[JP] New Year Event 2020 Rerun - Free Quests

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New Year Event 2020 - Free Quests

  • Masters need to renovate the hotel by using the Timber currency farmed in Free Quests.
  • However, certain renovations are locked until the Main Quest has progressed far enough.
  • Masters need to hit three specific Points benchmarks (awarded daily by having various rooms unlocked) to complete the Event.
  • Note: Progress is time-locked base on YOUR progress. Starting too late may render the Event impossible to finish.
  • It's possible to unlock and complete the entire Event with 3 days of maximum progress, don't procrastinate and there should be no issue.
  • Certain renovation unlock new Free Quests that have better drop rates!
Points Required Unlocks Potential Free Quests
0 Possible Free Quests (lvl 70): Sparrow Room, Thicket, Mountain Rear
3,500 Possible Free Quests (lvl 80): Hot Springs (Women), Hot Springs (Men), Phoenix Room
90,000 Possible Free Quests (lvl 90): Rooftop Garden, Detachment, Castle Tower
500,000 Unlocks the final Main Quests
  • A Note on Drop Rates:
Drop rate sources: FGO Domus Aureum and GURUGURUFGO.

Other than the big Ascension Material items, most of the drop data is based on a small sample of data. Some drops that seemed to be behaving oddly (some Secret Gem Drop Rates) were not inserted so as to not mislead the reader with a high percentage where it's likely inaccurate. In addition, the CE drop rates are based on the average drop rates of CEs for that difficulty level, rather than empirical data.

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Pointsgate 1: LVL 70 Free Quests

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