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Article by Hakurai
Saber Wars Banner!

Welcome to Saber Park, where we not only embraced the Saberface explosion, but commercialized it as well!

Hey master, when are we going to start training?

Oh, it’s Lily, our newest exhibit-- friend. Perfect timing! What did we agree to do again?

Noble Phantasm training! You said there was a way to make Caliburn stronger!

Oh, that’s easy. I have some copies of Caliburn you can merge on my ship.

What? Don’t you need to train spiritual discipline, balance, or hard work?

We have the instant solution for that! At Saber Park we try to simulate the optimal environment for Sabers with the “Saber Boost”. Not only does this boost Attack, but also Altrium production, too. Of course, the biggest benefactors are the shiny flagships of this endeavor, MHX and Lily! The others’ bonuses are proportional to how much DW wants to milk their gacha.

So why do some of our enemies drop parts?

Well, Saber Park is proud to offer a (mostly) safe and very eco-friendly tourist attraction where players can pick up pieces like Transistors, All-Purpose Lenses, and Vacuum Tubes from fallen monsters. It’s a win-win because they get to keep Saber Park clean while we save money on hiring professional cleaners and mercenaries!

But what would they do with all these points and pieces after collecting them?

Let me direct you to our single level Altrium rewards program, where we cut out the middleman to bring can unlock materials like Demon Hearts and even extra copies of our very own Saber Lily!


Meanwhile, materials can be recycled in exchange for store credit at the (gift) shop, where one can find exclusive Saber Park Merchandise, including the limited CE’s Purely Bloom and Star of Altria! Get yours today!

Master, are you trying to hawk useless merchandise to these players?

Not at all! You see, I’m trying to give people the experience of being a saber without the pain of being a saberface.

Let’s look at the limited merchandise we have to offer!

Purely Bloom

First off, we have a nice picture of Saber Lily, fittingly called, Purely Bloom! She does her best with a 8 turn delayed effective NP damage boost identical to Heaven’s Feel! More importantly, everyone can feel what it’s like to be MHX or Lily with a generous (and mandatory) 100% damage boost! Limit Breaking this CE even doubles the bonus to 200%!

Wow! That means I can get up to 300% total bonus damage with this CE!

That’s right, your pitiful attack will almost be useful! Well, next up we have the ultimate support CE for this event, Star of Altria!

Star of Altria

Another generous (and mandatory) damage boosting CE, this one provides an extra 50% attack to everyone on the team, even if you’re dead or in the backline! The debuff resistance and one-time revive are just icing on the cake! Limit breaking takes this over to 100% for the whole team! I’d try to get as many copies of this as possible, so remember to grind up your Altrium point rewards!

All right Lily, for your training, let’s have you introduce the gacha merchandise! I’ll have you all know, our merchandise also will upgrade your part-picking experience to premium status!

O-ok. This archer girl CE looks pretty nice. I guess this was taken before archers were locked up.


(It’s called “Trueshot!)

Right! It grants a small 3% critical buff, and sure hit. That sounds pretty useful sometimes, like for fighting Cu Chulainn. It also grants +1 to Transistor drops (+2 Limit Broken)

Mikotto! Bridal Training

Next up we have this cute fox girl poster, Mikotto! Bridal Training grants an average of 487.5 HP per turn, which makes it comparable to the Bath of the Lunar Goddess CE. Granted, the lack of offensive utility may not appeal to some masters, but the art is cute! This also gives you +1 to All-Purpose Lens drops (+ 2 if limit broken).

Crimson Fortress of Shadow

And finally for our masters who can appreciate the elegance of legends, we have The Crimson Land of Shadows! Featuring Scathach and Cu, this CE grants up to 1000 bonus damage per card, acting much like divinity. However, even without the delay on it’s full effect, it doesn’t seem to scale very well, especially in an event with ridiculous HP pools like this.

Oh, it gives +1 to Vacuum Tube drops (+2 LImit Broken).

Lily, no! You’re not supposed to criticize the CE’s! Here, I’ll do the next one.

Mysterious Heroine X

Our featured gacha servant is Mysterious Heroine X! Who is she? We don’t know, but we’ll gladly take your money for summoning her. She comes packed with Support Fire EX, which can potentially stun an entire enemy team, good ol’ fashioned Intuition, and also the sci-fi and hip Galaxy Meteor Sword, which increases her critical star rate and attack against sabers! Additionally, her single target quick NP deals bonus damage to Saberfaces! Isn’t that great? An assassin who can also kill Sabers?


Master, I think you haven’t quite explained what there is to do at Saber Park yet...

Ah, silly me! There’s plenty to do at Saber Park! We have the completely safe and family friendly Story Quests, which should be doable if you’re roughly level 50! The Final Boss will be an assassin with 118k HP and multiple low-HP mobs.

Why is there a danger sign on that 40 AP Archer node?

Ah, there. We don’t go there…

Cuts to the next scene

Everything so far has been pretty manageable without needing event CE’s. I should be able to keep on farming without extra the damage boost, but I must forge ahead for the sake of Saber elimination. This Archer node won’t stop me! Oh no! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Sounds of Electrical Laughter fill the room

Did you hear a scream?

Moving on, although the most parts and points fall from the higher level nodes (Jeanne Node for Transistors, Tesla for Lenses, and Scathach for Tubes), it’s dangerous to go alone underleveled and without enough bonus damage CE's.

I would recommend farming the Drake, Tamacat, and Roma nodes instead for those without CE’s, until you get enough points for more Star of Altria CE’s. Additionally, Limit Breaking your Purely Bloom CE once you have 6 will help out a lot when concentrating on your damage dealer!

Is there anything else for the more adventurous?

Yes! We have two sets of challenge quests. The first set is just simple easy altrium farming, but the second set gets progressively harder, culminating in a battle with the infamous 3,333,333 HP boss!

That’s a lot of HP! I don’t know if I can even do that!

Don’t worry! With a strong support like Okita, a limit broken Pure Bloom, and most at least 4 Artoria Stars, it won’t be too bad at all! Marvel at the power of capitalism!

Wow! I hope that I can be that powerful some day!

And someday, you will! (When they finally buff Altria). For more information on Saber (Wars) Park, check out our handy guide!

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