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Article by Hakurai
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Hai~ It’s Medb, the new host of Learning with GamePress! You probably recognize me or characters who look like me on other sites or popular anime, but it’s because they can’t resist a perfect, pretty, Connacht queen! I couldn’t just say ‘no’ when they asked me to be the co-host, right, Cu-chan?

… (What a pain. Isn’t this episode a parody of a popular comedy manga?)

It’s not like I only agreed to do this because of Cu-chan or anything. As a generous, perfect, pretty, queen I just wanted to bring joy to all the poor readers who might have trouble with triple berserker strategies. Starting off, we have the new servants of ---Eh? Cu-chan? Where’d you go?

(Such formidable instinct. Still, I should make sure Medb doesn’t mess up and give people wrong information. There’s a lot of servants this time, which could be bad. Ahh, what a pain.)

Since there’ll be three banners for America, let’s go by those! First up we have the E Pluribus Unum Release banner, with Nightingale, Helena, Rama, Geronimo, and Billy the Kid available.

(Why are some of us in America? Is this some kind of cultural celebration? Anyways.) Let’s start with Nightingale, the flagship servant of E Pluribus Unum. In general, she is a capable supportive healer noticeable for her Berserker class and the strongest targetable Buster buff yet.

WHAT? (Flagship? What does she have over me? Sure, she has big buffs, but she’s a berserker! Could it be that she can deal damage through class despite being a support? Or her teamwide heal and strong NP down on her Noble Phantasm? She’s probably A Tier at best…)

(If I keep this up, maybe Medb will lose interest.) Next we have Helena Blavatsky, who has the distinction of filling her team’s NP gauges, buffing all three standard cards’ performance, and granting stars per turn. Despite her support kit, her decent damage potential makes her an attractive option to field.

(Is that Cu-chan’s type? Her NP damage boost has a chance of missing, though, and her high cooldowns makes it difficult to use her for longer fights. Otherwise, she could be quite formidable! At B-tier, of course.) Uhh, Cu-chan? Is there an order to these introductions?

No. The other banner 4 star is Rama, who is notable for being a crit saber, as well as having effective damage against Magical trait enemies, many of which are introduced this chapter.

(Could Rama be a girl? No, definitely a guy… Cu-chan what on earth are your tastes? Well, given the amount of Magical trait mid-bosses and his damage potential, I guess that makes him A-tier?)

Moving on to Archers, we have the crit specialist Billy the Kid. Billy not only has the highest crit buff in the game, but also a strong NP charge skill and dodge. Overall a solid, straight gunner with an enviable mix of offensive skills.

EHH? (Well, maybe Cu-chan is just jealous that Billy can actually crit… Wait, why am I so surprised? Maybe he’s trying to disappoint me on purpose so I lose interest in him. But I am more patient than that! So far he’s the only guy to resist going “offu” in front of me!) Well, that sounds nice too. Who's last?

Tch. And the last person on this banner is… Geronimo. Although he has strong card performance buffs, they only last one turn, and they’re only for himself. Unfortunately, he contributes very little to the team with his low generation and mediocre healing on NP. He ranks at C-Tier.

That’s great to meet the others and all, but the next banner is the most important one! Because it’s me, your perfect, beautiful queen~ Cu-chan, would you do me?

W-what? Really? Right in the middle of--

Moving on to Riders, Medb is a cheese hating, manipulative, sta--

No no no! I guess I need to do it myself then. All women are queens, but I’m the queen, proved by my Golden Rule (Body) that grants me HP and NP per turn. No one can resist my Charisma, or my alluring charms. Most of all, my Noble Phantasm is super effective against males. Except Cu-chan can dodge it with Protection from Arrows…

(And practically anyone who has magic resistance or some form of protection. She sits at B tier.)

And the last banner features my favorite!


No, you! Cu-chan is one of the best berserkers (of course, only the best men can match me!), with his strong survival skills and strong damage. Although his NP gain is inconsistent, his NP increases both his attack and defense in addition to dealing single target damage! Totally S Tier!

Next we have Edison. Best described as an off-support Caster, Edison has the unique property of increasing other servants’ NP overcharge. Aside from that, he can also provide generous stars per turn, and stack a variety of debuffs on the enemy with his NP.

But he’s really niche and has low damage, so he’s C tier. And that’s all the banner and servants!

(Medb forgot Li Shuwen, as expected. Li Shuwen is a unique arts-crit based lancer. Although he can hit hard, unfortunately his skills have one turn durations and long cooldowns. This puts him in A Tier. Unfortunately he doesn’t get his own rate-up until later.

Oh! Before I forget, not that I forget anything because I’m perfect, but Karna and Arjuna will be added to the permanent gacha as well! Speaking of gacha, let’s move onto the new CE’s!

Do you notice how quickly your quartz drains? There are ominous evil forces at play, the work of Dark Reunion! Cu! We must stop--

(I have no idea what he’s talking about, but I’ll acknowledge him because a perfect queen is kind to all) How exciting, Arjuna! What do you have to say about the craft essences?

o-offu! Medb! Uh, I just got this one, Ideal Holy King. Featuring Leo B. Harwey from Fate Extra, it, uh, grants 1000 permanent HP to everyone in the party. It’s a pretty good overall team buff!

Oh, that’s wonderful! Next, we have… Shinji (ugh). Record Holder increases debuff rate by 15%. It’s not very good because it’s niche and unreliable.

(That was fast). The last one seems relevant to me. Beast of the Billows will increase NP damage by 15%... if equipped to a Lancer class servant. Oh. It won’t work on me or Vlad III, unfortunately.

That’s all for now! Wait, what do you mean there’s still ascension materials? There’s new best places to farm for materials as well?

My specialty! The items that contain the life essence of new monsters found only in America! These are the Tearstone of Blood, Black Beast Grease, Spirit Root, and Warhorse’s Young Horn! Using the power vested in these, us America release servants can reach new levels of power through ascension and skill upgrades!

So where would I find them?

Oh, I-I came up with a list! Also, there are a few new best places for current materials as well!

  • Dragon Fang (Deming, 27.1 AP/drop)
  • Void’s Refuse (Charlotte, 31.3 AP/drop)
  • Infinity Gear (Chicago, 51.4 AP/drop)
  • Chaos Claw (Des Moines, 87.7 AP/drop)
  • Spirit Root (Washington, 281.7 AP/drop)
  • Warhorse's Young horn (Kearney, 141.9 AP.drop)
  • Tearstone of Blood (Alexandria, 176 AP/drop)
  • Black Beast Grease (Lubbock, 146.7 AP/drop)

Thank you so much, Arjuna! (See how I thanked him? That’s the hallmark of a perfect, pretty, queen! I’m sure I made the rest of his day.) Well, now I think I’m done--

Shouldn’t you mention tips on clearing America as well?

(What? More time with Cu-chan?) S-sure! Yeah! We should do that as well!

But that’s all the time we have for today. Next time, look forward to Medb’s America Survival Guide.


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