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Article by Hakurai


It’s time for Da Vinci Channel: Learning with GamePress! Your number one source for travel information! Today we’ll be scoping out the vacation spot Camelot! Joining us here is local Uncle Man Diaz--

That is incorrect! It is me! You are to accompany me in this grand tour.

Great! Let’s accompany you as we waltz through Camelot! To the-- Hey! Someone wrecked my ornithopter!

...Wanna call a rideshare?

New Servants!

First I shall introduce you to the people you will meet in Camelot! If it is Camelot, then there must be... me of course!

Servant Class Thoughts

My name is Ozymandias, King of the Sun, God of Pharaohs! Strong self buffs, the ability to charge allies’ NP, and increasing the success rate of buffs, I am one of the strongest ST damage dealers!

Ah, a Queen from the distant past. Undoubtedly the master of Instant Death, she is fantastic for farming regardless of class.

Lancelot (Saber)
A man of talent. He excels in his niche as an Arts-based critical damage dealer.

Hassan of the Serenity
The taste of her lips can slip you under… Although decent in utility, unfortunately her low damage attacks and poison gimmick make her less effective against enemies. She does gain the unique niche of poison amplification post strengthening.

Tawara Touta
A Japanese hero known by some as “Rice Man.” This survival based Archer is a bit plain, but performs admirably. His bonus Demon effectiveness can be useful at times.

Ha! You forgot the second group!

Oh? It is not I who have forgotten them, but rather I who am letting you introduce these servants!

I see! Well, these guys will be available in a second Camelot Banner, and are only available through the story-gacha otherwise. Except Bedivere. He doesn’t show up on that banner. If you would like to roll them, save your quartz, or pay me a visit at the shop~

Servant Class Thoughts

Despite his high stats, this womanizer relies on his triple Buster cards for the bulk of his damage, which limits his NP gain.

There have been reports of Tristan being able to fly. His other abilities include a teamwide evade and enemy buff removal. Although strong, his NP charge seals his NP on usage.

Altria Pendragon (Lancer)
A rivalling sovereign who sports a similar kit to her variants. Although her NP charge skill surpasses Intuition, it still doesn’t save her (or her kingdom) from mediocrity.

A fellow guide, Bedivere is one of the best of his rarity, with an extremely strong NP that scales well with overcharge. His skills are also great with low investment.

New Craft Essences!

Tourists to Camelot will surely enjoy these Craft Essences. They make fantastic souvenirs! Care to explain the local fare?

Indeed. These are what our merchants have to offer:

Craft Essence Thoughts

Origin Bullet
The craft essence of a mercenary, it is extremely strong on Riders such as me! The ability to pierce invincibility means none will get in the way of Caster destruction!

Covering Fire
This acts like a slightly stronger version of the Jack-O-Lantern CE, with a decent crit buff. It’s ok due to the flat damage’s niche applications, but better crit CE options are available.

Battle of Camlann
This craft essence is popular for staple for quests with sacrificial taunters in order to better support a damage dealer.

New Materials and Farming Spots!

Camelot also introduces new materials as well! According to reviews (and the dropsheet), these are the best places to farm them! We have a full page with other materials here.

Farming? You mean breaking into these locations and stealing from my land? The gall of you tourists!

Relax! It’s for saving the world. Plus, don’t you need some of these materials to ascend as well?

Very well. I suppose bringing me valuable resources is enough to overlook the fact you’re pillaging my land.

Challenging Fights!

Now for the main attraction of Camelot: the intense fights! Camelot represents a larger spike in difficulty compared to America!

What is this!? You treat Camelot as if it were an amusement park! Does the concept of fear exist for you tourists? That’s like people who seek out super spicy food, or watch horror movies! Now listen here. I will tell you right away that I am the most difficult boss in all of Camelot. I shall permit your death by despair!

Most people on the Japanese server complained about Gawain when Camelot first came out.

Gawain? Gawain is nothing. He dies to a little girl! Now, as I was saying--

What servants should we prepare?

Well, if you really insist, here’s a short list:

-Euryale, and other strong ST Archers.
-A strong Saber (preferably ST, but Mordred/Siegfried work well, too)
-A good Assassin (such as Shiki or Jack)
-A strong Rider (Kintoki Rider works well)

If possible, preparing a good Berserker or Avenger with good support will also make a couple of boss nodes much easier as well.

Is there like a boss guide hub or something?

Right here. For some reason, why am I the one feeling despair?

Well great! That’s all for the Camelot tours, short edition! Next up we'll be covering the summer event! Be sure to check out the in-depth guides below!

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