Hunting Quests Part 3 Farming Guide

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  • Hunting Quests are great for farming specific Skill Enhancement and Ascension materials!
  • Furthermore, farming these materials will also result in plenty of experience drops and a few skill gems
  • The highest difficulty will reward the most materials - keep in mind that drop data for the Cause and Fes Ranks are not readily available and based on low sample sizes. 
  • Based on a Master's preferences, inevitably some materials are required in higher quantities than usual. "Bone Hell" is especially a common occurrence. 
  • Hunting Quests are amazing for pulling oneself out of these material hells, and make for rather excellent opportunities to munch on some apples.
  • For novice Masters, clearing these Hunting Quests can be rather time consuming (and challenging) as the mobs pack a lot of HP. 
  • Good luck!

Clairvoyance EX - To Apple or not to Apple?

  • Through the gift of Clairvoyance, the upcoming weeks of content will be reruns of the Rashomon event (next week) and the Onigashima event (in about 3 weeks). 
  • Masters unfamiliar with the event can take a look at the guide pages for the original run - the key point is that neither event is reliant on AP, but on BP, a special event resource. 
  • In addition there are some key observations we can make that make it a good idea to use apples on these hunting quests. 
  • Observation 1: Masters do not need to use apples to clear the upcoming events. 
  • Observation 2: Masters will not be able to receive materials introduced in recent singularities from the upcoming reruns.
  • Observation 3: The next lottery (lucrative!) won't be until September. 
  • Conclusion: Masters with a surplus of apples really ought to spend some - they will be restocked in the upcoming reruns! One can never have enough Evil Bones!

Hunting Quest Overview

Day Enemy Type Primary Drop
Secret Gem of Saber
Dragon Fang
Primordial LanugoSeed of YggdrassilSecret Gem of Rider
Giant Demon Boar

Monster Material Farming

Mob Monster Material Hunt Drop % / AP per Drop AP per Drop normally Worth it?

15.7 AP/D
22 AP/D Yes!
Secret Gem of Saber 16.3%
245 AP/D
140 AP/D Nah!
  • This node is just excellent, with good experience drops to boot (600%+).
  • Evil Bones are often required for popular Servants in extremely high quantities.
  • The best thing about this node compared to the Evil Bones Free Quests is that it is far less time-consuming to dump massive chunks of AP for Evil Bones.
Mob Monster Material Hunt Drop % / AP per Drop AP per Drop normally Worth it?

32.9 AP/D
50 AP/D Yes!
282 AP/D
130 AP/D Nah!
  • The upcoming month will have only sparse opportunities to grab meteor Horseshoes.
  • This Quest drops nearly the same amount of experience as a run of the daily experience quest.
  • As a result, this quest is better than it looks.
Mob Monster Material Hunt Drop % / AP per Drop AP per Drop normally Worth it?

115 AP/D
172 AP/D Yes!
Dragon Fang 97.5%
41 AP/D
27 AP/D Nah!
265 AP/D
50 AP/D Nah!
  • A nice node for the highly prized Heart of the Foreign God, especially as Dragon Fangs are another common staple (especially for Altria Servants).
  • Don't expect high experience drops though.
  • The upcoming 2 reruns will have Hearts in their rewards/shops though!
Mob Monster Material Hunt Drop % / AP per Drop AP per Drop normally Worth it?

Primordial Lanugo 57.5%
69.6 AP/D
109 AP/D Yes!
Seed of Yggdrassil 66.5%
60.2 AP/D
40 AP/D Nah!
Secret Gem of Rider 16.5%
242 AP/D
100 AP/D Nah!
  • There won't be an opportunity to stock up on Lanugos for a while, especially at such great rates.
  • The seed and experience drop rate aren't great, but they are decent bonuses.
  • Only heavily farm this node if one needs Lanugos.
Mob Monster Material Hunt Drop % / AP per Drop AP per Drop normally Worth it?

104 AP/D
210 AP/D Yes!
42.2 AP/D
32 AP/D Nah!
323 AP/D
50 AP/D Nah!
  • There will not be an opportunity to get Scarabs for a while.
  • However, the node isn't great otherwise.
  • Farm these if there is a large immediate need, as Scarabs aren't usually in high demand.
Mob Monster Material Hunt Drop % / AP per Drop AP per Drop normally Worth it?

Giant Demon Boar
106 AP/D
172 AP/D Yes!
45.8 AP/D
34 AP/D Nah!
303 AP/D
170 AP/D Nah!
  • There will not be any opportunities to snag some Gallstones in the upcoming reruns
  • In addition, the poisonous needle drop rate is at least okay (and they are often needed in vast quantities) while the experience drops are pretty good too (600%+).
  • As such, this is not a bad node at all especially for Masters who need some Gallstones.

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