Learn with Gamepress! The Adventure of the Singing Pumpkin - Mad Party 2017 Q&A!

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Hiii my pumpkins~ It’s time for a concert starring yours truly, the cute and beloved dragon idol Elisabeth Bathory!

My first welfare servant! When will you change into your caster clothes?

Ahh, such an impatient little squirrel! For the low admission price of 220 total AP, I will grace you with my lovely presence after my acclaimed performance in the Main Quest: Melody for You!

You mean I have grind through all these event stages just to get you? I might as well just roll for Tamamo instead for a gold caster! Say, your concert gives out Saint Quartz, right?

Don’t worry, even weak little pigs and squirrels can attend, with a recommended audience level of 22 for the last main act! Guests will even each get a total of 4 Saint Quartz for staying until the end! Perfect for yolo rolling--

Wait a minute! You’d rather have that sly fox caster over me? Excuse me, I’m supposed to be the star here!

Come to think about it, what can you do? I’m only interested in strong and overpowered servants on my team.

Class Clothes Change!

Befitting my role as the star, my Innocent Monster EX puts out up to 12 stars per turn for free, healing me for up to 2000 HP as well! If that’s not enough starpower, my Performance Continuation beats out Instinct and gives me the guts to keep on singing! I even come with my own special Mana Burst Pumpkin, which burns enemies on top of boosting.

Best of all, adoring fans can easily get five copies of me for a strong NP Liz! I’ll have you know, a certain Maid Cat once called me the STAR LORD!

So how about Tamamo?

Eh?! You’re not into cute super star dragon idols? Hmph!

Well, that fox witch does come with Curse EX, which only drains the enemy’s NP gauge. Better be careful of her Morph skill, which boosts her defense for 3 turns with an extra one turn defense buff.

I guess she is extra helpful in Arts Teams due to her Fox Wedding skill granting up to 50% Arts up, in addition to her NP which not only heals the team, but gives them NP gauge and reduces their skill cooldowns by one. But unlike her, my Noble Phantasm actually does damage!

I heard there’s a really sexy and strong CE in this event. I think it gave starting NP and something else.

...It’s her, officer!

Wait, that’s my line! Come to think about it, there were two CE’s that give starting NP! Maybe I’m confused with some of the other CE’s. Can you explain them?

I’m watching you… Well, this time fans can get two sets of CE’s, which will also boost event currency loyal fans can earn from quests! Limit breaking these CE’s will also increase their bonus drops by 1.

But wait, there’s more! Everyone can buy the first set of CEs from the event shop without spending money! Aren’t I generous? Feast your eyes on these CEs (and me)!

  • Trick or Treat gives up to 12% to debuff success rate, which isn’t too great… but it gives +3 to earning Petit Cakes!

  • Maid in Halloween has the eager maid cat increase your heals by up to 75%! And it gives +2 to earning Mischievous Bats!

  • Halloween Princess features the lovely Irisviel, who starts you off with up to 50% NP gauge and boosts your NP damage by 20%! Not only is her art top tier, but this CE is rumored to be one of the strongest available for a while! She also gives an extra 2 Sweet Candles!

Yeah, that was the one I was thinking about! Totally not the Illya one!

How did you know about the Illya CE? That’s a Gacha exclusive! For VIP fans, we have these CEs!

  • Jack o’Lantern boosts damage by up to a flat 100 (200 Limit Broken). Yeah… don’t roll for this. It does give you +1 to Sweet Candles, though!

  • Halloween Arrangement has your kouhai provide a one turn taunt and 60% (80% limit broken) defense. It’s certainly has strategic value. It also gives you +1 to Mischievous Bats!

  • Little Halloween Devil features Illya giving your servant 20% NP gain and 50% starting NP! She’s also the sole source of a +1 Pumpkin Lantern Bonus drop!

So you’re doing pulling this customer loyalty ponzi scheme thing to make me earn materials and such? How many points do I need to get?

Ehehe… “Ponzi Scheme” is a bit harsh, but you’re willing to do these quests out of love for me, right? To get all available copies of me, Twinkle Candies, event CEs, and the Crystallized Lore, it’ll run you 110 Pumpkin Lanterns, 530 Mischievous Bats, 700 Sweet Candles (although without the Trick or Treat CE it’s just 100 sweet candles for me), and 500 Petit Cakes!

That’s so much! Wait, what’s Twinkle Candy?

Ah, that’s one of my favorite things! I use it for servant ascension. Do your best, Gudako!

Since you’re asking so earnestly, I’ll give you some insider info! This is one of the few quests where the most expensive event currency (pumpkins) can trade down! So it’s always in your best interest to farm the 40 AP Free Quest, Maid Cat’s Hidden Room: Final Stage!

The recommended audience level is 50, and the toughest enemy is a 156k HP Tamamo Cat. Sometimes it’ll even drop a free Ghost Lantern, Halloween Princess or Maid in Halloween!

If I were you, which I’m not, I would focus on getting all the copies of me, the twinkle candies, and trying to limit break Halloween Princess first.

Wow! This sounds like such a generous event! I can’t wait for the next event with a welfare servant!

Eh---?!? I’ve even changed into my Halloween clothes!

Fou! (Check out the quick glance guide here)!