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Event Calculator

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Event Bonus CEs

Name How to Obtain Event Bonus

Meeting of the Heirs 5★
Event Shop (x4)
Noble Timepiece x400 (2)
Dandy Rabbit x200 (1)
Formal Leaves x200 (1)

Mission Reward (x1)
Mission 78: Clear 5 types of Memory Replay Quests
Quest Drop (Rare)
Misc_RareSpawn Rare Spawn +15% (MLB: +30%)

* Maxed out at +75%
(Base rate: 25%)

Whydunit 5★
Event Gacha Noble Timepiece +1 (MLB: +2)

Winter's Prayer 4★
Event Gacha Dandy Rabbit +1 (MLB: +2)

El-Melloi's Classroom 3★
Quest Clear Reward (x1)
Event Gacha
Friend Point Gacha
Formal Leaves +1 (MLB: +2)

Event Bonus Servants

Class Servants Event Bonus
Gold Rider Buff_Damage +100%
Buff_BondGold +50%
Gold Assassin
Gold Ruler
Gold Saber Buff_Damage +50%
Buff_BondGold +20%
Gold Archer
Gold Rider
Gold Caster
Gold Assassin
Gold Lancer Buff_Damage +30%
Gold Caster
Gold Assassin
Gold Berserker
Gold Avenger