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Article by Hakurai


Welcome to Learning with GamePress! I’m your host, the beautiful, talented, Da Vinci-Chan! Today we’ll be covering FGO NA’s first ever Raid event The Demonic Capital: Rashomon!

Now hold up! What happens if I haven’t cleared E Pluribus Unum yet due to real life commitments? And isn’t there supposed to be a theme for these Q&A’s?

The theme is obviously “Schadenfreude”. You can enviously watch as your friends get their faces kicked in with 6,000 dmg+ crits and complain about the how back in the day there was only 6 BP to work with!

What kind of masochist would play such an event? Wait, what do you mean “back in the day?” Isn’t this the first time the event has been run in this world?

Quest Overview

So this is a raid. Does that mean we’re breaking in and stealing things from demons? Da Vinci, that’s illegal!

You can get summon tickets, ascension materials, and Crystallized Lore!

Da Vinci, where’s my ski-mask? And round up my posse!

But you don’t have a posse. Thankfully, you don’t need a posse (or even friends) for this event. All players “work together” to deal a collective amount of damage to the raid boss, Ibaraki Douji through Free Raid Quests. Unlike normal quests which cost AP, raid quests cost differing BP based on difficulty. BP is separate from AP, regenerates at 1 BP/hour, and can be refilled with the event Riceball item.

So you mean I can sit back and let these chumps do the work for me?

Unfortunately, most of your rewards will be effort based. The cooperation is more of a bloodbath between players as they struggle to snatch up as many points as possible. Aside from farming the raid quest for Demon Gourds that can be exchanged at the shop, Damage Points done to Ibaraki are cumulatively counted towards a “Reward Ladder”. Doing raids will also fulfill the daily raid missions as well, where you can get even more summon vouchers!

What’s Ibaraki like? If she’s a berserker doesn’t that mean we can just burst her down?

Each Rashoumon Raid Free quest follows the format of a wave of weak enemies, followed a wave of Ibaraki with a left and right demon hands. Every day there’s a different class for the weak enemies and the arms, and Ibaraki gets a different debuff skill. To top it off, the hands can buff Ibaraki and clear her debuffs as well. Here’s a table of the classes and debuff skills by day.

Day Class Skill
Day 1 Archer Reduce all enemies’ Crit Damage for 3 turns.
Day 2 Caster Inflicts Buff Block status to all enemies for 1 time.
Day 3 Assassin Seals all enemies’ NP for 1 turn.
Day 4 Lancer Reduces all enemies’ C Star generation rate for 3 turns.
Day 5 Saber Reduces all enemies’ Healing Received for 3 turns.
Day 6 Rider Reduces all enemies’ NP generation rate for 3 turns.
Day 7 Berserker Reduces all enemies’ defense for 3 turns.

All right, let’s slap on those Kaleidoscopes and Wavers, and get to farming that Oni!

One more thing - you don’t have any Kaleidoscopes. Two more things, actually. Ibaraki’s raid quests will come in three difficulties measured by her HP: 300,000 HP, 1,000,000 HP, and 6,000,000 HP.

However, similar to Saber Wars, this event also has the bonus damage CE gimmick, which you’ll need if you want to have a chance at tackling the 6 million or even the 1 million HP versions of Ibaraki in a timely manner.

CE Overview

Ah, this is no good. How do I even pronounce this CE? Should I just call it “The Ushi CE”?

Gee, Da Vinci, for a genius you suck at reading. Obviously this CE is called “The Wandering Tales of Shana-oh.” I don’t care what that means, but it’s obviously important because it gives the equipped servant a 200% damage boost during the raid battle, right?

What happened to “Tales of the Mahai--”... Regardless, one copy of this CE can be obtained from the damage ladder, and 4 more from the shop, and more as rare raid drops. In terms of effects, 10% to Quick and a 1 turn 20% teamwide Quick buff after death is pretty underwhelming. If your main damage dealer is Quick, then there’s some benefit, but you don’t want your main damage dealer to die, and your typically support allies won’t be able to benefit from one turn of quick up much.

Wow, that blows. Not even starting NP gauge? Wait, this next CE, “Golden Catches a Carp” gives 30% starting NP and 15 critical stars when entering the battlefield! Why would they make this the support CE? The 50% attack buff to all allies would probably be better on the other CE.

This CE is also limited to the Damage Point (DP) Rewards ladder (and as a rare raid drop, not that it’ll happen)! Better get grinding if you want to increase your team’s damage! That being said, let’s move onto the Gacha CE’s. These increase the Oni Gourds dropped for every round!

Next it's Tamamo~! Totally unbiased, it looks like the SSR CE is “A Fox Night’s Dream.” It gives both 20% NP gain and 3 Critical Stars per turn, as well as +3 to Oni Gourd Drops. But 3 stars/turn seems underwhelming compared to “Fragments of 2030,” and the increased NP gain doesn’t seem to make up for it very well. It’s not a bad CE, but not particularly strong, either.

I worked hard on that portrait! Maybe you’ll like Kiyohime better? “Burning Tale of Love” really reflects her strong… passion. 25% Special Attack against Males and Debuff success rate +12% makes it similar to the “Art of Death” CE, with less than half the applicable enemies. However, the damage boost and applicable niche is still a strong effect overall. It even gives +2 to Oni Gourd drops!

And last we have… Benkei? Given the pattern is he supposed to be a good wife or something? “Reciting the Subscription List” gives 1 time Defense Down Debuff Immunity. That’s an awful specific effect, and the one-time deal doesn’t help at all. At least it gives +1 to Oni Gourd drops and can be rolled from the FP gacha.

Servant Overview

Enough with the CEs! Who’s the new waifu this time? Shuten Douji? Ooh, she’s cute! She sounds like Yuuki Aoi with a hot Kyoto accent? Even better! So I’m assuming we get Ibaraki as the welfare?

Nope! Ibaraki will be released later, in the follow up event, Onigashima! But let’s take a closer quick look at Shuten. You can find Shuten’s full write-up here. Shuten Douji has the highest attack of any assassin released so far, and great generation stats. She fills a unique niche as an arts-focused AoE utility assassin, with a Charisma variant, defense lowering universal AoE charm, and a host of debuffs on her Noble Phantasm. Her most notable downside is a dealing low damage due to her base NP damage multiplier and assassin class modifier.

No police joke? I’ll make the police jo--

Next time. We’re almost out of time!

General Strategies

All right, so give me a few pointers.

Look both ways before crossing the street?

There aren’t even streets in Chaldea! I’m talking about the event!

There’s two main strategies to beating Ibaraki: Bringing her HP to 0, or stalling out all 15 turns. Added onto that, there’s also the option of killing the Demon Hands or focusing on Ibaraki alone. Although the ideal is a full clear for maximizing damage points and gourds, each condition is more or less difficult with different servant pools.

So what would you recommend as a good ol’ F2P player?

If you have one really strong Single Target damage dealer, I would recommend clearing the hands and building to stall out/damage Ibaraki for the 15 turns. This involves taking an AoE servant with class advantage against the hands, a support like Zhuge Liang (or Tamamo if Arts), and your strongest Single Target Damage dealer. In the backline I would have a backup damage dealer, a servant that can taunt or protect others, and a “last stand” survivalist (like F/SN Cu Chulainn).

What about the overall event strategies?

I’d try to complete the daily missions with the difficulty you can clear most consistently. Additionally, equip your main damage dealer with the “Wandering Tales of Shana-oh” and everyone else with “Golden Captures a Carp.” Typically more damage means you can clear the raid quest faster or more consistently. Since “Golden Captures a Carp” is only available through the DP ladder, prioritize consistent clearing to make the most out of your BP! For more in depth guides, check out the links below!

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