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Article by Hakurai
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Could it be time for the next Gudaguda event already? Finally, time for Nobbu to take to spotlight again!

We were summoned by the contractor to come up with a quick guide! It’s time for the High Difficulty Quest, Vengeful Demon’s Wail at the Prison Tower!

Demon? That can only mean me, right?

Nope! It’s the new Avenger Class servant: Edmond Dantes, the Count of Monte Cristo!

Unforgivable! As the Devil King I rank above him! Why does this edgy upstart get his own special event? What happened to that other shady Avenger? More importantly, what does he do? I gotta know so I can prepare for him to fall out of meta, and for the Nobu meta to begin!

Now hold on a bit. As an Avenger, he’s part of a different class triangle. Avengers do double damage to Rulers, and take half damage from them.

What? That’s insane! Looks like I don’t need to rely on your Kintoki to burst down enemy Amakusas anymore. Wait, so what beats Avengers? Supervillains?

So far only Berserkers do effective damage against them. But in the future, there may be a servant from the moon who can beat Avengers.

A moon servant? That sounds so Extra! Anyways, let’s get to his kit!

Avengers get three passives.  First is the aptly named Avenger, which increases their defending NP gain by a percentage but lowers party debuff resistance by a negligible amount.  Next is Oblivion Correction, a passive that increases critical damage like Independent Action.  Their last passive is Self Replenishment (Magic), which grants some NP charge every turn.  

Hey, this guy’s star weight is pretty low! While your attractive Devil King can get all the stars, he’ll only get a piece of crit! No contest for why Nobu is the better demon!

Language!  Well, on the whole, Dantes’ skillset supports both direct and indirect offense.  Determination of Steel allows him to pierce invincibility, while boosting his damage with up to a weighty 46% attack buff to ensure his NP will hit everyone hard.  Golden Rule supplements his passive NP gain to allow for more uptime, while Wisdom from Desperation is a strong Intuition variant that also provides a self-cleanse, while the NP drain effect buys one more turn for his revenge.  Overall, Dantes’ kit allows him to guarantee vengeance on those that have wronged him, or kill Hands in EXP quests.  

So what’s this I hear about Jeanne Alter also being an Avenger and the best thing ever? Should I save for her?

You should save up for the superior Okita's return instead! Or make sure you’re financially secure before doing anything rash, like starting a music career and entering a race! (*Editor note: Spend quartz on whoever you want, but take Okita’s advice on making sure spending won’t compromise your living situation. Gacha responsibly, folks.)

Enough about the new guy, let’s start farming!

Ah! I forgot to mention, outside of farming EXP to strengthen your servants, there is no farming this event. In fact, there’s only going to be one new Challenge quest per day. You get a ticket for clearing it!

No shop, no Craft Essences? Well then, I’ll just use my friend’s Waver to make everything easier!

You can’t do that either.

So what’s available?

Just Dantes.

Why must you hurt me so? Well, no matter. Since there’s no farming or new CEs, that means there’s no need for further Q&A. I’ll just grab my paycheck, and head on straight to the gacha! Wait! Isn’t it pay day? Where’s my check?

I think we’re trapped in the prison tower, stuck on Mr. Edmond’s wild ride and unable to get paid. Maybe we should try summoning a strategist to help us out with our remaining stock.

But there’s no Waver rateup going on right now! How are we supposed to summon him?

Well, our paychecks depend on us getting out alive, and since we’re the main characters, we can’t die due to plot armor. Therefore, unless the author can come up with a greater Deus ex Machina to keep us alive, Zhuge Liang is guaranteed to come!

Genius! Maybe you should be a tactician too! All right, gacha summoning, let’s go!

gold summon

Servant, Zhuge Liang. What? I am the wrong person?

No, you’re exactly who we need! We’re saved, Okita!

Wait, if he writes the guide for us, then we won’t get paid.

Oh snap! Send him home! Send him home now!

Before we start, I’d like to recommend raising Euryale to level 70. Orion also works very well. The majority of bosses are males, and Euryale will be able to control them very handily.

1st Gate: Black Haired Demon

For this first challenge, let’s see… There are lancer, archer, and saber skeletons, but since the lancer enemies are weak and only on the first stage, archers are a safe bet to handle the skeletons. One of the fastest ways to take care of the second wave would be to use a strong AoE Rider or Lancer, who will most likely die on the third wave. To take down Phantom, your options for offensive casters are limited, with Medea being the only available single target Caster, with Halloween Elizabeth being perfectly viable as well. Strong single target berserkers will be able to shave a good amount of health off Phantom, too.

The Phantom’s heavy teamwide quick debuff means that quick teams are less viable, making arts the easiest archetype to use due to sustain. Alternatively, you can try to take advantage of Dantes' ability to deal neutral damage to everyone for the first two waves, and focus on supporting him through taunts, heals, and hard survival like dodges/invincibility.

The team I would recommend consists of Medea, Jeanne, and Hans. By focusing on arts chains as much as possible, this team has excellent survivability and Noble Phantasm uptime. Medea would do best with an Arts or NP boosting CE, while Jeanne and Hans are more flexible on their CEs. For them, Prisma Cosmos/starting NP are helpful but not crucial to success. The best Mystic Code would be the Atlas Academy Uniform due to the ability to remove Phantom’s debuffs, lowering the skill cooldowns on Medea or Hans’ NP battery, or provide a clutch invincibility. It is not the fastest team, but it is very achievable, safe, and simple. The backline is flexible, but I would recommend two out of Euryale, David, and Halloween Elizabeth.


El-Melloi II!

Pretty sure you're the only El Melloi. So Waver, is there any way to do it for poor unfortunate souls like me who might not be blessed with Jeanne?

It’s a bit more difficult, but certainly doable. Bring a team of Romulus, Halloween Eli, and Hans on the frontline, with David, and Euryale on the backline. For Mystic Codes, Atlas Academy Mystic is recommended for the same reasons as above. Romulus does best with a starting NP CE, in order to unleash his NP as soon as possible on the second wave. Halloween Elizabeth makes good use of either NP damage or Arts boosting CEs to boost overall card damage, but starting NP works as well to take care of wave 2 faster (Halloween Princess would be nice). The rest of the servants are pretty flexible with their CE’s, but starting NP is always welcome, especially for Hans and Euryale. Don’t hesitate to use command seals, because the other quests will be easier.

The general strategy would be to use wave one to try and charge up as much NP gauge as possible, and then burst down wave 2 with Romulus and Liz. Their NP’s won’t clear wave two, so you can either try to focus on archers with Romulus’ class advantage, or focus on the shadow Caster and try to build up arts chains to spam Liz’s NP. On the third wave, Romulus will most likely die to the saber enemies, bringing in David. With three triple arts decks, focus on building art chains, and save David’s teamwide dodge for Phantom’s NP. Try to prioritize Hans’ survival for an easier time. Once a teammate dies, Euryale comes in as excellent control against Phantom with her chance of draining NP and two charms that further aid team survival. Ideally you would get rid of the saber skeletons with Euryale while blocking Phantom’s NP through her skills and NP. Dantes is in the final slot because he is the mandatory support. Variations of this strategy could include Robin Hood, if you’re able to protect him well, or Arash, who can soften up the second or third wave depending on how efficiently you can handle the second wave.

The Dantes-centric strategy runs a variation of Mashu, Dantes, and Hans, focusing on getting Dantes to build NP through arts bonus Quicks and the rare arts chain, or someone that can grant NP charge. Dantes at NP4 will deal good damage against wave 2, but will be debuffed into oblivion against wave 3. Through either strategic shielding of Mashu and Hans with the Atlas Academy code to kill off the Count, or swapping him out with the Chaldea Combat Suit, bring in someone like Euryale to take care of wave 3. Servants such as David and Medea can fill out the backline.

2nd Gate: Devil of Purgatory

Today’s fight is against a man who has a strong lust. Although his rowdy lifestyle might not attract the right kind of attention from officers and nurses, the villain of the day is (drumroll): Fergus Mac Roich!

The most reliable way to clear this fight would be to bring a single target rider to quickly dispatch the Caster midboss, while bringing a high damage single target Archer to take down Fergus as soon as possible. The assassin first wave is negligible against the rider due to the likelihood you’re bringing a caster support, as well as the archer’s neutral damage.

I recommend a team of Euryale, Georgios, and Hans as the most achievable and reliable composition to clear the quest. This team has strong arts synergy, burst, and sustain, with Georgios’ taunt providing strong fight control. Backline servants can include Mashu, David, or Robin Hood.

The recommended Mystic Code is the Mage’s Association Uniform. Due to the high burst nature of Euryale and safety provided by Georgios, using the NP charge and card shuffling aggressively to push out more NP’s can lead to finishing the fight faster.

The main strategy is to clear the first wave with Hans and Euryale, then build up arts chains against the demon. Use Georgios’ taunt to mitigate damage taken by the team, while his NP will help defeat the demon quicker. On the final wave, try to use Euryale’s NP as often as possible on Fergus while stalling out his NP through drains and charms, prioritizing Euryale’s NP gain and protection.

Recommended CE’s would be arts performance or NP damage on Euryale, while Hans, Georgios, and the others are pretty flexible. Starting NP would work well as a general option.

Euryale and Hans can be substituted for Orion/Robin Hood and Tamamo, respectively.  This allows for more, faster, damage at the cost of losing out Hans’ defense buff and Euryale’s charm control. Georgios can be substituted with Ushiwakamaru or Anne and Mary for more damage at the cost of Georgios’ taunt control and better arts synergy.

3rd Gate: Mystery of the Spiral Sunken Castle

This guy keeps on going “Slothful, aren’t you?”. It’s creeping me out. The others seem to think he’s COOL though.

I know his weakness! It’s actually -- **Kofu kofu** No! Tuberculosis!!

Tuberculosis? Genius! We’ll just infect him and sit back while the DoT damage kills him!

I believe biological weapons are against the Geneva Conventions.

Geneva conventions? Back in my day we didn’t have such wuss things! All enemies perished by the great Devil King of the Six Heavens’ raw might! (And guns!)

Let’s take a more proactive approach, shall we? This quest allows for more composition variety due to Berserkers in the first two waves. The difficulty lies in the combination of Assassin, Caster, and Rider enemies. Dealing neutral damage works well, but an offensive single target rider is also preferred due to the Caster having the highest HP of the three enemies; Berserkers would be useful as well. Reliance on NPs may be more difficult due to Gilles’ teamwide NP drain, putting more emphasis on burst and skills.

The accessible team I recommend consists of Mash, Dantes, and Hans in the frontline, with Lu Bu, Ushiwakamaru, and Euryale or Robin in the backline.

The recommended mystic code is Atlas Academy to make use of Mash’s utilities as often as possible and provide extra protection for Dantes.  The default Chaldea mystic code is also viable and providing greater direct offense.  

Mash provides on-demand defense buffs as well as neutral defense against Berserkers, while her taunt, invincibility, and NP gauge will be invaluable for Dantes on the third wave.  On the second wave, focus on protecting Dantes while allowing him to quickly dispatch the midboss and build NP gauge.  Attempt to use Dantes’ NP as often as possible on the third wave, which can wear down the demons to a manageable level.  Lu Bu comes in next to finish off the weakened demons if necessary, prioritize the Assassin demon.  With mystic code support, Ushiwakamaru is capable of defeating Gilles, while Euryale or Robin are backline clutch servants to control the fight and end it quickly.  

CE Recommendations are Prisma Cosmos or starting NP on Mash and Hans, but overall decently flexible.  Dantes is too busy despairing to equip CEs.  Lu Bu would do best with Buster performance CEs to make the most out of his bursty busters, and Ushiwakamaru would do best with a starting NP CE.  Euryale or Robin would also use a starting NP CE for quicker access to burst down Gilles.  

Hans might be replaceable with me, El Melloi II, while Ushiwakamaru could be replaced with Anne and Mary.  Any stronger Berserker can replace Lu Bu, like Heracles or Kintoki.  The last slot is really flexible depending on playstyle, with anything from Berserkers to Orion working well.

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