Mystic Spinal Fluid

"Skill Up & Ascension Material"
A potion to turn an ordinary human into a mage. When injected into the spine, it creates temporary artificial Magical Circuits.

Drop Bonus Craft Essences

Best Drop Location(s)

Servant Ascension/Skill Requirements

1st Ascension

Servant Amount
Li Shuwen (Assassin) x10

2nd Ascension

Max Ascension

2nd Skill Enhancement

Servant Amount
Voyager x10

3rd Skill Enhancement

4th Skill Enhancement

5th Skill Enhancement

Servant Amount
Red Hare x20
Jacques de Molay x12

6th Skill Enhancement

4th Append Skill Enhancement

Servant Amount
Tlaloc x10
Takasugi Shinsaku x15
Kashin Koji x15

6th Append Skill Enhancement

Total (Ascension)

Servant Amount

Total (Skill)

Servant Amount

Total (Asc. + Skill)

Servant Amount

Total (Append)

Servant Amount

Total (All)

Servant Amount