Lostbelt 5 Atlantis + Interlude 11 - Tier List Change Log

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  • The latest main chapter, Atlantis, arrives with a batch of new Servants!
  • In addition, Interlude Campaign 11 provided upgrades for a select few Servants.
  • All Servants that were discussed for tier placement or movement are detailed below.
  • Note that some Servants may not have changed in placement, although discussion for all Servants is still included below.
    • Update 12/7/2021 - Europa and Hektor added
Scoring Method Details

New Tier List Placements

5 Star Servants

Tier A+

Superhuman Orion is a unique Card damage-centric Archer, who has an Supportive Arts NP that buffs himself, while having everything in his kit to support massive Buster Crit damage. His NP provides sizable 3-turn ATK, Crit Damage, Debuff Immune, and Ignore Invincible buffs, while providing a flat 10 Stars per turn. His skills include 3 turn Star Gather, Buster Crit Damage, and ATK buffs, flat star generation, and 1-turn of Buster and anti-Demonic / Wild Beast bonus damage. Taken together with his 3-Buster Card deck, he is capable of devastating damage, particularly after his NP turns, especially combined with Buster Supports that also improve Critical performance. Defensively, however, he has less at his disposal, with only a Guts and perhaps the Debuff Immunity from his NP. As a whole, however, the amount of damage he is capable of using his Cards makes him a worthy asset for almost any scenario, and he particularly excels in encounters where enemies have NP damage resistance.

Superhuman Orion: x -> A+ (Avg Score: 9.28) - [NorseFTX - A+][TrubotheDwarf - A+][WhiteRabbit - A][Dathedr - A+][Rathilal - A+][Ceui - A+]

Tier B

Europa has a mixture of both damage and defensive options throughout her kit. As an AoE Buster Rider, her NP gives her a Buster buff before damage, and also provides her with a sizable 1-turn 50% DEF buff. Her first skill is purely defensive, giving her a 3-time Invincibility with no turn limit, and up to 100% Debuff Resist for 3 times, also with no turn limit, making her nigh invulnerable to various debuffs or damage for a period of time. Her third skill is an AoE Charm, DEF debuff, and Crit Rate debuff, while she also has an up to 30% NP Charge skill that also buffs both Arts and Buster performance. Due to how her kit does not fully commit to damage, she hovers in the middle of the pack for NP damage, although she is still a remarkably durable AoE Buster Rider option.

Europa: x -> B (Avg Score: 7.83) - [NorseFTX - B][TrubotheDwarf - B+][WhiteRabbit - C][Dathedr - B][Meliran - A][Rathilal - C+][Ceui - C+]

3 Star Servants

Tier B

The somewhat weary and cynical Mandricardo is a Rider-class Servant with a single target Arts NP, and a somewhat self-sacrificial skill set. His second skill is his most unique, being only usable when he is under half health, and providing him with an immense 1-time ATK and Crit Damage buff with the ability to remove Defensive Buffs when attacking, but also inflicting death on himself if he attacks. His third skill provides him with Quick/Arts buffs while also giving him a turn of Taunt, making it more likely for him to reach under 50% health for his second skill. Finally, his first skill is a ATK buff, with an extra bit of bonus DEF for himself. His NP will buff all his own card colors, but will also decrease his own ATK, although the ATK debuff applies after damage and is small in value. In most scenarios, setting up his second skill can be unwieldy since enemies may not reliably bring him under half health, and using his second skill will also cause his death if Guts is not available. Even without his second skill, however, he still can perform the role of a single target Rider damage dealer well enough, and is an easily accessible option available in the Friend Point summoning pool.

Mandricardo: x -> B (Avg Score: 7.87) - [NorseFTX - C][TrubotheDwarf - B][WhiteRabbit - B][Dathedr - C+][Rathilal - B+][Ceui - B]

Tier List Movements

5 Star Servants

Tier C+ > B+

Napoleon's Interlude grants him an upgrade to his Noble Phantasm, Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile, providing the usual AoE Buster NP Damage upgrade of a flat +100% damage across the board. In addition, after the NP, he will now generate a flat 20 stars, enhancing the likelihood of potential critical hits on the subsequent turn. In combination with the star drop rate buff from his second skill, and the passive star generation from his third skill, with his NP alone he can now generate about 50 stars (especially with overkill hits), essentially guaranteeing crits on the next turn. This was agreed to put him in a much better position as an AoE Archer, and he has been moved up accordingly.

Napoleon: C+ -> B+ (Avg Score: 8.44) - [NorseFTX - B+][TrubotheDwarf - A][WhiteRabbit - B+][Dathedr - A-][Meliran - B][Rathilal - B+]

Tier B+ > B+

Ivan's NP Upgrade provides the standard AoE Buster +100% Damage modifier, along with an ever-so-slight increase to the Buster Resistance Down debuff it inflicts before damage (from 20% to 30%). With the upgrade, his NP damage is in much better shape, being capable of clearing daily mob waves much more comfortably, particularly for those with Ivan at NP1. Since the Buster resistance debuff lasts for three turns, the upgrade also indirectly helps any other fellow Buster damage dealers fielded with Ivan, or Ivan's own subsequent Buster cards against enemies that survive his NP. However, the effective change to Ivan's gameplan remains largely the same, and it was agreed for the most part that his upgrade does not warrant a change in placement.

Ivan the Terrible: B+ -> B+ (Avg Score: 8.44) - [NorseFTX - B+][TrubotheDwarf - B+][WhiteRabbit - A][Dathedr - B+][Meliran - B+][Rathilal - B+]

4 Star Servants

Tier C+ > B

The Archer of Inferno gains a long-awaited NP Upgrade as well with this Interlude set, with a +200% damage boost as is standard for ST Buster NPs, along with some minor bonuses to the additional effects of the NP, such as increased turn count on the Critical Rate debuff, and increased base Burn damage from 1000 to 2000 (which then is enhanced by her Burn damage bonus effect from her NP). In most cases, the side-effects of the NP are minor, although since the Archer of Inferno is one of the few Servants capable of inflicting the Spreading Fire debuff (increased Burn damage), there are several highly situational and expensive burn setups that are more easily enabled now with her upgraded NP (although one needs to find an opponent that will not fall to her NP's damage first). Even so, the damage boost to her NP alone is still noticeable and very welcome, pushing her to among the higher damage ST Archers available at NP1.

Archer of Inferno: C+ -> B (Avg Score: 7.95) - [NorseFTX - B][TrubotheDwarf - C+][WhiteRabbit - B][Dathedr - B-][Meliran - A-][Rathilal - B]

3 Star Servants

Tier C > C

Hektor's latest upgrade with the release of Atlantis grants him a welcome upgrade to his otherwise rather vanilla Tactics skill. The skill gains a slight boost in the value of the NP Damage buff, as well as allowing the buff for all allies to last for 3 turns instead of 1. In addition, the skill also now grants a small 2-time, 3 turn Damage Cut buff to all allies at a maximum value of 1,000 reduction. The buffs overall help improve his supportive ability, and also very slightly improve his offensive ability (the value of the NP Strength buff is only about ~3% improved, which in practice isn't very much). The increased turn count for the NP damage buff is arguably the most notable aspect of the skill upgrade, and allows allies to take advantage of the buff on subsequent turns without needing to chain NPs in a single turn. Overall, however, the skill upgrade does not change Hektor's overall performance substantially, so it was generally agreed that he remains in his current tier.

Hektor: C -> C (Avg Score: 7) - [NorseFTX - C][WhiteRabbit - C][Rathilal - C]
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