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NP Refund Calculator


Spamming NPs is fun.

When unleashing a Noble Phantasm, all NP Gauge is consumed at the beginning of the Servant’s chant. However, after the Noble Phantasm deals damage, depending on the Servant and the conditions, some NP Gauge is refunded after using the NP.

With a sufficiently high NP refund, it becomes possible to spam NPs almost endlessly.

This tool is meant to be a reference for determining the amount of NP refund provided by a Servant’s NP alone.
In addition, this also provides information on the number of Critical Stars an NP can generate as tooltip.

This becomes particularly important with the advent of Skadi in the future, where some Servants with a Quick NP are able to comfortably 3-turn farming nodes due to their NP refund passing the 50% mark. Before then, the ability to use NPs consecutively laid mostly in the domain of Arts NP users.

Note this is a beta! There are additional functionalities to be implemented in the future.

  • Links to tag terms for each support/CE modifier.
  • Toggle switch to view bar graph for [NP%] or [# Crit Stars] generated.
  • Card Mod separated by Arts / Buster / Quick
  • Implement damage and more robust overkill calculation
  • Adjustable skill levels

If you have suggestions for a new functionality, please feel free to leave feedback!

Calculation Assumptions and Notes

  • NP Gauge at 100%.
  • All Skills at 10/10/10, and active.
  • Additional Cards after NP are currently not included.
  • Passive NP Regen included (from passive skills, such as Merlin, Avengers).
  • Active NP Regen from skills included.
  • NP Charge skills are NOT included.
  • NA Server: Includes Servants from NA and only Rank Up/Interludes available in NA Server.
  • JP Server: Includes all Servants and Rank Up/Interludes available to JP Server.

Add. Bonuses Granted by Ally or Craft Essence

This tool automatically calculates any bonuses Servants gain from their own Class Skills, Active Skills, or NP Effects. NP and Stars gained can be improved further via skills from Support Servants or Craft Essences:

Enemy Parameters

Certain Enemy Classes can give bonus NP and Stars:

NP+ 10%20%-10%-20%
Stars+ +5%-5%10%-10%-10%

Some Special Enemy types give further bonuses, such as Skeleton Warrior, Dragon Tooth Warrior, Zombie, Ghost, Pirates, Banshee.

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