Halloween 2017 Revival Lite Q&A!

Halloween 2017 Revival Lite Q&A!


Hi~ little pumpkins! Did you miss me? Fear not, Halloween idol Eli-chan is returning for a limited time performance!

Now that I've taken you out of Bond 10 storage, when do you change clothes? I hear you get a Dragon Quest skin!

Geez, such an impatient squirrel! Didn't you already ask this last time? That's for Halloween 2018! This time is the return of the original Halloween event, my fateful rise to stardom!

What? Why should I grind through this again? I couldn't even be bothered to--

Golden Fruit! We're giving away up to 31 Golden Fruits this event! Make sure to play through all the party quests!

Don't you mean Golden Apples?

What, like Atalante's Bond CE? It says "Golden Fruit" in the game!

But they're clearly apples!

Now, now, it's just like calling eggplants "aubergines."

What? Eggplants are eggplants!

No one in the US would call them aubergines!

Actual Questions and Answers

So what other changes are there to the event this time?

Lots of Quality of Life changes! The shop prices have been reduced, limit breaking CE's will increase the bonus to drops, and if you beat the final quest before, you get a Crystallized Lore instead of a grail!

That last one seems like a downgrade to me… So how do I unlock you if I just started recently?

Just clear the event story, and then farm for all the different materials. There's one copy of Eli for each material! Don't forget the Twinkle Candy to ascend me~ I have a more detailed guide here!

So speaking of farming, what's the best stage for each drop?

Well, Pumpkins have the best AP per drop in the Encore Live stage, but that might be too troublesome compared to the Final Stage. They are consistently available from Guerilla quests though, so be sure to finish them!

Mischievous Bats are best farmed at the Third Stage, which will also rarely drop copies of Halloween Princess! Candles have the best AP per drop at the Second Stage, and Petit Cakes have the best AP per drop at the First Stage! Simple, right?

Are the quests might be time limited? Are their drops good?

Time limited, maybe, but not time locked! They will become available each day, and will remain until you clear them to the end of the event! (Please clear them!)

They also tend to drop pumpkins at a decent AP cost - since you can only do them once, it's worth checking to see if you got the pumpkin drops just before finishing, and reset the quest until you get them!

So, are any of the Craft Essences good?

Halloween Princess is a very good event CE! Although you need to farm a 5th copy to limit break it, don't worry - the upcoming Christmas CE, Holy Night Dinner, is even better! Wait- I probably shouldn't tell you that.

Should I roll on this banner?

Didn't you know? Every banner is a bait banner. Well, the foxy Caster Tamamo is a really good Arts support. But I'm good too! I'm free, NP5, and a cute AoE idol! That's something, right? By the way, we've updated all our writeups! Anyways, since it's a rerun we're a bit short on time, but be sure to check out our guides below if you have any more questions! Enjoy~