Main Interlude: SE.RA.PH - WANTED Quests

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Article by NorseFTX
Main Interlude: SE.RA.PH - WANTED Quests
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WANTED Quests are one-time completion quests that are unlocked as Main Quests are completed, and some also require purchasing the associated key for the location the WANTED quest is located at.

In the original event, WANTED quests were required for 100% Mission completion. However, in the Main Interlude, WANTED Quests are entirely optional, providing a copy of BB Shot! (CE EXP) along with extra KP that can be used to make the final boss easier for Masters who are having trouble defeating the boss.

WANTED Quest Unlock Conditions (Click to Open/Close)
Quest Location Main Quests Required Key Items Required
WANTED Rider G Map: Front

Devil Elbow
Act 1 (3/6) Gate Key (Elbow)
WANTED Lancer C Map: Front

Portopia Thigh
Act 1 (6/6)
WANTED Archer T Map: Front

Ankle Link
Act 1 (6/6) Gate Key (Ankle)
WANTED Saber S Map: Front

Umbilical Hair
Act 1 (3/6)
WANTED Caster G Map: Front

Kind Thenar
Act 2 (1/5) Gate Key (Kind)
WANTED Saber A Map: Front

Landing Thigh
Act 2 (4/5)
WANTED Assassin J&H Map: Front

Link Ankle
Act 2 (3/5)
WANTED Berserker V Map: Front

Flank Separator
Act 2 (2/5)
WANTED Archer A&M Map: Back

Cordic Hip
Act 3 (1/3)
WANTED Rider M Map: Front

Breast Valley
Act 3 (3/3)
WANTED Caster M Map: Back

Spinal Coaster
Act 4 (3/4)
WANTED Berserker HXA Map: Back

Dark Hand
Act 4 (2/4) Gate Key (Dark)
WANTED Assassin C Map: Back

Jail hand
Act 4 (2/4) Gate Key (Jail)
WANTED Lancer K Map: Back

Stamp Thenar
Act 3 (1/3)


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