[JP] New Year Event 2020 Rerun - Main Quests

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  • All drops during the Main Quest appear to be fixed.
  • Main Quests unlock based on three aspects:
  1. Progress via purchasing certain renovations with the three Timber currencies.
  2. Hitting key benchmarks (listed below) via the daily points intake at 10:00 JST (or depending on your phone, your local time) from the various bought renovations.
  3. Completing certain Extra Quests requires to continue the Main Quest.
Points Required Unlocks Potential Free Quests
0 Main Quests: Stanza 1-6.

Possible Free Quests (lvl 70): Sparrow Room, Thicket, Mountain Rear
3,500 Main Quests: Stanza 7 & 8 + Hot Springs Extra Quest

Possible Free Quests (lvl 80): Hot Springs (Women), Hot Springs (Men), Phoenix Room
90,000 Main Quests Quests: Stanza 9-11 + various required Extra Quests

Possible Free Quests (lvl 90): Rooftop Garden, Detachment, Castle Tower
500,000 Unlocks the final Main Quests

After 1/11 18:00 JST, also unlocks 2 Challenge Quests after full Main Quest completion.

Pointsgate 1: Main Quests

Pointsgate 2: Main Quests

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