MMM - Rambunctious Radical Revering Self-Reliance Reverses Reviled Rule, Returning Roll-able (Chaldea Boys Collection 2023)

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Ah yes, after an eternity it seems Lasengle has seen fit to grant the fans of FGO what they desire above all else, a motion to start removing some of the beloved male Servants from the deathly prison of NPC Jail, and place them where they belong - directly into our own Servant rosters.

All those NPC-only Japanese Servants who I…definitely know the names of, and didn’t have to look in wikipedia to find out who the heck they are.

Boy, more and more do I regret not taking up History as a subject at school.

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NA Release Date: 03/2025

I have no clue why, but hearing how this dude unfortunately passed away before he could see the rewards of his efforts in the Meiji Restoration, it suddenly started raining in my room. Bizarre, right?

19th Century Japanese Samurai and Tuberculosis, name a more iconic duo.

Servant Data
Magic Resistance D

Increase your Debuff Resist by 12.5%.

Independent Action B

Increase your Critical Strength by 8%.

Hero of the Meiji Restoration (Strange) B

Increase own Arts Card effectiveness by 6%.
Increase own Critical Strength by 6%.


As an SSR Archer, Takasugi has a pretty big lineup of Servants to compete with, and unfortunately the Japanese curse of low Parameters has struck him too, though it’s not surprising considering how modern he is. With the tied 6th best Attack stat for his class and rarity, Takasugi is unfortunately slapped with the lowest HP stat of any 5* Archer. Considering how his Attack isn’t particularly spectacular to begin with it’s not a great tradeoff, but it’s better than having awful attack in exchange for a decently high HP stat, at least.

And hey, Takasugi has a friend sharing his statline. Sei Shonagon, that’s who! I’m sure they’ll get on like a pack of wild raccoons in a grain plant.

Takasugi does get some solid compensation in his passives, however. His Magic Resistance is low-ranking, but contributes a little bit of resilience to debuffs, and his Independent Action is fairly good, providing a modest boost to his critical damage at all times.

He also has a unique passive in Hero of the Meiji Restoration (Strange), which grants a 6% Arts booster to him as well as a further 6% Critical Damage buff, meaning he’s got a solid offensive profile right from the gates.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Takasugi overall? Well on the one hand, he’s a true revolutionary - who ever thought of using an instrument as a bow?

Takasugi makes for a solid Archer farmer. While on paper he hasn’t got the greatest profile for farming, his capability for Black Grail setups is good, and his value is increased by the fact that there aren’t many other Archer farmers who can match his damage output in a 3-turn loop, or reliable farmers in his class in general. The competition is basically just himself, Zenobia, Atalanta and all the Buster archers with gauge chargers who have to run 50% gauge CE’s. With all that in consideration, he somehow manages to claim the title of best Archer farmer despite being a typical farmer overall. Zenobia is a lot more budget-friendly, though.

Takasugi has very good performance in CQ’s too. While he might not be able to boast insane refund versus ST bosses, his high stargen, as well as his critical damage output are both incredibly good, and he also is one of the best users of Ruler Skadi’s weird mix of Quick/Buster critical damage buffs, meaning he’s dishing out massive damage on most of his cards. Combined with his solid supportive tools, he makes for a worthy pick in many fights, and with the right composition and a dash of luck, he can absolutely melt some bosses.

However, we shouldn’t tell him about Failnaught:

As it often comes to be with Quick Servants, his primary farming setup is pretty demanding in terms of a player’s roster, and on top of that he isn’t without his own issues. Takasugi in a vacuum doesn’t really have very good offensive steroids, and his damage output in farming is largely carried by Ruler Skadi’s insane offensive buffs, so outside of those compositions he can struggle to provide meaningful damage. His long skill cooldowns can also be something of an issue, even though it’s compensated by his skill cooldown reduction.

On the whole, while Takasugi doesn’t really bring anything exciting to the table, he is a solid Servant overall, with potential as a universal farmer for Quick teams should you need it. His damage output is solid enough to work in both farming and difficult content, and even when just farming Saber nodes he’ll do enough damage / refund to coast by without high-investment setups.

So yeah, he’s pretty alright by me. Not much else to say. Rath™ Seal of Approval.


This White Day is great and all, but where’s Bhima? You can’t show off a tanned muscular Indian Servant and not expect me to want it, male or otherwise!

…The EoR ripoff side chapters for Part 2 can’t come soon enough, though maybe it’d be better if I got a long break from big Servant roster introductions. Until then, I suppose.

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