MMM Miniature - Little Lady Lacks Leading Litany No Longer (Elice Utsumi)

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I’d put some witty writing here, but I ran all my jokes short for the previous MMM. And besides, when you put “Miniature” in front of anything, people naturally take a drop in quality in their stride. Like with the Gameboy Micro, or uh, Mini Oreos.

We’re here to assess a welfare, since her data has been datamined and frankly I probably could’ve just waited a few days to post it all at once. Oh well, twice the MMM’s, double the imaginary internet points, am I right?

Fate Requiem Event
NA Release Date: 05/06/022

Despite all the speculation on seeing her outfit and NP, I’m afraid Elice isn’t an Izanami pseudo-Servant or anything so fancy. In fact, she apparently gets part of her abilities as a Servant literally from being a Chuuni. Even if she didn’t, anybody who calls themselves a “Shinigami” unironically deserves to be labelled one.

Ah right, and I’m aware some official material has her name written as “Erice” and so do most sources for her, but on the FGO stream both Kawasumi and Kanou pronounced her name with a pretty distinct “L”. And besides, Elice is an actual name. And also besides, following the official romanized names got us “Altria”. Yup, not using Erice.

Servant Data
Magic Resistance (Spirit) B+

Increase your Debuff Resist by 10%.
Increase your Debuff Resist against [Undead] by 20%.

Riding C+

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 7%.

Independent Action B

Increase your Critical Strength by 8%.

Divinity E

Apply Damage Plus for yourself (Total Card Damage +100).


Readers may be used to me pointing it out at this point, but Japanese Servant means? That’s right, poor bases. Unless you’re an Oni or Raikou, I guess.

At least she doesn’t have it as bad as Summer Kiyo - she’s seated roughly in the middle of the line for 4* Lancers, having tied 8th worst attack and 9th worst HP, as well as a number of Servants with just objectively better stats compared to her.

However, she does have a neat handful of passives to work in her favour. First is Magic Resistance (Spirit), which gives her a modest debuff resistance boost, which is further increased versus...Undead? While the Ereshkigal-ghost type enemies love to plaster you with debuffs, that probably won’t find an excessive sum of use.

The remainder are less interesting, but more useful - a modest Riding rank to boost her Quicks, Independent Action for extra critical damage, and weak Divinity. Everything adds up, I suppose.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how good is Elice? On one hand, she’s the freshest thing on this side of the Sanzu:

In terms of AOE damage output, she’s pretty solid. Her Arts focus, free NP5 and strong offense versus Servants will let her crush multi-Servant challenge quests pretty hard, and even regularly a NP5 Lancer NP will hit pretty hard, especially with class advantage. Her decent NP refund is a good added bonus (especially since the near-immunity to instant death challenge quest Servants have means the refund is consistent), letting her pull off her NP more often than competitors like Jailter will manage.

On top of her AOE damage, Elice’s crit damage is pretty solid, too. Her Shinigami skill means she gets a total of +69% (nice) damage on any crits versus Servants for 3 turns, boosted even further if it’s on her Arts cards. Magic Bullet Shooter (Imitation) means she can get a crit turn fairly consistently, too, so she isn’t lacking for single target offense, either.

She has a reliable Evasion skill. Usually I’d lay other defensive strong points here, but Elice doesn’t really have any. The Evasion alone is worth a bullet point though - dying to NP’s sucks, and I’d hope my readerbase all know that already. So uh, let me fit something in here to pad...ah, she has Sure Hit. She’s got Evasion, and she can ignore it. Go Elice!

On the other hand, she’s five fathoms deep at the riverbed and needs fishing out:

As I’ve already dissected, she’s an AOE Arts-focused Servant with good refund who can only farm for people addicted to gambling. Given we’re all gacha addicts, I suppose that doesn’t say much, but really you want consistency where you can get it. And Elice lacks that completely.

While I’d like to say any welfare is a good one, Elice’s competition is stiff. Jailter has crushingly high NP damage and a gauge charger which lets her farm in very niche setups, as well as similar usefulness for challenge quests, while on the front of just being Arts focused, Kagetora is...really, really good for challenge quests. And also covers pretty much the exact same niches, except with much higher damage. She’s still better than Fionn, at least?

As unfortunate as it is for me to say, Elice isn’t that great by most welfare’s standards. She doesn’t have a completely dysfunctional kit or anything so drastic, but her peaks are pretty consistently matched by her competing welfare Lancers, at the same time the region where she may have possessed a niche is just entirely killed and shipped to the afterlife by her own inconsistency. Poor girl.

At least her final ascension art is pretty revealing right? Hmm? “Check her profile”, you say?

...oh, oh no. I need to get out before the FBI show up.


On May 29th, 2020. A SWAT raid was performed on the residence of one not-particularly famous miscellaneous FGO content writer, “Rathilal”, who hosted his content on Gamepress and frequently posted to Reddit.

Officers detained the individual, and on suspicion of further offences besides lewding the lolis, found a stash of merchandise relating to the game Fate/Grand Order, including numerous illustrations and figurines of scantily-clad, underraged girls. The suspect is on record to have exclaimed ‘She’s a thousand-year old Oni voiced by an adult, she’s legal, I swear!’ and ‘Why are you arresting me for that one, she has huge boobs! It doesn’t count!’

The prosecutor’s office is still waiting to press charges, however so far as this anonymous reporter is concerned, “Rathilal”’s image is forever tarnished. When pressed for a comment, the defendant said thusly:

“Why do all the lolis have the most suggestive final art?”

We cannot say, “Rathilal”. We cannot say.

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