The Great Tale of Demons: Onigashima Recommended Servants


Onigashima is a massive event, and the sheer amount of maps to farm might overwhelm players at first sight. However, it is not as daunting as its first impression suggests, as this event grants bonus damage from Craft Essences and to Japanese servants, making the farming process much less tedious. In general, any decently strong Servants can clear the maps of this event when boosted with Event Craft Essences and Beans, but some of them can reduce that time sink even more.

Due to the structure of Onigashima, certain Servants will be better at certain Gates or nodes than the others. Thus, to be in line with how Onigashima progresses, this recommendation list will also follow that structure.

General Servant Recommendations

Servant Explanation

Zhuge Liang
By now, Zhuge needs little explanation on why he is amazing at everything this game has ever asked for. This event is no exception, especially when Golden Sumo has amazing synergy with Zhuge’s NP charging ability.
Aside from a massive 100% bonus damage during the event, Raikou possesses amazing damage output in both AoE and single-target spectrums. Furthermore, all the Raid Bosses and most Boss enemies of this event possess the Demonic trait, making her damage output even better.

Sakata Kintoki
Thanks to the amazing synergy between his skill “Animal Dialogue” and the event Craft Essence “Golden Sumo”, Kintoki is a godsend for all boss fights and farmings nodes. To make things even better, he is a Berserker with 80% bonus damage during this event.

Sakata Kintoki (Rider)
He won’t be used extensively before all of his ascension materials and additional copies are available. That being said, Kintoki Rider is a monster Servant, possessing one of the most broken skillsets out of all Servants in the game, let alone welfare Servants. During this event, it’s hard to find an outright better damage dealer than him thanks to his 100% bonus damage. Players would do themselves a disservice not maxing him as soon as possible.

While he does not have any bonus damage from the event, this event is still a great occasion for him to shine thanks to Brahmastra’s amazing bonus damage against the ever present Demonic-trait enemies. Rama’s powerful critical damage dealing capacity also synergizes very well with most buff-stacking strategies against bosses.

Can clear Wave 1 or 2 for many farming nodes with his high damage AoE Noble Phantasm, takes very low cost and can make way for another damage dealer/support from the backline to come out. Easily one of the best farmers in the game. Post strengthening he can NP with a 70% starting NP gauge, or 80% at base.

Ibaraki Douji
High Attack, a good skillset and Berserker typing make Ibaraki a perfect secondary damage dealer who can fill the spot on most teams when lacking more specialized Servants. She also receives a hefty 80% bonus damage during the event and has an amazing buff-cleansing Noble Phantasm, which is quite useful on many occasions.

Tamamo’s supporting ability is second to none in an Arts team, and Arts teams are always a fantastic choice for raid bosses. While she is not particularly useful for farming nodes, Tamamo no Mae is very useful to have against all the Onis and the final boss, provided she has an Arts-focused teammate to support.

Mash Kyrielight
Having 0 Party Cost and an amazing skillset to support teammates in raid battles, it is hard to omit this cute marshmallow from any list. Even for farming teams, just having her in the backline already allows for plenty of extra Party Cost for Craft Essences.

Green Gates - Kazakoemaru


The Caster-class Kazakoemaru has a 50% Quick resistance that makes it quite tough for Quick-oriented Servants to put a dent on him without using Green Beans. However, his companion Sasaki Kojiro could be a potential source of headaches as well. While Kojiro only possesses 600,000 HP at max difficulty, Kojiro’s ability to do critical damage repeatedly and 3-charge NP bar make him annoying when ignored. Furthermore, his Assassin class also makes it risky to bring Riders who are natural enemies of the Kazakoemaru.

Aside from the aforementioned Servants in Section II, these Servants can help farm this gate much faster:

Servant Explanation



These two Servants are Art-focused Servants who are not weak to both Kazakoemaru and Kojiro. Thanks to their fantastic Anti-Male specialty, they can deal a hefty chunk of damage against both, especially when boosted by the Blue Bean and/or Art buffs such as Tamamo no Mae’s.

Honorable Mention: Medb

Xuanzang Sanzang

Sanzang is easily the best single target Caster in the game as of writing, and the ability to instantly charge her NP bar makes her very useful in taking out Kojiro as fast as possible. Her supportive skills are also valuable for the raids.

Honorable Mention Medea

Of the available Riders, Ushi is the only one getting a bonus damage this event aside from Kintoki. Ushi’s main advantage is that she is extremely easy to level up and get NP level 5, and can serve as a budget Kintoki Rider for this node provided players are willing to spend Green Beans to offset the Quick Resistance on Kazakoemaru.

Vlad III
Vlad III is possibly the best neutral Arts damage dealer in the game at the moment, thanks to his Berserker class. As he is not hindered by Kazakoemaru’s Quick Resistance, he is a fantastic option to take both Kojiro and the Green Oni, especially when put in a standard Arts team with Servants like Tamamo no Mae.

Francis Drake

Santa Alter

The AoE Riders can do a lot of work against both enemies, especially with a well timed NP Buster Brave Chain. Do note that Sasaki Kojiro can still do considerable damage to them over time without protection, but a solid team should have no problem protecting these Servants.

Blue Gates - Wazahamimaru:


The Saber-class Wazahamimaru is accompanied by Tamamo no Mae, who is not threatening at all aside from the occasional annoying NP drain. This means she can be left alone until you finishing off Wazahamimaru. His Arts Resistance can hamper teambuilding quite a bit, so do consider using Blue Beans liberally on this node if your main team is Arts-focused.

Servant Explanation

Oda Nobunaga

Nobu is particularly useful for this node because she has bonus damage from the event, class advantage against Wazahamimaru, is Buster-centric, and deals bonus damage against divine enemies like Tamamo no Mae thanks to Tenka Fubu. Furthermore, Nobu’s single target damage is not bad at all, being able to deal massive critical damage if provided with Critical Stars.

Honorable Mentions:Emiya, Gilgamesh, Nikola Tesla



Their damage output on this node will be hampered a lot without using a Blue Bean, but Euryale and Orion in an Arts-centric team are still a fantastically solid option for taking on the Oni thanks to their class advantage and Anti-Male specialty.

Honorable Mention: Robin Hood

Queen Medb
Similar to Euryale and Orion, Queen Medb offers strong Anti-Male damage. However, this node is where she shines the most, thanks to class advantage against Tamamo no Mae and her Noble Phantasm being Buster, making her a solid option as the main damage dealer.

Red Gates - Gorikimaru:


As Buster cards are typically the best card type for doing damage, Gorikimaru’s Buster Resistance can be extremely frustrating. To make matters worse, he is a Rider, which means powerful supports like Zhuge Liang or Tamamo no Mae can be taken out much faster compared to other nodes. These qualities potentially make arts teams more inconsistent on this node compared to others. The lack of strong Assassins also does not help, as it might be hard to construct a team that clear this node consistently and quickly. Gorikimaru is accompanied by Kiyohime, a Berserker who has no annoying quality aside from her AoE Noble Phantasm.

Consider using Red Beans a lot for this node if your team is built around strong Buster Damage Dealers. Other types of beans should also be used for their respective teams for an easier time dealing with this Gate.

Servant Explanation


Euryale and Orion are useful every time against Male enemies. Thankfully, this node offers them yet another perfect opportunity to demonstrate their value.

Jack the Ripper


Amazing single target Assassins with non-Buster Noble Phantasms can (wo)man-handle Gorikimaru. Jack has the bonus damage against female enemies on her Noble Phantasm to handle Kiyohime while Ryougi Shiki possesses a 60% bonus damage during the event.

Honorable Mentions:Carmilla, Emiya (Assassin)


While Shuten’s damage is not particularly outstanding, she gains good bonus damage for this event and her stats for a 5 star Assassin are quite impressive. She is a nice stand-in member who can deal good damage to both Gorikimaru and Kiyohime, while also providing a bit of utility on the side.

Summit - Ushi Gozen:


Contrary to expectation, Ushi Gozen is easier to handle compared to the other Onis. Her lack of Card Resistance and Berserker class makes her extremely frail, especially considering at this point most players should already have a few Craft Essences that boost the party’s damage. However, she is still a Berserker boss with a lethal AoE Noble Phantasm. If underestimated, she can and probably will wipe the entire party. For Masters who bring an AoE NP of their own, consider carefully when to use your NP as an Ushi Gozen on her own will often spam her NP charge skill. Whittle her down a bit first before killing the Caster-class Stones.

Servant Explanation

Oda Nobunaga

Nobu once again shines thanks to her bonus damage against enemies with Riding and Divinity, two traits that Ushi Gozen possesses. Her Noble Phantasm being AoE also allows her to take out the two Thunder Stones as well, making her a premier choice for this node.

Honorable Mentions: Nikola Tesla, Gilgamesh, Karna


Jack the Ripper

Both Scathach and Jack the Ripper have a heavy advantage against Ushi Gozen. Scathach has bonus damage against Divine Servants while the Jack decimates female enemies. Scathach has the upper hand in term of survival as she is not weak to the two Thunder Stones, but Jack the Ripper is much quicker at filling her NP gauge.

Honorable Mentions: Okita Souji

Francis Drake

Drake’s ability to instantly gain 50% NP gauge makes her the perfect user of a MLB Golden Sumo CE. She can instantly discharge her powerful Noble Phantasm, completely incinerating the two Thunder Stones and putting a huge dent in Ushi Gozen. The critical stars she generates also allow her to quickly dispatch Ushi Gozen next turn with powerful critical attacks. Do note to time her Noble Phantasm properly, as killing the two Thunder Stones too early without being able to finish Ushi Gozen off will make the team more vulnerable to Ushi Gozen attacks.

Honorable Mention: Artoria Pendragon Santa Alter

Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)
There is no one better at killing a Berserker than Jeanne Alter. Her Brave Chain with Self-Modification active will be overkill against Ushi Gozen in most circumstances. Her high raw damage also allows her to take care of the two Thunder Stones quickly even without class advantage.

Robin Hood
Robin’s damage output is nothing to scoff at, and he can do tremendous damage to Ushi Gozen with sufficient buffs and supports. However, he has no class advantages against the two Thunder Stones and it can take a while for him to take them out without a Rider teammate.