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Article by Hakurai
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You've been awfully diligent about completing the weekly missions and Singularity Free Quests, Caesar. You even convinced Master to ascend servants so we can do all the interludes! What's the deal?

Charity. After taking a good long look, I've realized what is truly important. Not my personal health, conquest, or gain. Nay, it is the bonds that set us apart from common servants. And thus--

Aren't we both 3 stars though?

David, the true value of servants lie in your conviction. A skilled master can beat any challenge quest with only three star or lower rarity servants. Sometimes out of necessity.

What does your charity do?

I call it "Bonds." We are but a lonely reenactment of our lifetime glory. Truly living is being able to act, think, love. If you could once again meet your loved ones, wouldn't that be the ultimate wish? So how about investing in Bonds?

Event Overview

I can agree with that last thing about living. So your charity will help me summon Abishag?

Depends on how much money and time you invest. We've partnered with Miss Bathory for her Halloween event, so there's a few key features to this operation. She even volunteered to be the event welfare, the Saber-class Brave Eli-chan! To fully ascend her, buy her Dragon Orbs from the shop.

Want to cut me a deal? We're both part of the Finance Five, right?

You need better marketing if you want that to trend. It's not as catchy as the "My Room Trio" or "Cool Kid Kingdom." Speaking of themes, the next part of the event is Challenge Quests with themed Servant Restrictions! Clear these quests for extra copies of the event welfare, Brave Liz.

Who care about Brave Liz! You don't know the Finance Five? You, me, Cleopatra, a Jackal-eared Caster, and Amazonian CEO? We don't even get our own quest? But there's a Da Vinci's List… and I made it fuhuhu… Huh, you did too! Wait, aren't some of these restrictions a bit arbitrary? This one makes as much sense as Brynhildr's Beloved! This is discrimination!

Calm down, David. Some of us aren't on the English Servers yet! And I'm sure plenty of people like our beloved benefactor Elisabeth! Don't worry though. These quests can usually be cleared with a support servant, but it can be easier to use your own servants. This is the other reason why I convinced Master to level everyone. I do hear there's a Hot Springs event in the future, however…

Hot Springs? That sounds nice. It's getting cold now. How does Brave Liz even stay warm? By the way, what are these RPG-looking items for sale? Are they references to this kickin' shop music?

Similar to Onigashima, these are one-time use buff items that help you complete stages more easily, with effects like teamwide Card Performance, NP Damage, or even three-hit Invincibility. You can also get them as quest drops and rewards, but proceeds from the shop will go towards my charity.

I guess it's time to grind… Hey, Caesar you lied! I don't see the Challenge Quests anywhere!

What a strong reaction. Obviously you need to finish the Main Quests first to finish the Challenge Quests. By the way, Main Quests are also time-locked. New Quests will be unlocked every day for the first five days. You still need to finish the quests to progress, though.

Anything else in this little shop? What are these Craft Essences?

Ah, good eye! The event CE's increase the spawn rates of specific enemy types, like in the Garden of Sinners event. Each base spawn of an enemy has an additional chance to spawn another one of its kind based on the CE's you bring. For example, with one CE each enemy will have a 25% chance of spawning another of its kind. This is capped at 100% spawn rate (4 separate CE's, or one Max Limit Broken CE), guaranteeing double the enemy-type spawns. More monsters also increases the total monster materials drop chance, too!

There's so many gimmicks, but I think I get it now. When do we get the next lottery event?

If you're a good boy, the Christmas event. Speaking of which, there's one last thing I forgot to mention. Brave Eli gets a 100% Damage Bonus, while Cleopatra, Vlad III (Extra), Nitrocris, Ibaraki Douji, and Robin Hood get a 50% Damage Bonus.

Event Highlights

So what else is there to look forward to this event? Are the Craft Essences or Servants any good?

Starting off with the Craft Essences, the premier Event CE Heroine Eli-Chan's Adventure is probably the best of the bunch, with both a Buster and NP damage buff. The other two CE's are not too notable performance-wise, but I'd recommend limit breaking all the free Event CE's just to get slot efficiency on monster spawn rates. Do note that Eli-Chan's Adventure needs a 5th copy from Quest Drops.

But Mata Hari's Tavern is… Ohoho. What's this Dangerous Beast? I hear that one's a pretty good CE.

For a Gacha CE, Dangerous Beast is certainly popular. The effects aren't bad, and help quick-based star-gen servants be slightly more consistent. Meanwhile, Witch of the Moonlit Night is conditionally better than Projection, but not by much. Count Romani Archaman's Hospitality is not that great. However, each CE will increase its corresponding rarity event currency drop, which does make buying out the shop easier!

How about the new servants? Are they worth picking up?

Well, Vlad III (Extra) is a solid Lancer that can do a bit of everything. Elisabeth Bathory (Brave) is a pretty decent Single Target Saber, although her third skill is rather whimsical. As for Cleopatra, she's the strongest, most gorgeous, AoE Assassin Servant you'll ever find in the game. With a similar double Quick and Buster Cardset lends itself to great critical star generation. Did I mention how she's literal perfection? How I'd do anything to get her to Chaldea. She's also limited, so you gotta act fast!

Yeah, great. So for Materials, is there anything we should know about?

We do stock the usual suspects - Hearts, Feathers, Snake Jewels, we got it here. There's even a stage that can drop Demon Hearts: the Castle Gates Expert and above difficulties.

Great! I look forward to investing in your Bonds!


Et tu, Caesar?! That meat bun ran off with all the funds from his charity! The charity that was supposed to fulfill my dreams!

What frightening genius. He avoided both tax and suspicion through the face of goodwill. Of course, I, uh, had no part in this whatsoever. I'm sure the Public Morals Committee wouldn't condone such a thing.

Public Morals Committee? This isn't some Japanese High School! By the way, what did he want to do with all that money?

Didn't you read into the vague foreshadowing and references David? Come on, you literally orchestrated a whole affair and now you're blinded by your greed? As someone who is deep in this gacha hell, I can only hope Caesar gets a happy ending.

Wouldn't you just be jealous of his normie success and burn him?

You're right. Except I already levelled him up due to lacking Gold Sabers, so that'd be a waste. Anyway, I think here is where we put the link to the full guide. Remember to gacha responsibly!

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