Lady Reines Case Files - Memory Quests

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Article by NorseFTX
Lady Reines Case Files - Memory Quests
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  • Memory Quests are one-time quests that are callbacks to a quest from prior Singularities or Events.
  • Memory Quests are unlocked by completing various Missions.
  • Each Memory Quest often retains some of the gimmicks and party restrictions from the original quest it is based on.
Memory Quest Unlock Conditions
Quest Unlock Requirements
Pyramid Ring Mission 45: Defeat 60 Demonic enemies.
First Singularity Mission 48: Defeat 20 Wild Beast enemies.
Onigashima Mission 49: Defeat 40 Wild Beast enemies.
Second Singularity Mission 9: Defeat 60 Machine-type Enemies.
Ishtar Cup Mission 57: Defeat 10 Berserker Servants.
Csejte Pyramid Mission 78: Clear 5 types of Memory Replay quests.
Fifth Singularity Mission 36: Defeat 40 Golem-type Enemies.
Celtic Prison Mission 79: Clear 7 types of Memory Replay quests.
Santa Alter Memories Mission 68: Defeat 20 Balanced Servants.
Setsubun 100 Floor Pagoda Mission 46: Defeat 90 Demonic enemies.
Luluhawa Memories Mission 55: Defeat 10 Assassin Servants.

Memory Quests

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