the giveaway, it’s not going to cut it, but if you manage to spend 5 minutes a day or a few hours a week, I can ensure you that will be enough to take part in the giveaway. P.S. I do have anti-spam filter so that won’t work either.

  • 10 gift cards for either Discord Nitro / Itunes / Google Play cards (worth 25+)

  • 10 customizable custom roles on the server

  • Additional Giveaways might happen too at the same time.

  • And definitely more events to come (I heard there will be an Arknights Art Contest later on)

I hope that you will take part in this community!

Always glad to make new friends. Let’s play games together!


- Emma Nielsen.

About the Discord

The GamePress-Emma Discord server is run by Emma (@EmmaNielsen#0001):

  • Submit guide ideas! This Discord is customized by the community: it is community-driven and community-first, with all suggestions for the servers put into place and managed by Emma.
  • Discuss the game in a friendly community with our staff!
  • Get the latest site updates as soon as they are posted!
  • Find Friends to help you through the Singularities and Events!
  • Give direct feedback on the site to our contributor team and writers!
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