Getting Started - Beginner's Guide to FGO

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After the tutorial, consider continuing through the story mode until you hit a wall. While you can switch to grinding daily XP quests (Ember Gathering) immediately, doing so may leave you over-leveled and ruin any sense of challenge in story mode.

Types of quests available:

Quest Types Rewards
Story Holy Grail and Servants unlocks.
Free Revisit story locations for free Saint Quartz.
Interludes Servant backstory and power ups.
Dailies Rotating selection of quests for grinding items.
Events Limited time quests for exclusive goods.

Daily Quests Types:

  • Ember Gather: Ember cards for Servant Experience
  • Treasure Hunt: For QP, a common currency for leveling and upgrades
  • Training Grounds: Class pieces, monuments, skill gems, and ascension materials for Servant Ascensions

Challenging quests cost AP. Early on, you'll find AP plentiful, because your AP refills on every Master Level up. AP also recovers by 1 every 5 minutes.

Safekeeping Your Account

Your Fate/Grand Order account represents a significant time (and potentially money) investment.  Do the following so you can recover your account in case of accidents:

bind code psa

One Time Transfer Number

Generate a one time transfer code via the My Room > Issue Transfer Number menu.  Input a password when prompted and a 10 digit code will be generated for your account.

This Transfer Number/Password allows you to transfer your account to any device in the game home screen.  When used, your old device would no longer be associated with your account.  It can only be used once, so you need to generate a new transfer number after each use.

Write down and keep your transfer number in a safe place (as well as take a screenshot).  It is the only way to recover your account on your own.

You'll need to a new Transfer Number for each transfer.  It's good habit to immediately generate a new one after transferring your account.

Other Important Information

If you need to recover your account without a transfer number, customer service will need the following to help recover your account:

  • Friend Code (Game home screen)
  • Name (My Room > Master Profile)
  • Birthday (My Room > Master Profile)
  • Any cash purchases
  • Servant and Craft Essences in that account

So it's a good an idea to write those down as well.



If you're unhappy with the Servants from your initial summons, you can "reroll" a new account by reinstalling the app (or clear app data in settings for Android).

Before doing that, generate and save the transfer number of your original account (see above). This way you can recover it if you ever changed your mind.

Keep in mind that the required tutorial takes over twenty minutes before you get to summon new servants. Hope you have a spare tablet or phone handy!

Making Friends

As you progress through story mode, look out for people with strong support Servants to befriend. Adding them to your friend list gives two main advantages:

  • Their servants are more likely to appear and provide more Friend Points.
  • Servant's NP becomes available to use.

Some strong Servants to watch out for:

Putting a Team Together

Most players won't have a full line-up of rare Servants for some time. Luckily, many common Servants are quite competitive in this game. Because you'll find many duplicates of common Servants, their Noble Phantasm can be leveled up relatively easily, making them more powerful and useful.

Check their servant pages for their individual strength and weakness, then find a team of common servants that complement them. Typically, you want to have a support Servant of each class. Some common servants that are particularly useful include:

Class Servant
Shielder Mash Kyrieknight
Lancer Cu Chulainn
Archer Robin Hood, Arash
Rider Georgios, Ushiwakamaru
Caster Hans Christian Andersen, Medea
Assassin Cursed Arm Hassan, Kojiro Sasaki
Berserker Kiyohime, Lu Bu

Beating the 40 AP Ember Quest for the First Time

It's well worth the effort to tackle the Expert Ember Gathering Quest as soon as possible. The 40 AP Ember Quest gives about 16k Master XP, the best XP/AP ratio ingame. Grinding this quest early can often leave you with more AP then you spent on it until level 40s or so.

Beating this quest for the first time can be a challenge. Once you get over the initial hump though, you'll soon find yourself flooded with Servant experience.

You want a Servant with a strong area effect NP in your starting lineup. Kiyohime, which you get for free from completing the Orleans Chapter, is an excellent choice here. Her NP alone can clear a wave of enemies after level 30, if you can keep her alive. Power her up (level, ascend, NP level) and equip with your best initial NP Craft Essence (Kaleidoscope, Imaginary Around, Fruitful). Use Mash's and Master's invulnerability skills to keep her alive. In a pinch, don't forget your command seals.

If all else fails, you can always cheese with a friend's support Jeanne d'Arc: