Hijikata opinions

The title. While I was looking through the upcoming banners so i can check some badass servants to roll for , I saw hijikata and he looks amazing. Although I am not really so reliant on meta, more on looks , I was still wondering though how would you appreciate him in terms of power as a berserker.

Asked by therzvsm1 year ago


He's a very "live on the edge" Berserker. He has Anne & Mary's gimmick, where his NP deals massive extra damage when at low health, but additionally has one of his skills apply something similar to his critical hits. If you can keep him around at low life, he will absolutely ravage everything he looks at. He's also got a 3-turn Buster and Crit Star Generation buff for the party, which is super nice even if he gets popped early by a stray crit.


Hijikata destructive power is equal to Raikou, if his HP is below 50 % then his NP damage will be even higher.

DPS qualities For comparison :
100 % HP Hijikata = 100 % HP Raikou.
50 % HP Hijikata > 100 % HP Raikou.
1 % HP Hijikata >>> 100 % HP Raikou.

Hijikata is one of the strongest Buster Crit Zerker in FGO, his only rival is Raikou and Zerkerlot.
In terms of Burst damage, Hijikata still far above Kintoki Zerker.

He is simply a savage and will sacrifice any kinds of survivability for greater power and it's freaking massive. Not recommended if you can't cover a Zerker, but if you've used tons of Zerker on your Chaldea then you're welcome.



A guts preferred user who doesn't have guts built in to his kit.

You can run some weird stuff with him, like necromancy.

Lack of consistency, requires vast amount of support from teammate, either survival or stars.

Has potential to do some big boy damage, but at the same time, what's the last time that you really needed the extra damage on a berserker. If setup correctly, they are all going to wreck shit. Introduction to break bars are going to limit your one turn nuke potential as well, making you think twice to run him.

He's cool though. At least he has that going for him.