Learning with GamePress! Christmas 2017 Rerun Q&A!

Listen up, Reindeer! You know what time it is? It's time for the one and only Dark Santa to gift you with her presence once again!

Christmas in November? I thought you said you had a gift for us... What happened to Thanksgiving? Don't we celebrate that?

Children these days, so ungrateful. There are poor folks out there dealing with powercreep and whatnot and you're complaining about a US Holiday in a Japanese mobile game. Back in my day, we didn't even have a Back Button!

What do you mean? We still don't have a back button! What's so good about this rerun, anyway? Da Vinci put me in jail the before this event started last year, so not only did I end up missing the welfare Santa Alter, but worse yet I broke my day 1 login streak!

Wrong timeline-- I mean, broken login streak?  What a shame!  Fear not, Mr. Reindeer, this is your chance to redeem yourself and obtain all 5 copies of the fabulous Santa Alter from the lottery boxes! Anyway, are you ready for the first big seasonal event rerun? The only one that matters because of superior lottery boxes? Let's begin with a drive on my faithful sleigh - come forth, Llamrei II!

In the Bond 10 Room

A-Achoo! Did someone just insult Halloween? Or mention lottery boxes? Damn lottery boxes, causing people to save their apples instead of rightfully spending it to Max Limit Break my event CE!

What happened to Mark I? Don't you need a license for this?

License?! You question the fact I don't need a license but not how I can visit multiple servants in one day? Where are your priorities? Santa doesn't need a license! By the way, like last time, we need to collect magic stockings to fuel the sleigh. Like last time, you will be rewarded handsomely with EXP, Apples*, gems, and whatnot.

(In limited quantities per box, first come first serve, terms and conditions may apply.)

Farming hell? Not again! I have family and friends waiting for me!

What friends?  But since I'm such a generous santa, there's only 8 boxes to farm this time.  Make sure to maximize your magical stocking drops by using the event bonus servants and equipping as many of the free event CE, Holy Night Sign!  Do your best to gather stockings from the Expert Stocking Collection Free Quest!

What other event items are there?

There's the shop currencies as well! You can use the Gold Stars to get Scales and Monuments! And you can use the Silver Bells to get Serpent Jewels and Pieces! Last but not least, you can use Mini Ribbons to get EXP and Fou cards, and Seeds!

There are two major shop-exclusives this time. The event CE Holy Night Sign, and my ascension item, Fried Chicken. Of course, don't forget to buy out all four buckets of glorious fried chicken! Not only is it my ascension item, but it's also full of nutrients for international aerial travel!

Fried Chicken? Isn't that why you weigh--


Using jokes from last year's event Q&A is punishable by the spirit of Christmas' past. Just because it's a rerun doesn't mean we lower our standards and spew out the same Q&A.



N-no, I think that's a concussion...

You killed Gudao!  Now he might miss the event and break his login streak again!  Either that or use Saint Quartz to revive him.  But I'd rather use it on gacha instead.

Well now we won't have enough people to do all the farming we wanted to... Well, if only we had a servant that synergizes with the Quick-based Holy Night Sign CE... Wait, we do!

For a limited time, Jack the Ripper is on rateup! This is totally not sponsored. Yes, not at all sponsored. Roll for one of the strongest Single Target Assassins while you can!

Wow! I don't have to worry about shoving apples down my throat by the dozen this year, but that still sounds like lots of farming. Do I really need the ribbons that badly?.. I'm amazed I haven't gotten poisoned from all the heavy metals! Thanks, Mash!

Listen, bud.  Either subscribe to the holiday spirit, or farm werewolves in Orleans for fifteen hours.  Just remember, you're here forever.


Well now you can actually read the English that the translators worked hard on bringing over to the US instead of skipping the story to get the rewards faster. Yeah, I know how you work. But fear not, the story quests are time gated. Please play through the event at your leisure. .

And that ends our Q&A!

Wait, so is that it? Where's the rest of the Q&A?

Well, it is a shortened rerun, so the Q&A gets shortened proportionally as well!  For more details, check out the main guide below!

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