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Article by Hakurai
Santa Alter is free!

Oi! Brace yourself, reindeer! We’re going to--


Ah! My map! And clothes!

Tch. We still need to bring presents to these NA players. You worry about gathering enough magic stockings, and I’ll take care of navigation.

Santa Alter~ Wait, magic socks?

Don’t touch me! Also, weren’t you listening? This sled uses magic stockings as a mana source. In exchange, I shall grant your heart’s desires. Mana Prisms, EXP, Gems, Fruit, assorted ascension mats, and maybe even--


Special Vouchers for a special rider! Wow, you’re suddenly full of energy. Did something good happen?

(Heavy Breathing) I’ll just farm up all my socks and trade them in one go!

Of course, it would be too good if I just directly let you trade presents. So you will need to exchange the magical stockings through a Christmas Raffle! Fear not, for you can get a sense of pride and accomplishment for obtaining the winning item, the Special Vouchers!

Santa, there’s not enough time! We gotta get back on track for… Christmas! How do I get as many socks as possible?

The best way to farm magic stockings is to do the Free Quest Sock Collection Expert: Almost Christmas! Make sure to have plenty of Holy Night Sign Craft essences equipped for bonuses (And this time, we’re sure limit breaking doubles the bonus)! Additionally, certain servants will also provide bonus stockings! The highest bonus is this event’s special welfare servant!

Christmas Astolfo? Wow, could this get any better?

What? You thought the special servant was Astolfo? It was me, Altria Pendragon (Santa Alter)! Additionally, all servants featured in the pick up summon, in addition to Martha, David, Caesar, Darius, and Phantom will also provide bonuses!

So Astolfo’s featured in the pick up summon? I guess it’s time to smash my piggy bank…

Sorry to disappoint, but our new servants are lolis, not traps. First of, we have Jack the Ripper! On top of a decent kit with Surgery for healing and a combination Quick up dodge in Misty Night Murderer, Jack also has the first on-demand enemy buff removal skill of Information Erasure! This small child also has terrifyingly good hit-counts, which allows her to easily generate an obscene amount of stars and NP gauge. Her NP is a single target Quick that deals extra damage to female enemies. Wait, that’s me!

No Astolfo, why even live…

If it makes you feel any better, next we have a story, Nursery Rhyme! Despite looking like paper, she is actually deceptively tanky. Morph grants her strong defenses, while Once Upon a Time works like a stronger Disengage with NP gauge tacked on. Lastly, she has Self Modification, which increases her critical damage by up to 50% and stardraw by 600%! Looks like she might be good friends with Jack! Nursery Rhyme’s NP deals AoE Arts damage to all enemies, in addition to lowering their defense.

*Achoo!* I’m starting to feel cold now…

Where’s your hot blooded determination! Here! Put on some new clothes! And have some Fried Chicken.

Sniffle What? Where did you get Fried Chicken from?

munch, munch They’re available from the shop.

We have a shop?

What an observant reindeer. Here, have a Gold Star.

What do I do with this Gold Star?

You can trade these in for the Holy Night Sign CE and a bucket of fried chicken, in addition to Monuments and Dragon’s Reverse Scales.

Aren’t there usually other currencies?

Yes! There are also Silver Bells, which in addition to the CE and chicken, can be traded for pieces and Serpent Jewels. Then we have Mini Ribbons, which can also be traded for a CE and chicken, in addition to EXP and Seeds.


Of course, you can also roll for the gacha CE’s to make Christmas come sooner from the store. We have 3 gacha CE’s once again. Sadly, they’re too full of pacifist Christmas Spirit to be of strong use in battle. However, this time I’m fairly sure limit breaking them doubles the bonus.

First off, we have Present For My Master. This gives plus 1 to Gold Star drops. And that’s pretty much its primary use. It also gives 40% increased HP recovery and 100% star absorption, neither of which are particularly useful.

Next, we have March of the Saint. I don’t know what kind of saint they’re making out this guy to be, but somehow it gives you 200 HP and 3% NP gauge per turn. It also grants plus 1 to Silver Bell drops. This is probably the second best CE of the bunch due to free NP gauge per turn.

Lastly, we have Lightning Reindeer! Look at Asterios go! Fittingly, he grants 15% Buster up, but only for 3 turns, like a temporary version of Verdant Sound of Destruction. It also grants plus one to Mini Ribbons, and should be available in the FP Gacha as well.

I’m not so sure about spending money on the gacha now though…

Well, I think the best CE is Holy Night Sign, which we get for free! When Limit Broken, it grants 10% Quick up and 20% Critical damage up, which makes it a quick version of a non-limit broken Victor of the Moon. Aren’t the devs generous?

Maybe there’s still way to save Christmas after all!

That’s the spirit! But before we save anyone, I highly recommend buying out the fried chicken first. Reindeers cannot run on an empty stomach.

That sounds like a good idea.

Actually, let me hold on to that chicken. I am the one doing the majority of work after all. I also need it for… ascension.

Hey, my chicken! I bet that’s why you weigh more than normal Alter.

It’s the bag! They weighed me with the bag! Anyways, there’s only one way to make this bag lighter, and that’s to give out the presents in it. That is the spirit of Christmas after all, isn’t it?

But what if I’m weak?

You’re right. You couldn’t even win a fist fight, much less a Court Case, so you’re pretty much hopeless. Worry not, feeble reindeer! After my intensive Reindeer training regime gets you and your servants to roughly Level 50, I feel like you’ll be able to defeat the final boss, a Ruler with 74K HP. It’ll make things faster if you bring a Berserker. Or maybe a fellow Ruler. Your cute kouhai also does neutral damage to Rulers.


There’s one more thing I forgot to mention. I think we’ve recovered enough mana to take off, so let’s fly, shall we?

What other parts of the event are there?

Stop! Ok, right here!

Eh? Master? And Santa?

Astolfo? You’re flying in the sky, too?

Merry Christmas, Reindeer. And that’s all we have for now. If you’re still stuck, I’ve written down my comprehensive guide here. Have fun!

Eh? I don’t even get extended screen-time in the event Q&A? Ah! Master! It’s dangerous to jump out of your sled!!--

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