Learning with GamePress! The Great Tale of Demons: Onigashima Q&A


Great Teacher Kintoki

Da Vinci~! How am I supposed to testify in court without you as my witness? Aren’t you the wrong kind of Caster to be hiding in a cave? Who will host Learning with GamePress now?


OH YEAH! Whoops, I landed on someone’s Ornithopter. But you know what’s COOL? SCHOOL! Today we’re gonna learn how to fight demons, with Great Teacher Kintoki!

Event Type Overview

First things first, this will be a Raid Event on Mount Oe, like Ibaraki’s event. Unlike Ibaraki’s challenge, Masters only need to have finished Fuyuki, so you should be GOLDEN.

There’s gonna be four different raid bosses this time, and only the final one is a berserker! To reach the next raid you need to progress through the currently available main quests, which shouldn’t be too hard.

I think I’ve had enough of raids, though. I just want to live a quiet life, start a bunny and material farm, live off the fat of the land--

What’s this unmanly lack of passion? Let’s get down to business! This time, after a raid is finished, you can do an easy fight for a ticket and move on to the next area. Moreover, if you can get at least 100,000,000 damage points, you can earn all of my GOLDEN Bear Lighter ascension items to max ascend me! Did I mention I’m the welfare servant for this event?

(The GOLDEN Bear Lighter in question)

If you really want to farm, there are farming stages, too. Unlike the previous event, you’re farming to buy things from the shop only. Well, what are you waiting for? I’ll make a man out of you yet!

What!?! Tickets! Sign me up! I’m ready for redeployment!

(Shock) I-- Sure, tickets are GOLDEN, but I thought I’m even better! Aren’t I a hero to children and masters alike? It says so on my writeup!

But why do you need lighters, Mr. Role Model?

That’s not COOL! It’s for the bike ignition, of course!

Raid Details

I’m still not sold on the raids. How do they work this time? I know they consume BP like before, and I can restore BP with some items, but what else is there?

You know what’s cool? Powering up! This time there are three separate attack buffs you can get to make the event easier.

  • If you are a servant from the glorious land of Japan (i.e. a Bonus Servant), you get an attack buff!

  • Equipping the event CE "Golden Sumo: Boulder Tournament" gives ya a 100% (200% MLB) individual damage boost, while equipping "Hot Spring Under the Moon" gives ya a 50% (100% MLB) teamwide attack buff.

  • And if you’re doing a raid, you get another attack buff with a strength that varies with the difficulty! Everyone gets an attack buff!

Speaking of buffs, this time any damage done counts towards your total, even if you wipe!

You make it sound like I could tackle the raid bosses myself.

Only if you don’t deal a certain type of card color for the first three bosses.

That’s discrimination!

Tell that to the raid bosses. Each boss has a resistance to either Quick, Arts, or Buster cards. But with these magic Quick, Arts, or Buster performance enhancing beans, you, too can fight the power!

Are you trying to sell me drugs now Mr. Role Model? And what if I’m too weak to do the 1,000,000 HP difficulty? Are you saying I’m just an afterthought in this institutionalized bureaucracy?

What? No! The beans are organic (I think) and free or earned from quests! For the raids, we even made it easier for wimps like you. This time we have four difficulties, from ~~Weenie~~ Beginner at 100,000 HP to Demon at 6,000,000 HP! There’s a difficulty for everyone!

New Servants

You know how there’s always a school culture festival, or something like that? Well this event is kind of like that. So we’re doing Momotaro as a play. You’re Momotaro. Congrats on getting the part.

What? So who’s the monkey? I wanted to be the monkey.

I am! Rider Sakata Kintoki at your service, featuring my GOLDEN Drive! I keep Animal Communication and Natural Body in my skillset, and get a three turn Quick/Star Gen buff. Not only that, my NP’s overcharge is a high-scaling Quick buff! As a strong damage dealer, I’d say I’m the GOLD standard for welfares!

Ara, it’s Kintoki. Why don’t you introduce me to your little friend?

Ah shit- I mean, oh, hi there! This is General Raikou! As a Berserker, not only does her lightning NP do scary AoE damage, but she has good stargen on it as well and the Eternal Arms Mastery to grab those stars! Moreover she has solid damage against many enemies with her strong Mystery Slayer skill!

Wasn’t Minamoto-no-Raikou a male traditionally? Could she have--

Next, let’s meet the Pheasant! Kotarou “Evil Wind” Fuuma joins us as an AoE assassin with fantastic stargen and a targetable dodge! Additionally, he is a great support unit with his tactical debuffs. A most loyal ninja pheasant, who may or may not resemble a certain kind of protagonist.

Isn’t that more befitting a dog? Ah, speaking of which, it appears a disgusting banana slug has become available for summoning.

As a servant Ibaraki Douji is no longer the oppressor without her demon hands, yet she offers good team utility and self-NP damage through her charisma variant. With Morph at A rank and a healthy disengage, she’s quite the pest to exterminate. Add in the ability to remove buffs with her NP, and she is still as annoying as usual. But that’s ok, Mother will protect you from these disarmed bugs-

Event CEs

Anyway, let’s see what new toys we have to play with today! ORA - Here’s a picture of me wrestling with Benkei! The epitome of MANLINESS! Golden Sumo: Rocky Tournament is the best general use event CE, especially limit broken. It’s one of the few CE’s that gives a permanent attack buff (10%/15% MLB), and the starting 30% (50% MLB) NP gauge is perfect for any stage. On top of that, it gives pure ATK, with no stats wasted on wimpy HP! Who needs HP on CE’s, anyway? Additionally, it gives 100% (200% MLB) extra damage during the event! Let’s see, this next CE…

Kintoki you suddenly turned red!

Ah, that’s me at the hot springs! Although Kintoki wouldn’t join me, those two bugs came uninvited... Hot Springs Under the Moon is the primary support raid CE for the event. By my inspiring presence, all allies receive a 50% (100% MLB) attack buff. It also provides a 20% critical buff and 3 stars per turn, which is decently generous.

Gacha CEs

Kintoki passed out. Lady Raikou, would you care to explain the other CE’s?

You can rest right here, Kintoki. Oh, you want me to explain the CEs? Sure!! The 5* Gacha CE is Dumplings over Flowers. What does it mean? Is it a trendy saying, or was it a drama? The dual Quick and NP performance buff seems great for Kintoki! Additionally, it provides +1 to [Oni’s Wicker Baskets]!

Next up we have Faithful Companions. Did they change the name? These are clearly dogs. Is this censorship!?! Will they take away the tr--

Calm down there, bud. Man, localizers can’t catch a break. **Faithful Companions** gives a buff to both Arts and NP gain. It’s especially good for servants who want to spam their NP and do more damage. It also gives +1 to theses GOLDEN Roll of Brocade drops!

And last, you’d never expect the CE Hidden Sword: Pheasant Reversal! The combination of Quick up and Critical damage makes it very synergetic for star producers. Although the values are low, it performs admirably as a budget CE. It’s very fitting for Kotaro, down to the edgy name. Oh, and it gives +1 to Dragon Palace Coral drops.

Tips and Tricks

So Kintoki, you said you’re “Great Teacher Kintoki” but you haven’t really taught me anything yet?

So what are you passionate about?

Finding out the secret of Da Vinci’s hidden endowment. Or do you mean something useful to society? I dunno.

You mentioned farming earlier. Let’s go with that. In essence, this event is all about farming. You can even make a religion out of that. Having seen the JP world timeline, here’s what I can suggest:

  • Focus on materials to get the Golden Sumo CE’s as soon as possible. Not only are they a GOLDEN bonus to damage, but they’re also one of the best CE’s in the game.
  • The best farming locations are the Rhakshasa level nodes at the Hot Springs, Tower, and Mountain Trail, but they won’t be unlocked until the 4th raid is beaten. Otherwise, check out the walkthrough for the best places to farm at each area!
  • Make sure you deal at least 100 million damage points so you can fully ascend me! It’s not very cool to be stuck at level 40…

And for more in-depth information, we have our full Onigashima guide!