[JP] 4th Anniversary News and Summoning Changes

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Naturally, any anniversary brings with it a host of goodies, quality of life changes and new content. The new Servants, animation updates, commemorative CEs, and Rank Ups are all listed on their respective pages, while here we will briefly go into the various changes that NA can also expect once the 4th anniversary rolls around 2 years from now. 

It's a long wait of course, but knowing some massive goodies will arrive is always a nice thing. 

In addition to everything else, 2 new trailer were dropped. The first trailer listed below is a (fantastic!) general trailer that does have some of the newly added Servants in it, but contains no story spoilers otherwise. 

The second trailer is a teaser for the upcoming Main Story Chapter (ETA: Winter), non-spoiler sensitive Masters can find it at the bottom of the page.

New Summoning Changes

  • The largest gacha change has come in the form of a permanent change to the overall Summoning system. From now on, every 10th Summoning will grant a bonus 11th roll. Effectively, every 10-roll is now an 11-roll.
  • Don't worry, as even single rolls are stored on every banner and 10 single rolls will similarly reward an extra roll. 
  • However, the progress made with single rolls (say one has done 6) do not carry over between banners, but neither will rolling on a different banner remove previous progress towards a bonus roll.
  • Sadly (especially now!), friend summons are still at 10. Boo!
  • Considering global Masters often receive certain gacha-related additions earliers, this feature may well be added earlier to the global version (next anniversary perhaps?).
  • However, there is more summoning information that impacts every Master:

Potential SSR Rate-up Change

  • In addition to the rolling changes, it appears the rate-up percentage of (at the very least this banner) single banner SSR Servants has been bumped up to 0.8% as opposed to 0.7%. At these low odds, a small increase in percentage has a big knock-on effect. 

  • For example, currently on the global server, a Master has about a 50% chance to roll the rate-up SSR with 100 rolls (1-0.93100).

  • With a change to 0.8% however, a Master "only" needs 87 rolls to reach that 50% chance to roll the rate-up SSR (1-0.9287).

  • If we factor in that for each 10 roll, we now also gain a bonus 11th roll, and Masters effectively only need 80 rolls now to reach the same effects as what used to be 100 rolls. 

  • Of course, with the various guaranteed stuff on every 10-roll there may be a little fluctuation here and there, but if this increase in rate-up is permanent, the potential savings are pretty large!

New Feature: Repeating Quests

  • Masters on JP can now use a nice feature on most Free Quests where they can immediately repeat a cleared quest once again with the same Servants, CEs and Mystic Code without having to go back to the map screen.
  • After selecting the yes option, Masters are immediately deposited to the Friend Servant selection screen and upon selecting one, are immediately thrust into the loading screen of the quest at hand
  • Essentially, it cuts away the loading screen to the area map, the team selection screen, and having to confirm the team selection after picking a friend support. There will only be a single loading screen between farming sessions.
  • Furthermore, with the quest still cached presumably, loading times should also be better when returning to the quest.
  • As a gameplay-related feature, let's hope the global server receives this sooner rather than later. 

New Feature: Command Card Strengthening

  • Masters can now enhance the Attack value of each of their Servants Command Cards with a new Command Card Strengthening item Beast's Footprint.
  • Each application adds an extra 20 Attack to a specific Command Card to further boost their grailed/max fou'd/Command Coded Servant, but at a hefty cost of 500.000 QP. 
  • Masters can get a copy of this item during the anniversary from a temporary quest at Chaldea, but Masters are also awarded one copy of this item as part of their 7-day log-in bonus (in addition to the normal Summon Ticket and Ascension Material Ticket). 
  • As a new gameplay-related feature, the global server will most likely not see this feature for 2 years.

New Feature: Special Ascension

  • A feature mainly aimed for newly starting Masters: a 1-time instant full ascension option in the Enhancement menu.
  • Masters can only use this once after clearing Fuyuki, and the option will always expire 90 days after unlocking this feature. 
  • This new clear reward is applied retroactively, so any Master can use this feature once until 18:59 on November 2, 2019 provided they cleared Fuyuki. 
  • After using the Special Ascension, the menu option disappears as it can only be used once per account.
  • Welfare Servants with special Ascension Materials are not applicable, nor is Mash or any Limited-time Servant. 
  • Servants already invested in will not return their already used Ascension Items, Experience or QP.
  • Factoring in the above, try and save this for a 5* Servant or use this as a new Master to help clear events early on. 

Massive Quartz haul

  • No anniversary is complete without an excessive amount of Saint Quartz and Summon Tickets, and once again, each anniversary piles on top of previous ones when it comes to rewards.

  • Note that the largest chunk of these rewards are permanent features that remain even after the anniversary, and that all but one of these campaigns will basically apply to the global server as well once it comes to that.
  • The one campaign that will probably not transfer over in full are the various campaigns that were running during the anniversary. Together they accounted for a total of 90

  • Next to those Saint Quartz, a 10 day log-in campaign for 10 Summon Tickets and a Rare Prism is also available:

Lostbelt Saint Quartz Missions

  • Furthermore, Masters can now access additional Saint Quartz rewards if Masters clear the first 3 Part 2 Main Story Chapters:

Clear Lostbelt 1 x10
Clear Lostbelt 2 x10
Clear Lostbelt 3 x10
  • In addition, the largest intake of Saint Quartz comes from new milestones when Masters clear batches of 10 Free Quests for up to 180 total Saint Quartz. That said, Masters will have to clear the latest Main Story chapter (and all EoR chapters) to even reach that many.

Free Quest Milestones

Mission Reward
Clear 10 Free Quests x10
Clear 20 Free Quests x10
Clear 30 Free Quests x10
Clear 40 Free Quests x10
Clear 50 Free Quests x10
Clear 60 Free Quests x10
Clear 70 Free Quests x10
Clear 80 Free Quests x10
Clear 90 Free Quests x10
Clear 100 Free Quests x10
Clear 110 Free Quests x10
Clear 120 Free Quests x10
Clear 130 Free Quests x10
Clear 140 Free Quests x10
Clear 150 Free Quests x10
Clear 160 Free Quests x10
Clear 170 Free Quests x10
Clear 180 Free Quests x10

Total Summoning Rewards

But that's not all, as all Masters can clear 7 Memorial Quests for 7 more Summon Tickets, as well as complete various Rank Up Quests as they are released this week. 

So, what is the total damage of all that - should Masters have fully completed all requirements (also noting one gets more Summons with these than before)

  • Up to 300+
  • 10-17 Summon Ticket

Of the above, only the 90 Saint Quartz is truly promotional and the rest will always apply to NA.

4th Anniversary GSSR Banner

  • Naturally, an anniversary also includes a GSSR, this time once again with a focus on Limited-only 5* Servants.
  • For 15 Paid , Masters are always rewarded with one Limited 5* Servant in addition to what the rest of the 10 (the bonus is in effect) rolls do.
  • Masters can roll multiple Limited Servants, and also roll Story-locked Servants such as Rider of Resistance.
  • Masters can only roll once and only pick one of these banners.

There are 2 Main Banners to choose from:

  • Knight Class Banner: contains Sabers, Archers, Lancers, Rulers, Avengers, Moon Cancers and Rulers 
  • Cavalry Class Banner: contains Riders, Casters, Assassins, Berserkers and Alter Egos


Various Standard Anniversary Campaigns & New Mana Prism CE

Next to all the new Summoning stuff, the goodies, and so forth, standard features are also in effect, such as:

  • 3x Success Rate
  • 1/2 AP Daily Quests and all Daily Quests accessible
  • 1/4 AP Uncleared Free Quests
  • Additional extra standard items in the Mana & Rare Prism Da Vinci Workshop
  • A Damage test quest
  • A new Mana Prism CE: 
Name Effect Description

Great Detective Foulmes 5★
Increase QP Gain and Bond Experience by 1% (MLB 5%).
[Available from 08/04/2019 - 10/31/2019.]

Increase in Inventory and Second Archive Space

  • Both the Servant and Craft Essence Inventory have their total space increased from 450 to 500 spaces. 
  • In addition, Masters can expand the Second Archive for both Servants and Craft Essences to 600 from 500 spaces at cost of Mana Prisms.

New Main Story Teaser

Warning: Here there be spoilers

A rough release date has been released for Lostbelt number 5: Winter. The story will resume in the lost city of Atlantis, and will require completion of Lostbelt 4. 

See here for the official news page.