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Article by Hakurai

As usual, welcome to Hell’s Grinding Explained! the Learning with GamePress Q&A: Go West edition! I’m your unofficial mascot, Da Vinci-chan!

How come you’re the host again? Wasn’t there more variance in the hosts before? It’s not even your event anymore!

As the Chaldea shopkeeper, it’s always my event! You see, as long as you’re the one selling things, every conflict event benefits you. Let’s begin with the event overview!

Event Overview

Hey! Why can’t I just rush through the story? What’s this cost thing?

Oh, we’re trying out a new system of microtransactions. You see, we realized story events that people can rush through consecutively left too much consumer surplus on the table, so now we’re cashing in on that by making you pay for each chapter!

WHAT? Microtransactions for additional content in my Japanese gacha game? Blasphemous!

No worries, that’s only for part one. This is a Two Part Event, with a whole set of different currencies for part two. In part two you only have a chance at getting (a bonus of) the required currency!

Police! She’s violating the gacha laws! Take her away! *Raises fisticuffs with Da Vinci*

Ow! Hey! I haven’t even gotten to explain that the required currencies are grindable in the event. As usual, unless you want a better chance at the new servant or CE’s, it does not cost real-world money to participate in this event.

Oh. Well, before the police get here, let’s hurry through the rest of the Q&A!

Part 1 uses Talismans to unlock the Main Quests (and as the cost for the Ascetic Journey - Tianzhu Free Quest). The event currencies Divine Pills, Immortal Peaches, and Pork Buns can be farmed through all the “Ascetic Journey” Free Quests except the “Ascetic Journey: Tianzhu” quest, which drops only the shop currencies but in generous quantities.

Meanwhile, Part 2 will be available one week later. It uses Orbs to run the Reincarnation Quests, while the event currency is the Grand Lotus. While both Orbs and Lotuses can be farmed from the “Enlightenment Journey” Free Quests, the “Reincarnation” Free quests only drop lotuses but in far larger quantities.

Recursive farming? How long can this go on? Is there anything to make it easier?

You bet! Every day, there will be a one-time quest for Talismans, and later on, Orbs. Make sure to maximize your bonuses for these easy quests! And now, let’s run! Nyooom!

Introducing Sanzang!

I can’t believe Da Vinci fell for the oldest trick in the phone-book: pretending to call the police. Speaking of which, why’d she hide in the storage closet? That’s the first place they’d look. Come on out, you scammer!

Hi! Are you on your way to India as well? Want to be my first disciple?

What? No!

Great! It’s good to meet you again! I don’t care what your name is, but you must be Sun Wukong! It’s me, remember me?

Is this a scam?

So that’s how it is! I understand! Let’s do self introductions. I’m Xuanzang Sanzang, a Buddhist monk on a journey to GO WEST! As an offensive Caster, my strengths include a Single Target Buster NP and a strong NP battery. I also provide team utility through a taunt and a team-wide NP/Star generation buff with a turn of debuff immunity! Plus, I can smash people through a mountain with a barrage of fists!

Is that a Jojo’s-- I mean, what would you describe as your weaknesses?

My offensive potential isn’t as strong as a Berserker's sometimes due to the Caster class modifiers, and I do require some support myself to reach my maximum potential. But that’s ok, reaching Nirvana takes some guidance and teamwork! It’s a strength in disguise!

Great, you’re hired!

What? Does this mean you’ll be my disciple?

Event CE Overview

So there’s a huuuge number of CE’s this event. Let’s begin with The Three Classic Great Heroes. This CE offers solid stats all around, with increased NP Damage, Star Generation, and starting NP gauge. It trades some NP gauge for Star Generation compared to Halloween Princess, which puts it at an awkward NP percentage at the cost of better long-term performance for servants that benefit from increased Star Generation. During the event, it increases Talisman of Merits drops by +1 (2 when limit broken)! This CE is available from the Part 1 Shop and as an Ascetic Journey Super Rare drop!

The other two event CE’s come into play during Part 2! First we have the lovely Divine Princess of the Storm. Despite the beautiful art, the posthumous team-wide defense buff isn’t particularly strong. Fortunately, it provides a 20% chance of increasing Orb of Merits drops. Limit breaking increases the effect to a 50% chance; this CE is just good for farming. This CE is available through the shop and as a Super Rare Drop from the Enlightenment Journey and Reincarnation Quests!

And the last Part 2 CE is Ox-Demon King! Passively increasing the Buster Performance of all allies by 10% (15% MLB) when entering the field for three turns is a decent effect despite the low values. You can stack this with other buffs for stronger rush-tactics. The best effect is that it grants +4 to Grand Lotus drops (+5 when limit broken). You can grab these as a first-clear reward and Super Rare Drop from the Reincarnation Quests!

Gacha CE Overview

Appropriately, this CE is called GO WEST! I wonder what we’ll be doing? Anyways, at 20% NP damage and 3 stars per turn, I’m whelmed? The critical support needs more stars to be consistent, but it can be decent for damage-hybrid supports like Helena Blavatsky. Notably, it gives a +1 to Divine Pills, and +3 to Grand Lotus drops!

Apologies for the Google Translate, but next comes Mode Red Boy, with True Samadhi Fire. Awesome art aside, this CE is a pretty solid hybrid of NP damage and Buster Performance up. It would be even better if the values were switched, but it’s solid enough right now. It also provides a +1 to Immortal Peach and +2 to Grand Lotus drops.

And the last gacha CE we have is All Three Together. Despite the name, it only has two effects:100% star absorption and 5% critical damage. However, these are two great synergistic effects to have on a CE, balanced out by the low values. During the event, this CE gives you +1 to Pork Buns and Grand Lotus drops. Man, if banana bullying wasn’t enough, now we’re snake bullying, too.

Farming Overview

As my first disciple, you must rid yourself of earthly attachments. Done? Good. Now we can begin the lessons on maximizing farming efficiency for digital goods.

But-- you know what? Let’s just get to it. You’ve made the journey before. Where are the hot spots for drops?

While “Ascetic Journey - Tianzhu” is probably best for farming every material, for a specific material these are the best places:

Ascetic Journey - Novice for Pork Buns.

Ascetic Journey - Intermediate for Immortal Peaches.

Ascetic Journey - Expert for Divine Pills.

Ascetic Journey: Flaming Mountain for expressly Talismans of Merits.

Damn. At least it’s pretty straightforward. I dread to see what Part 2 is like!

Thankfully Part 2 is a lot simpler. Basically it’s alternating between farming Orbs of Merits and then doing the Reincarnation Quests for Grand Lotuses. The best farming spots are as follows:

Enlightenment Journey: Tathagata for Orbs of Merits.

Reincarnation Quest: Nakara. Note that you can only do the Deva quest once.

Who should I bring for this event? Aside from the bonus servants, of course.

Many of the top-level farming spots I suggested are practically all Rider or Caster enemies except for the boss, who tends to be a Lancer. Thus, I suggest having at least a strong Assassin, Caster, and Saber servant to farm the event more easily. For more in-depth guides, check out the main guide itself! Now it’s time to GO WEST!

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