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Article by Hakurai
Q&A Summer Part 2

So, how are your quartz stores, Ozy~?

Absolutely demolished! I went all in like you said, and didn’t get a single 5 star!

Cheer up! I’ve got something that’ll make you feel better! This time, we have the technology to recreate civilization from zero!

What? Isn’t there a manga like that?

FGO did it first in JP. With the power of rune magic, we can skip the industrial revolution straight to comfy modern-day city life! We just need an investor… If you act now, I’ll even include pyramids as an option!

New Special Quests!

What makes part 2 different from part 1?

Well, we have this old-- I mean new plot of land to develop with modern day facilities! Of course, this means new materials to farm as well! This time we’re looking for Uisce Alloy, Eadrom Alloy, Realta Alloy, and Cement and Oil!

Those sound like made up materials! Even with magical fictitious materials and runes, it will take a lot of work to make this desolate land befitting of a Pharaoh. Is this even a sound investment?

Sounder than shelling for a 1% SSR rate! Don’t worry, though! By developing high-end facilities, you’ll attract wealthier clientele, and make back even more money! With trusty tried and true gentrification, you’ll have even more money for whaling!

Won’t this displace the existing population?

What existing population? It’s not like you’ll find sentient piglets or anything; that’d be absurd! Hey look! Four more Brilliant Summer Quests for more tickets.

Just between you and me (and the resources here), I’ll let you know that once you finish all the Main Quests there are Post-Event Quests that you can do to increase Scathach’s NP level!


So this is the part two I’ve heard about! Well, I don’t think I’ll be spending on this. I’ve had enough!

Are you sure? There are fewer Servants on rateup this time, so it’ll be easier to complete your collection. Plus, I hear Summer Altria is OP. Here’s the deal on the Servants:

Servant Class Thoughts

Altria Pendragon (Archer)
Summer Altria is famous for her NP spam potential and decent support, which makes her a premier pick against bosses. However, her lack of hard self-survivability means she needs other supports to bring out her full potential.

Saint Martha (Ruler)
Saint Martha serves strong, saintly, strikes with her triple Buster deck and a 1-turn effective damage skill, at the cost of NP uptime. Although debuff immunity and ruler typing increases her time on the field, the lack of hard survivability means bosses are still a threat.

Marie Antoinette (Caster)
Kira(-kira) queen sports a more supportive kit with the charismatic Beach Flower, stars per turn, and a teamwide crit buff on her NP. Although she remains fantastic at surviving, her damage is unfortunately still lackluster.

Craft Essences

I see there are new craft essences available.

Why don’t you tell me what do you think about them? Besides that you think they’re overpriced.

Craft Essence Thoughts

Chaldea Lifesavers
The effects are a bit plain for this CE. NP generation and unconditional guts are ok effects at best, but probably won’t be enough to push for victory in a longer battle at these levels. Great for sticking in the backline for farming with its +1 drop to Oil and Cement !

Knights of the Marines
A great hybrid starting NP CE that benefits quicks servants like Scathach. I do hear there’s a comparable CE in a future event, but you can’t go wrong with this one! Additionally, it increases Uisce Alloy drops by +1 !

Meat Wars
The individual effects themselves don’t seem great. Healing 200 per turn doesn’t seem worth the cost increase from a Blue Black Keys, but the art is hilarious. This CE increases Eadrom Alloy drops by +1 . Now I’m kind of hungry...

Shaved Ice (Void’s Dust Flavor)
Things like these make me wonder how we use ascension materials. Is it even edible? I bet Paracelsus somehow transforms it into a sweet looking purple syrup. As a defensive CE, the flat damage reduction and low debuff resistance aren’t particularly powerful, but the CE is accessible and wonderful for farming, with a +1 to Realta Alloy drops .

As I mentioned before, gacha CEs from both the part one and the part two banners will provide drop bonuses to the materials of the same rarity (i.e. Pirates Party will boost Uisce Alloy drops).


Hm. There doesn’t seem to be as much to cover this time. Anything else you can recommend?

I’d look out for two nodes on the Annihilation level.

For farming Realta Alloy at the Silent Field, I’d bring MHX to make short work of the Jeanne d’Arc Alter boss, as well as pulling double duty against the Saber crabs.

For farming the Restored City for Oil, the Tesla boss is a bit annoying due to his NP charge skills and Invincibility Pierce. Kiyohime and Karna offer strong damage and bonuses. While Tamamo-no-Mae (Lancer) or Brynhildr would make the shortest work of Tesla, they offer no drop bonuses. Both versions of Kintoki not only offer bonuses, but they also offer high damage on demand and are versatile enough to recommend as well.

Hey, apparently Summer Altria is the only one that offers bonuses for the Saber-heavy Uisce node. What’s up with that?

It’s almost like they planned it like that, isn’t it? Well, before we start delving into conspiracy theories on the island, check out our in depth guides below!

In-depth Guides and Resources

Event Shop

Event Quests

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