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Article by Hakurai


Coming up is summer! The time for swimsuits (and profit)! The most highly anticipated event of the year (besides the release of Merlin)!

Excellent! I shall allow you to guide me through this endeavor. After Camelot, I’m sure everyone needs a vacation.

Well, Chaldea just so happens to have this island...

Special Quests

That side-tail Tamamo just sold me the development rights to the island. She said that I can build things and they’re necessary to progress?

That’s right! FGO becomes a sort of village-building game! Every chapter, you get to choose and develop different parts of the island!

So are there any other special things? Village building doesn’t exactly scream, “Summer” to me…

So you’re looking for a Summer Romance? Then you should go play a dating sim. However, completing certain chapters does unlock “Brilliant Summer Quests,” which are interludes with the special summer Servants! As a reward, you even get a summoning ticket!


As you can see, we have a summery selection of Craft Essences and Servants available this time! Let’s start off with the servants, shall we?

Servant Class Thoughts

Tamamo-no-Mae (Lancer)
Panpakapan~ If it’s summer, it means the beach, and if it’s the beach, then that means your decently reliable miko fox, or something like that. While she has a great anti-male niche, utility and command card performance, the demerits on some of her skills make her more difficult to use.

Kiyohime (Lancer)
The sneaky snake-dragon stalker dons a swimsuit and jumps up in rarity and boldness. As a focused damage dealer, she does a fine job with a strong Buster-centric deck and associated steroids, although she is held back by her lower base damage and low survivability.

Mordred (Rider)
Well known for her ability to spam her NP with the right support, Mordred sports a strong farming kit and two forms of survivability, but is held back by longer cooldowns and average base np gain/damage outside of her NP.

Anne and Mary Archer
With a self-contained synergistic kit fitting for their synchro dual summon, Anne and Mary are surprisingly vanilla solid damage dealers. The only downside, aside from a lack of survivability, is that their that the bonus damage doesn’t scale with overcharge/NP.

Scathach (Assassin)
Scathach is one of the few AoE assassins as of writing this, and being a welfare Servant only makes her better. Although she sure offers a wide range of utility and strong NP damage from her event-attainable NP5 status, she suffers from higher cooldowns and skill opportunity costs. There are few situations where all parts of her skills can be used effectively.

Craft Essences

Wait, so these other pictures, that means they’re CE’s and not more servants?

I’m afraid so. But look at what we have in stock!

Craft Essence Thoughts

Pirates Party!
Although this CE has the rare pierce invulnerability effect, just three stars alone per turn is a pitiful secondary offensive/utility effect that’s nowhere as generous as Drake. It might be decent for self-sufficient critters for slightly more consistency. It does give plus 1 to metal drops!

Twilight Memory
As cute as Atalante is, this CE is a glorified Green Black Keys combined with Parted Sea. Although it’s not bad, the 1-time dodge is only good for first-strike-boss situations during certain stages. This CE gives +1 to stone drops!

Shiny Goddess
It seems like all three gacha CEs are mixed-role CE’s. Boudica provides a minimal Arts and defense buff. Neither effect is particularly strong or notable, outside of the Boudica art. But it does give +1 to wood drops!

Summertime Mistress
Perhaps the best of the bunch, and free! Carmilla grants both starting NP gauge and a crit buff, both useful effects for a critical damage dealer. Additionally, this CE provides +1 to both food and water drops!


As a player with experience, what other new things can you tell me about?

Well you know how usually we only introduce ascension materials with singularities? Well, this is big enough to be a singularity right? Kind of? Maybe? Well, everyone but Scathach needs these Shells of Reminescence to ascend! Have fun!

Great Pharaohs! How am I supposed to ascend all my Servants with a measly 20 shells?

During the event, all beach quests have a chance to drop shells. Additionally, all other free quest except the Primeval Forest will have a chance to spawn a weak crab mob instead, who sometimes drops shells. I guess crabs don’t like trees. There’s also 20 more available in Part 2. Later on, a free quest will be added to Okeanos where you can farm shells as well. I wouldn’t count on good drop rates for the latter, though.

So what’s this about a Part 2 I hear? Is that when the next group of Summer Servants come out?

Part 2? What part 2? Was there an announcement? I didn’t see any. You should just spend all 10 of your anniversary quartz on the part 1 gacha for your favorite servants, not because I’ll make even more money if you whale hard on both banners or anything. Uh.. hey, did you know Scathach becomes permanent?

What? Great! How?

First you need to visit your iTunes or Google Play payment options…

Should I regret spending so much on this banner? Maybe. Maybe one day. But Scathach comes for free in part 2, so that’s something. I wonder when that is?

Roughly one week from now! Remember to gacha responsibly! Last announcements!

Also make sure you drink enough water while playing FGO to quench your thirst and avoid dehydration. That’s all, folks! For more information, check out the in-depth guide below!

Event Guides

Summer 2018 Part 2 Guide

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