Mana Prism Exchange Limited Craft Essence (Feb 2023)

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Article by NorseFTX

Campaign Period

2/28/2023 16:00 - 5/31/2023 16:59 PST

Unlock Requirements

  • Campaign is available to all Masters!

Mana Prism Shop Update

  • Da Vinci's Mana Prism Shop will have a new Craft Essence, "Beyond the Rain Clouds", available for a limited time!
  • Exchange Period: 2/28/2023 16:00 - 5/31/2023 16:59 PDT
Item Cost Limit Description
x1000 5 Adds 1x copy of Beyond the Rain Clouds to your present box.
(Limit: 5; Total 5,000 Mana Prisms for all copies)

Featured CEs

Name How to Obtain BonusItem

Beyond the Rain Clouds 5★
Mana Prism Shop
Costs 1000 Mana Prism per copy (Max: 5)
Friend Points when used as Support (Stackable) +5 (MLB +25)
Mystic Code EXP +1% (MLB +5%).
Beyond the Rain Clouds
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