MMM - Arcade Adonis of Adolescence Auspiciously Appended, Animalistic Anti-Hero Annuls Advantage As We Knew It, Also Apprehensive Alchemist Applies Alarming Antidotes that Aren't Antivenom (FGO Arcade Collab)

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Yeah baby, Setanta is here! Of all the Arcade-locked Servants out there, he was the one I was hoping for the most, if only because it’s bizarre that with all the “Lily” Servants out there, one of the few high-profile Fate Servants who did get up to a bunch of shit when they were a kid isn’t included.

But not only that, we have our first Beast-class Servant included in the game, despite the fact for all lore reasons it’s not a class container, and really we shouldn’t be pissing off the Counter-Force like this (and the Event story goes to show it’s an awful idea.)

I should probably just get on with the writing part of this thing, shouldn’t I?

NA Release Date: 04/2025

Sodom's Beast / Draco


Aka, “Nero what happened to your boobs?” or, “Given the history of Sodom, should I be watching my rear?”

I’ll be honest, at the point Arcade started talking about certain Beasts being real or not real Beasts, I kind of just blanked out and threw the whole timeline into my own Quantum Time Lock of “Not dealing with that”. So I don’t have much to say lore wise. But sheesh, put on some clothes.

Servant Data
Authority of the Beast C

Increase your Critical Strength by 10%.

Independent Manifestation E

Increase your Critical Strength by 2%
Increase your Mental Debuff Resist by 2%.
Increase your Death Resist by 2%.

Nega-Messiah EX

Increase own Debuff Success Rate by 500% (Ignores Debuff Resist).


As Draco is the only one of her class, and pretty likely to stay that way for a while, I’m going to have to instead talk about the Beast class in general here.

Beast is unsurprisingly a pretty powerful class out the gates. Its baseline stats like Star Generation, Attack modifier and so on are pretty typical (1.0x Attack modifier, 10% Star generation as baseline) with a couple exceptions. The class has an obscenely low Death Rate, like Mooncancer class, meaning Draco is pretty much immune to Instant Death effects unless the devs hate you or you get extremely unlucky. She also has 150 star weight at base, the same as Archers, so she’s fairly adept at soaking up critical stars, if not as much as a Rider.

The class advantage of Beast is the main perk to the class, no doubt. With Alter Ego / Pretender style 1.5x Class Advantage, Draco goes one further than such classes by essentially doubling their strengths and weaknesses. Beasts have class advantage versus every single Knight and Horseman class (Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, Berserker, for the record), and are weak to every Extra class (Ruler, Avenger, Mooncancer, Alter Ego, Foreigner, Pretender). This is pretty insane, since it’s essentially the perks of being a Berserker versus by far the most common classes in the game, without the drawbacks of being a glass cannon 100% of the time.

In terms of her statline itself, Draco is very strong offensively, with the tied 7th base Attack stat in the game, and she does so without sacrificing her defenses too much. While her HP sits a little on the lower side among the class roster, it’s still high enough to avoid crippling her defensively.
Oh boy, there’s also passives to discuss. Thankfully Draco only has 3, and they’re fairly simple. Authority of the Beast, identical to Tiamat’s, provides a notable boost to her critical damage, and with Independent Manifestation that’s boosted a little further, on top of minute boosts to Death Resistance and Mental Debuff resistance.

The last of her passives, Nega-Messiah, is one we have seen before, albeit this time with a different effect, providing Draco with maxed-out Debuff Success Rate at +500%. This essentially means all debuffs applied by Draco cannot be resisted, except with Debuff Immunity or similarly insanely high Debuff Resistance. This is still limited in effectiveness by the debuffs Draco actually has at her disposal, but it’s a strong passive regardless.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Draco overall? Well, on the one hand, she’s so good it’s almost sinful. No, wait, it actually is:

Draco is frankly a menace for ST damage. With incredibly high damage output and even the potential for more should she hit one of her effective damage bonus buffs, on top of consistently high refund, it’s no surprise that she’s one of the best ST damage machines on the market, and a wide-reaching heavy hitter for high-difficulty content. She’ll likely also be a top option for level 90+ node farming, as they often feature multiple waves of singular enemies, and usually not Extra classes.

Even throwing her damage output aside, Draco has a lot of utility tools, both to her own advantage and the enemy’s demerit. Buff Removal Resist, Debuff Immunity, Defense Pierce, Skill Seal. You name it, she has it, and all those tools in combination makes her a very resilient and consistent offensive menace, even if she is somewhat lacking in anything that could be considered team support. What a self-indulgent despot she is!

However, she’s also a force of evil, and one that packs a dastardly trick within:

Draco’s class may ultimately form her downfall. While the class advantage of the Beast class is ultimately great, and essentially Berserker with fewer drawbacks, it does mean that Draco is unusable for bosses with abnormal classes, which until now has been somewhat common in story content. Add in that usually she is outclassed by Servants with a 2x class advantage on her targets, and she may run into the same issues that Pretenders and Alter Egos do with being too much of a Jack-of-all-Trades.

I honestly would be surprised if they managed to implement what may be the only official Beast Servant in the game, and not make them good.

Thankfully, Draco has a lot of perks that make her a strong Servant. Her damage output is high enough to usually break through the boundaries of her 1.5x class advantage, and with consistently high NP refund, forming 3-turn NP loops with her versus bosses is easy, even when running Black Grail as her CE.

While Draco’s value does decrease as a player’s own roster is more diverse, considering she will usually be outclassed by a good 2x class advantage Servant hitting the same target, she occupies a similar space to Arts Berserkers like Vlad or Galatea, with minor advantages/disadvantages in comparison. Sometimes you need class advantage over multiple different classes in the same node, or simply want the utility of taking a hammer to every problem, making everything look like a nail.

Bottom line is, she’s very good, especially so for people starting out or with more limited Servant rosters, and will be a premier option for high-difficulty content in the challenges to come. Rath™ Seal of Approval, with a recommendation.



If I had a dollar for every poison-focused Assassin in this game that is basically dressed in a bikini, I’d have 4 dollars, and frankly at that point you have to ask whether this is one of the writer’s fetishes or something. Seriously.

Servant Data
Presence Concealment B

Increase your Critical Star Drop Rate by 8%.

Mental Pollution (Poison) D

Increase own [Poison] Debuff Success Rate by 20%.
Increase own Mental Debuff Resistance by 10%.


As a 4* Assassin, Locusta isn’t exactly blessed with the greatest statline, and things don’t really improve for her from there. With the 6th lowest Attack of her class and rarity, she also manages to have the 9th lowest HP, meaning she’s pretty mediocre on both fronts.

I don’t really have much to say past that, she’s holding an L here. Her Passives don’t really help her much, either. Presence Concealment, the class staple, boosts her stargen by a decent amount, and her unique passive of Mental Pollution (Poison) boosts the consistency of her Poison debuffs, as well as slightly raising her Mental Debuff resistance. They’re useful, for sure, but not the kind of passives to save a poor base statline. Shame.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how does Locusta stack up overall? Well, on the one hand, she makes my own mushroom stand u- Okay, that’s a bit too vulgar, but this is the positive section, got it?

Locusta has a pretty decent offensive profile in drawn-out fights. Poison damage, especially when it’s being amplified by her NP and amplifying her NP in return, can really stack up over time, and Locusta’s defensive skills mean she’s pretty well-suited to drawn out fights. She can even reasonably run Black Grail if you really want to bring the pain, though her NP refund may not be great enough to support that consistently. Regardless, she hits harder than most release 4*’s, and she’s capable of getting multiple NP’s off in a short timeframe.

With a 20% team gauge charger, Locusta can have supportive applications, though it is pretty much her only supportive tool. Those kinds of team gauge charges aren’t exactly uncommon any more, but for anybody who lacks such an option on Battlesuit Swap, she makes for a fine choice. It also supports her own supports if you deploy her as a damage dealer, which can be convenient in niche situations.

However, ultimately I think we have a bit of a toxic relationship:

While Locusta’s damage peaks might be fairly impressive, they take a while to build up to, and her low NP refund means she can’t really inflict repeated NP’s to build up that damage in the same way Servants like Assassin of Paraiso can. Not to mention, in many situations, a Servant who hits hard on the first or second turn is better than one who hits hard on the fourth or fifth one.

This issue is amplified, of all things, by Locusta’s skill cooldowns. All her skills are on relatively long 8-turn cooldowns, meaning she has a significant gap, around the point that her Poison debuffs start to really stack up, where her main offensive buffs simply aren’t active. This means the payoff you imagine her reaching actually doesn’t exist, unless you spend multiple turns just building up Poison instead of dealing maximum damage, which just sounds impractical. DoT-based Servants, as always, suffer.

As much as I’m surprised they’ve managed to make yet another Poison Assassin that feels unique in her kit compared to the others, Locusta still falls to the same downfalls as many of the others do - too little damage, and too long to inflict it.

I think my dive into her kit more or less surmised my feelings on how, despite the potential highs of her offense, she can’t really reach it, so I’ll just get to the surprise twist of my conclusion here - she’s still pretty decent.

…and yeah, it’s because of the team gauge charge. I just, on principle, can’t rate a Servant too lowly when they have such a fantastic supportive tool at their disposal, especially when Servants like Watanabe no Tsuna have released relatively recently (oh god, was LB5.5 2 years ago now?) and really have little functionally going for them. If you lack another Servant to fill the same niche, Locusta is a vital supportive option for you, and at the same time she makes for a fun offensive Servant to use, if not an optimal one.

Rath™ Seal of Approval



You know, I gotta say, at first I didn’t get how Chulainn could get so pissed as to literally make some kid become his guard-dog for killing his dog. I mean sure, it’s a bad thing to do, but that’s essentially slavery right?

But seeing how cute that little cinnamon roll is, call me Danny DeVito, because I get it. I understand.

Servant Data
Magic Resistance B

Increase your Debuff Resist by 17.5%.

Divinity B

Apply Damage Plus for yourself (Total Card Damage +175).


As a 4* Saber, Setanta has a lot of powerful competition so far as base stats go, so unfortunately it’s no surprise, despite objectively having a high Attack stat, he only snags tied 5th best Attack for his class/rarity, right beside the king of sitting, Yagyu. As a result his HP is pretty low, tied 4th worst for his class. While he ultimately still has stats in the place that matters, looking so understated compared to some of the behemoths in his class does feel a little humbling.

Setanta’s passives are certainly modest, if anything. His Divinity, a natural inclusion due to his divine heritage, provides a minor boost to card damage, while his annoyingly-low Magic Resistance considering he’s a Saber from the Age of the Gods in a place that definitely had a bunch of mages flying around provides a good amount of Debuff Resistance at all times.

In any case, those passives aren’t particularly impactful and just supplement Setanta’s solid baseline stats.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Setanta on the whole? Well on the one hand, he got that dog in him:

Setanta has some impressive offense behind him. The welfare NP5 privilege as well as his solid attack stat and offensive steroids combine for a very hard-hitting NP, and combined with his ability to easily generate critical stars then use them in his own chains, he can be something of a powerhouse when properly supported. Doubly so if he can take advantage of his anti-Wild Beast effective damage buff.

However, he’s also kind of dogshit:

Setanta unfortunately simply doesn’t have enough to distinguish him, especially with fellow Quick ST Welfare in Santa Karna being competitive with him, if not better. Servants like Summer Hokusai are also flat-out better within the same class, so Setanta has little ground to stand on, outside of maybe his defense-piercing NP.

Compound the former issue with no real team support, lack of a gauge charger, and a general incapability to NP spam like many of his competitors can, and Setanta is just fundamentally flawed, even versus similarly budget Servant options.

It’s a real shame. I was really looking forward to Setanta’s addition to FGO, but it just seems like he’s built for an over-inflated niche that is also unfortunately covered by multiple welfare Servants who kind of invalidate him. Simply being able to punch very hard isn’t enough any more for welfares, and Setanta is a prime show of why.

…the dog is very cute, though.


Hah, the collab is always a taxing MMM to write, but for once I got this out in…reasonable time, I’d say?

The actual story/nodes for the collab are pretty fun, and I like how they’ve done their best to include Arcade mechanics and the Servants they didn’t implement within the event’s format.

It’s a shame, but I’ll just have to be content with Santa Suzuka occasionally buffing one of my cards…I’m not coping, you’re coping!

With that all said, the future for this year is pretty murky, so let’s hope there’s something big lined up for summer besides the obvious summer event, since with Tiamat included I haven’t got many Servants left on my wishlist to be put in the game…until next time!

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