MMM - Titular Terrestrial TYPE Tenders Tremendous Turnout, Tagged by Thaumaturge That's True-blue To Lady Yu (7th Anniversary Gacha)

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MMM Anniv 7
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Unsurprisingly, this humble writer is fuelling the MMM with hype alone this time round, and for good reason. I’ve put (in some kuso nihongo) “Tsukihime Collab please” in pretty much every single yearly survey since the game’s origin, and only now does the main draw of that idea appear.

And boy is it beautiful.

I suppose Xu Fu is here, too.

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NA Release Date: 07/2024

Archetype Earth


I’d never complain about Arcueid’s inclusion in a billion years, but why did she have to be a Mooncancer? I’ve already got 3 grailed Mooncancers in my roster, and she’s just inflating that number further. Maybe it’s my own fault for exclusively liking characters from Moon Cell or associated with the moon, but regardless it tickles my OCD side that wants an even balance of grailed Servants.

Servant Data
Moon Cancer
Magic Resistance A+

Increase your Debuff Resist by 21%.

Territory Creation EX

Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 12%.

Item Construction A

Increase your Debuff Chance Rate by 10%.

Independent Action A

Increase your Critical Strength by 10%.

Ultimate One D

Increase own Quick Card effectiveness by 30% when field is [1000-Year Castle].
Increase own Arts Card effectiveness by 30% when field is [1000-Year Castle].
Increase own Buster Card effectiveness by 30% when field is [1000-Year Castle].


As an SSR Mooncancer, Arc’s competition isn’t particularly numerous, but it’s there nonetheless. Among her competition, she possesses the highest Attack stat, in exchange for the lowest HP. While that may lead you to believe she’s a glass cannon, it in fact simply makes her bulky rather than an absolute unit. The Mooncancer class as a whole has very defensive statlines, so Arc only manages to barely scrape the average SSR Attack value, roughly speaking, despite being hyper-offensive for a Mooncancer.

On the whole, it’s a good place to be, though.

Arc’s passives are an entirely different beast. With 5 in total, she not only possesses an array of high-ranking Magic Resistance, Territory Creation, Item Creation, and Independent Action, but also her own unique passive - Ultimate One D.

In terms of lore, this skill is in fact the “I am a TYPE” skill, which would usually provide her with a power boost necessary to always one-up her opponent assuming she’s got her planet backing her. However, since she’s summoned as a Heroic Spirit, we don’t get that level of OP-ness. Instead she gets a significant 30% boost to all card types while the terrain is “1000-Year Castle”. Or in other words, Millennium Castle Brunestud. That’s an aspect of her kit we’ll get onto later.

The bottom line is, her passive lineup is excellent, providing her with good resistance to debuffs, a notable boost to her Arts cards, more reliable debuff application, and some bonus critical damage. Combined with her more offensive stat spread, she’s got a very good baseline.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Archetype: Earth on the whole? On one hand, the world is quite literally her oyster:

Arc has a very impressive mix of both offense and utility for CQ’s. Her buff removal resist + Invincible buff combo is both unique and highly valuable, even if it’s limited to team setups of exactly her + any 2 of Merlin/Waver/Castoria, if we’re being practical. Add in her effective damage versus a pretty common Servant trait, continual team gauge charge, especially if you support her with Waver or Reines, and a smidgen or two of Skill Seal, and she’s a formidable offensive option.

Arc’s farming, while it has its weaknesses, is valuable nonetheless. The number of Buster Servants who can universal farm to begin with is pretty low, and many of those who can have to do so in the very action/time intensive double Koyanskaya + Oberon setups. By contrast, Arc is one of the few who can reach respectable damage outputs while running a 2-support setup, making her far more convenient.

However, she may have to pick up the pieces in some areas. If I had to be specific… about 17 pieces, cut by a knife?

Her damage output, while still pretty good all things considered, isn’t pushing the realm of a dependable universal farmer. Most of this can be blamed on her Mooncancer class, not providing her with any common class advantage, as well as a pretty low Attack stat relative to the rest of the game’s cast, even if she’s offensively-aligned for a Mooncancer. Most of the time it shouldn’t present issues, but the fact she can’t just be thrown at every single farming node in the game like Melusine can and just clean house is a little unfortunate for her.

While Arcueid isn’t the kind of game-breaking anniversary Servant Koyanskaya and Castoria may be, she also isn’t a support. You’ve got to cut her some slack in that regard.

What Arc does offer, though, is some fairly-reliable Buster farming with flexible setups, as well as fun and effective performance in CQ’s, especially since she can provide an additional hard defensive option to the team that bypasses one of the banes of CQ teams - buff removal. It helps that just her very basic gameplay stats are very satisfying to work with - her NP gain is solid, and with the gauge charges to her allies she can throw around, as well as the 30% card boosters she gets from her unique terrain, she feels very souped up when you get her into the heat of things.

Helps that the Tsukihime theme remains an absolute banger 22 years later, you can literally take over the game’s jukebox and have it playing constantly if you keep the 1000-Year Castle terrain looped.

So yeah, the bottom line is, Arc is a moderately good universal farmer with really good CQ performance, and just feels great to use. Even if you’re swamped by high-investment Mooncancers in your roster like me, she’s a strong option. Rath™ Seal of Approval, with a recommendation.

Xu Fu


Well, that’s another NPC Servant added to the roster, if nothing else. While Xu Fu certainly is adorable, it’s a bit of a shame her inclusion is pretty much entirely overshadowed by Arc’s addition to the game.

I suppose in her eyes it doesn’t matter. After all - she’s reunited with her beloved Lady Yu, thus completing the incredibly messy love rectangle that is Xu Fu - Xiang Yu - Yu Meiren - Lanling. Though frankly it’s more just Yu’s unwanted harem.

Servant Data
Alter Ego
Village Creation EX

Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 8%.
Increase your NP Gain when taking damage by 8%.

Item Construction B+

Increase your Debuff Chance Rate by 9%.

High Servant D

No Effect

Weak Constitution (Yu Mei-ren) EX

Decrease own ATK against [Yu Mei-ren] enemies by 20%. [Demerit]


As the first 3* Alter Ego introduced to the game, Xu Fu frankly doesn’t have any points for comparison. However, her statline largely remains consistent with the Alter Ego class as a whole, merely placed in a lower rarity. Simply put, she has Saber-like stats, if a little weaker on the attack side of things.

For a Silver Servant she hits reasonably hard, and doesn’t slack in the HP front, so frankly she’s in a pretty good spot there.

Moving onto passives, Xu Fu has a number of unique passives. Village Creation acts as equivalent to B-rank Territory Creation, while also boosting her defensive NP gain by a negligible amount, she packs Item Creation much like a Caster, making her debuffs more consistent, and the remaining 2 passives…are either worthless or actively negative.

High Servant, a skill only shared with the Sakura sisters, does nothing in terms of gameplay and essentially only exists to indicate a Servant is basically made out of a composition of multiple Divine Spirits. I imagine that’s what places her in the Alter Ego class, too.

Meanwhile Weak Constitution (Yu Mei-ren) EX…well, you can imagine what it represents. No simp on earth, man or woman, can lay a hand on their oshi, and she’s no different. Hilariously it isn’t that impactful since Xu Fu isn’t an offensive Servant in the first place, but it is funny.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how’s Xu Fu with everything in consideration? On one hand, she’s got the key to success, and maybe immorality as well:

Xu Fu provides a very useful package of buffs for farming, especially with an Arts farmer, even if she naturally can’t do more than Castoria or other 50% gauge charge supports. The battlesuit swap slot is sadly pretty high-contention with similar Servants like Paracelsus, Asclepius, and Da Vinci Ruler floating about, but it never hurts to have more accessible means of filling the role. And for extremely budget players, it provides another means to possible scrape by a farming team with a 3* army.

However, she’s also not really into this whole elixir thing, and frankly may just piss off to Japan to found a new dynasty and (she wishes she could) elope with Yu Meiren:

Despite being the first permanently available Alter Ego, Xu Fu kind of runs into the issue of simply being too poor an offensive option to even be worth leveraging class advantage for. She’s never going to outdamage a Berserker, or really any class-neutral Servant with a decent offensive profile versus her own advantage classes, and frankly she’s not built for it anyway.

While her supportive capability is good on paper, the fact is that Da Vinci Ruler completely outdoes her in every aspect except their gauge chargers, with Xu Fu having a 10% lead. However, the odds of that 10% mattering more than Da Vinci’s superior buff lineup is pretty low, and with Da Vinci’s rerun being not-too-far away, Xu Fu’s availability isn’t really a point in her favor.

Xu Fu ultimately forms yet another name to the growing list of “not 50% gauge charger supports, but low deployment cost and effective as a battlesuit swap” Servants. While she does outperform her same-rarity comrades for the most part, Da Vinci Ruler provides incredibly stiff competition, and even trying to apply her outside of that role means either trying some flaky solo strategies on a Servant with no hard defensive buffs, or running her as a devoted support to one of the weakest Servants in the game.

Believe me, Xu Fu can be pretty fun to use, if only to try and break Yu as hard as humanly possible, but in a practical sense she doesn’t really leverage her role as a support, or her class that effectively.

Maybe misery loves company, considering the object of her affections is in a similar boat.


With that, the 7th Anniversary is out of the way. The new Servant inclusions at the very least. The numerous strengthening quests on their way this week could have the potential to toss up the game’s meta a little, but that’s very much a matter of wait-and-see.

The real thing to keep your eye on, whether you pulled the Princess of the True Ancestors or not, is the Summer Event this year lingering on the horizon, and that damn lewd half-succubus dick sorceress with her tehepero that’s bound to get her sued by Mihoyo or something.

Well, at least, that’s according to Twitter. I’m just banking on some variant of Summer Shuten. I’ll settle for Morgan or Melusine. But until then, I’ll put down the pen.

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